Big Brother host Julie Chen can't believe the house has yet to turn on Paul Abrahamian, especially now that his two-faced gameplay isn't even discreet.

As Big Brother viewers saw on Thursday night's Season 19 broadcast, Paul convinced his fellow houseguests to split the eviction votes between Jason Dent and Kevin Schlehuber so that the Head of Household, Christmas Abbott, would have to cast the deciding -- or tiebreaker -- vote for Jason to go.

Paul attempted to convince Christmas and Josh Martinez that the plan wouldn't draw a line in the sand or make it seem like their whole alliance wanted to blindside Jason; however, the outcome only protected Paul so that he could continue working with Jason's closest ally, Alex Ow, since he could say he had never betrayed her.

"Well... I will say, Josh tried! He tried, but Christmas didn't want to hear the truth. As Jack Nicholson would say: You can't handle the truth! (A Few Good Men quote...)," Julie told Entertainment Weekly.

Josh tried to warn Christmas multiple times that Paul was running the show and only cared about himself -- not their team. But Christmas was totally against the idea of even talking about Paul behind his back.

As a result, Jason's ouster left blood only on Christmas and Josh's hands, and Christmas has no idea that Paul has made Final 3 plans with basically every person or pair in the house.

"I think there is a competitive gene in [Christmas] where she likes to stab her competitors in the front while looking into their eyes! She likes to be feared and wants people to hear her footsteps!" Julie said of the player's refusal to help Josh take down Paul.

Once Jason exited the house, Paul went as far as to yell at Josh about the blindside to make it look like Paul had nothing to do with the eviction. Instead of calling Paul out on his own plan, Josh repeatedly apologized to Paul in front of the rest of the house, painting himself as a snake and a liar.

"In terms of Paul berating Josh after Jason got evicted was just over the top. If Josh is smart, he will take that little outburst as a wakeup call and try again to show his 'ride or die' Christmas that Paul is only watching out for himself!" Julie explained to EW.

Jason was so angry about his unexpected eviction that he stormed out of the house without looking anyone in the eye or even saying goodbye.

Jason admitted to Julie later in his post-eviction interview that he wasn't sure whether Alex, Paul, Christmas or someone else had screwed him over. (Until the houseguests' pre-taped goodbye messages gave Jason some clarity that Paul was being dishonest).

"I think if I gave Jason those five minutes he wanted back in the house, he would have screamed his head off and gotten in a lot of faces. Probably Paul and Alex first, and then everyone but Kevin next. He probably would have also thrown a couch or flipped some furniture," Julie revealed.

"The good news is, these houseguests must come out immediately to the live audience and me and their behavior is held accountable to a whole other level in that scenario. Had the cheering crowd not been as loud and supportive of him I think he might have maybe flipped my chair! But I can't say I would've blamed him!"

Thursday night's Big Brother episode was a live double eviction that concluded with Raven Walton's elimination as well under Alex's HoH reign.

When asked how she'd sum up Raven's game this season, Julie joked, "Game? What game? Crickets. That's how I sum up her game... the same way she played... silence."