Big Brother 7: All-Stars determined its final two houseguests last night, with Janelle Pierzina becoming the twelfth houseguest to be evicted from the show's All-Stars house.

Janelle, a 26-year-old currently living in Miami, Florida, was evicted by Mike "Boogie" Malin, who won the final part of Big Brother 7: All-Stars' three-part final HoH competition live during Thursday night's broadcast.

According to Mike, his decision to keep "showmance" girlfriend Erika Landin and vote out Janelle had nothing to do with the fact that, only two days earlier, Janelle had cast the sole ballot that eliminated Will Kirby, Mike's "Chilltown" alliance partner, from the reality competition.

"Erika, I did hold you responsible for Will's eviction even though Janelle cast the vote but I'm not here for vengeance," Mike told the two women as he revealed his live eviction vote. "Janelle, you are a phenomenal player -- I hated you, I loved you, I adore you, I couldn't say a bad word about you. You are too good at this -- you've won nine competitions, you have too many friends on the jury. I love you, but I have to evict you sweetie."

Janelle took the news of her eviction well. "That's fine," she remarked to Mike as she exchanged hugs with both Mike and Erika.

After Erika had won "Mount HoH," Tuesday night's live first part of Big Brother 7: All-Stars' three-part final HoH competition, Mike and Janelle had faced off in "Fly By Night," the second part challenge that required the two houseguests, while suspended in midair, to traverse the outside of a metal ring and reflect a laser beam off of mirrors that represented each of Big Brother's first six season winners. Since he completed the challenge with a 117 second time that was not only nearly twice as fast as Janelle's but also well below a 300 second marker that the producers had set, Mike, in addition to winning the second part of the HoH challenge and gaining the right to face off against Erika in the challenge's third and final part, also won a brand-new Pontiac Solstice convertible (had neither Mike or Janelle successfully completed the challenge in less than 300 seconds, Erika would have received the vehicle.)

Following Mike's victory, Mike and Erika competed in "Jury Duty," the third and final part of the final HoH challenge, live during Thursday's Big Brother 7: All-Stars broadcast. An "A or B" multiple choice quiz, the challenge required the two houseguests to guess how each of Big Brother 7: All-Stars' first six jury members had completed a statement about their time in the Big Brother house. Both houseguests answered the first two questions correctly, but Mike jumped into a 3-2 lead when he correctly guessed that Will had stated that the season's Fast Forward eviction had been "more shocking" to him than his own Tuesday night eviction. While Mike got the next question wrong, so did Erika and after both answered the final two questions correctly, Mike won the final part of the final HoH challenge with a 5-4 score.

"That's for you Will -- 'Chilltown' baby!" Mike shouted after Big Brother host Julie Chen declared him to be Big Brother 7: All-Stars' final Head of Household.

Now that Janelle has been evicted, she will join Will, Danielle Reyes, George "Chicken" Boswell, James Rhine, Howie Gordon, and Marcellas Reynolds on the seven person jury that will determine whether Mike or Erika will be awarded Big Brother 7: All-Stars' $500,000 grand prize. Big Brother 7: All-Stars' season finale -- which will feature Mike and Erika making their final appeals to the jury and then the live voting of the jury members -- will air Tuesday, September 12 at 8PM ET/PT.