Big Brother 7: All-Stars determined its final three houseguests last night, with Will Kirby becoming the eleventh houseguest to be evicted from the show's All-Stars house.

Will, a 33-year-old physician and infamous "evil" winner of Big Brother 2, was evicted via a 1-0 vote in which Janelle Pierzina was the only remaining houseguest eligible to vote (as usual, neither the two eviction nominees or the current Head of Household were eligible to vote in the eviction balloting.)

Ironically, Will had been nominated for eviction by eleventh Head of Household Mike "Boogie" Malin, Will's own "Chilltown" alliance partner. Mike had originally nominated Janelle and Erika Landin, Mike's own "showmance" girlfriend, for eviction, however Janelle -- who Will had previously manipulated into betraying her once dominant "Season 6" alliance -- won the subsequent Power Of Veto competition. Once Janelle removed herself from the chopping block, Mike had no choice but to nominate Will in her place.

Prior to the Power Of Veto competition, Will and Mike had remained confident that regardless of who won the Golden Power Of Veto, the (to date) successful execution of their "Operation Double Date" strategy had ensured that both of them would be part of Big Brother 7: All-Stars' Final Three.

"I didn't care what happened, it didn't matter to me who wins -- I know I'm not leaving this week," Will (who consistent with his season-long goal of not appearing to be a threat, had intentionally thrown the challenge) bragged to Big Brother's producers in a Diary Room segment that followed Janelle's Power of Veto victory. "[Janelle's win] was a huge win for me in this game, what it means is that I'm guaranteed to be in the Final Three because Janelle is going to keep me."

However, once Janelle won the Power of Veto, Erika -- realizing that convincing Janelle to end her alliance with Will and Mike was her only chance to remain in the game -- immediately began attempting to convince Janelle to betray Will, arguably the strongest and smartest houseguest ever to play the Big Brother game. "You can't beat Will, you want those two against you?," Erika asked Janelle as soon as they were alone. "If you send Will to the jury house, they'll love you."

After witnessing Erika attempt to convince Janelle to vote out Will, Mike suddenly felt more comfortable about his decision to nominate his "showmance" partner for eviction. "It makes me feel a lot better about this," he told Will. "Erika's grasping at straws, she knows that she's the odd person out in this foursome right now... this way it's nice and easy, Janelle can kick her out and I can look like the supportive boyfriend," Mike boasted in the Diary Room. "I haven't been eating a lot of desserts this summer, but apparently sometimes you can have your cake and eat it too."

But unbeknownst to Will and Mike, Erika wasn't done trying to save herself and after the two finally compared notes and realized that Will and Mike had been manipulating them all summer, Janelle agreed to form a Final Two alliance with Erika. After witnessing their backyard conversation, Will realized that it looked like he was suddenly in trouble.

"OK, Boogie, I'm going home... she's opening the wine, [gave me] no eye contact, and Janelle was the one who said 'let's go inside' -- I have no control," Will told Mike after Janelle and Erika ended their conversation and left the backyard. "'Operation Double Date' is becoming 'Operation Double Mistake,' Will later admitted in the Diary Room. "As it stands right at this moment, things don't look good for me."

"I'm so embarrassed for my actions, I totally screwed up this game," Janelle vented in a late night conversation in which she and Erika finally realized that they'd both been repeatedly assured that they were the "third member" of Will and Mike's "Chilltown" alliance. "[Big Brother viewers] must have been laughing at us." "The whole f*cking game," added Erika. "They never banked on us ever coming together."

When it came time to cast her live eviction ballot, Janelle -- perhaps sincere or perhaps just laying the groundwork for some possible Final Two jury votes -- claimed that she had come to regret her previous decisions to ally with Will and betray her former friends and allies. "I really feel like this summer I've made a lot of mistakes in the house and after tonight I'm done making mistakes, [so] for Marcellas and Howie, I vote to evict you Will," Janelle announced during her live eviction vote.

Despite Will's previous comments that he thought Erika may have succeeded in convincing Janelle to send him home, Janelle's announcement appeared to surprise both "Chilltown" members. "Oh my god!," a dumbfounded Mike gasped. After Will left the house, Mike -- in apparent disbelief -- sat stunned in the nomination chair formerly occupied by Will.

After Big Brother host Julie Chen interviewed Will about his eviction, the three remaining houseguests competed in what was intended to be a long endurance challenge that would serve as the first stage of the three-part final Head of Household challenge that will eventually determine which houseguest will get to decide which fellow houseguest will join them in Big Brother 7: All Stars' Final Two.

However, despite the producers' intentions, Mike quit the challenge only moments after it began. "Hey Julie, remember Richard Hatch... they both have to take me to the finals," Mike shouted as he removed both his hands from a giant Big Brother key and jumped off the side of a fake volcano on which all three houseguests had been required to remain perched. And although it took Julie and the show's producers more than three minutes and a full commercial break to finally notice, Mike's action resulted in Janelle's elimination when Janelle, shocked by what Mike had just said and attempting to crane her head around the side of the volcano and see what had just happened, momentarily removed one of her hands from her own key.

During the commercial break, the producers apparently informed Julie that since the challenge rules required the houseguests to keep both hands on their key at all times, Janelle should have been eliminated. The embarrassing gaff resulted in another of this season's awkward live moments when Julie -- after viewing producer-supplied replay footage that pointed out that she had not noticed that Janelle had released one of her hands from her key after Mike jumped off the volcano -- informed a confused Janelle that she had "just saw it again" and that since Janelle had removed one of her hands from her key, Erika had quickly won the first part of Big Brother: All-Stars' three-part final Head of Household challenge.

As the winner of the first part of the three-part final HoH challenge, Erika will now face off against the winner of the second part of the three-part challenge in the third-part of the challenge. Whoever wins the third part of the three-part final HoH challenge will then evict one of the two other remaining houseguests live on Big Brother 7: All-Stars' penultimate Thursday night broadcast. After that, the seven members of this season's jury will cast their votes for Big Brother 7: All-Stars' $500,000 grand prize winner on next Tuesday's live season finale.