Big Brother live feeds spoilers have revealed which houseguest won the Power of Veto competition and what they plan to do with the eviction nominees.

[Spoiler Warning: Please stop reading immediately if you want to wait until Big Brother's September 13 broadcast on CBS to discover who won the Power of Veto competition and what happened afterwards].

Josh Martinez won Head of Household during Sunday night's Big Brother episode, and he decided to put Kevin Schlehuber and Alex Ow on the chopping block together. However, Josh has been toying with the idea of backdooring Paul Abrahamian since he's such a huge threat.

According to Big Brother's live feeds, however, Paul ended up winning the Power of Veto competition, meaning neither Kevin or Alex secured their safety.

Paul believes Alex is his biggest competition to win the $500,000 in the house, so it's almost certain the veteran player will keep nominations the same and ultimately help to send Alex packing.

As shown in the live feeds, once Paul won the PoV, he decided to share the bad news with Alex, whom he had once promised a Final 2 deal.

Paul explained to Alex that while he'd love nothing more than to save her, it would ruin his game to remove her from the chopping block because Christmas Abbott and Josh want her gone. Paul said that if he saved Alex, the duo would team up and probably take him out next.

Alex pointed out, however, they would both be safe this week if Paul used the veto on her and could play in the next Head of Household competition. Alex noted that it would be easy to beat both Kevin and Christmas in the next competition since Kevin has yet to win a single competition and Christmas only has one leg.

But Paul was thinking more about his endgame, and he told Alex that he would lose if he sat next to her in the Final 2. Paul said not only would he lose votes for pulling Alex off the block this week, but she already has three votes secured in the jury, including Jason Dent's vote.

Alex is frustrated she trusted Paul and he's leaving her in this position, but at the same time, she seems to respect his honesty and gameplay. Alex gave Paul her blessing to do what's best for his game, but she vented to the cameras about how she would have saved Paul had the situation been reversed and he was in trouble.

Despite being disappointed in Paul, Alex told the returning player that he would receive her vote to win and she'd also work on Jason in the jury.

Paul then let Christmas and Josh know that he had warned Alex she's going home.

Christmas saved face later on by telling Alex that she was too strong of a competitor to keep around and Kevin was a much better option to take to the end, but neither Christmas or Paul would allow Josh to talk to Alex in fear he'd do something crazy.

The Veto Meeting will take place on Monday afternoon, and Paul will announce his official decision.

Josh, however, is contemplating a split vote in which he'd be the tiebreaker and could send Kevin out the door instead.

Josh is considering keeping Alex in order to use her to take out Paul. Alex would probably be up for the betrayal since she already discovered that "friendship is a lie," according to the live feeds.

Big Brother will air a special eviction episode on Wednesday, September 13 on CBS this week.