Craig McKinnon claims accusations that he was a bully to fellow The Bachelorette sixth-season suitor Jonathan are overblown.

"To be honest with you, I was not serious at all. I was totally joking and having a good time," McKinnon told Reality TV World during a Thursday media conference call.

"I think Jonathan may be a little uptight, possibly. He's probably a really good guy, but I think he took a few things too serious. I was totally joking around and having a good time."

McKinnon's alleged bullying -- which included him mocking Jonathan by wearing his clothing and only referring to him as "Weatherman," his profession -- unsurprisingly upset Jonathan, who eventually told The Bachelorette sixth-season star Ali Fedotowsky that McKinnon was "dangerous."

"That kind of shocked me that he would use a word like that," McKinnon told Reality TV World. "I thought it was kind of offensive because I was totally joking the entire time, but I guess he was serious about it."

The 34-year-old in dental sales from Sarnia, Ontario was one of the three bachelors Fedotowsky ousted at the Rose Ceremony during Monday night's The Bachelorette sixth-season broadcast.

"Honestly, from the beginning I wasn't that interested in Ali," McKinnon told Reality TV World. "I think you could see that from the beginning, I guess."

In addition, McKinnon said that it was a "natural feeling" that he and Fedotowsky didn't have a "connection."

"I think she felt the same way," he told reporters during the conference call.

Since McKinnon and Fedotowsky talked at the cocktail party prior to the Rose Ceremony and they both had an understanding that they lacked a connection, McKinnon said he wasn't exactly surprised that he failed to receive a rose.

"I definitely had that in the back of my mind, for sure. I was not totally interested in Ali, and Ali knew that, I knew that," he reiterated. "So it wasn't a huge surprise to me going into that Rose Ceremony that I was eliminated."

McKinnon called it a "combination" of Jonathan labeling him as "dangerous" and the mutual disinterest with Fedotowsky that led to his ouster.

"It was definitely partially because she called me out -- she asked me if I was even interested in her. She didn't get this feeling that I was. That's a natural feeling that she picked up, and I had the same feeling," he explained.

"That probably trumped the whole idea of Jonathan and what he said. But that's got to do with it as well, that Jonathan said I was stirring up trouble."

McKinnon also took a parting shot at Jonathan's height when he was interviewed after his Rose Ceremony elimination -- a comment that he now claims might not have been fair.

"At that time, maybe it wasn't fair. That was not meant to be directed at any guy that is shorter or of a short stature," he explained to reporters.

"That was kind of a joke towards Jonathan, just for a last kind of thing to Jonathan as a quick laugh for TV. I guess I wasn't being serious and maybe it wasn't fair."

Jonathan wasn't the only suitor that McKinnon had a problem with, as he also engaged in a confrontation with Jesse that seemed to be turning physical before some other bachelors broke it up.

However McKinnon described the confrontation with Jesse as a "quick argument."

"The next morning, Jesse and I both kind of apologized to each other," McKinnon told Reality TV World. "We thought it was inappropriate behavior."

The incident with Jesse was McKinnon's one regret.

"The one thing that I kind of regret honestly is just the brief episode with Jesse and I in the kitchen," he told reporters. "I wasn't too proud of that."

McKinnon described a majority of the other bachelors vying for Fedotowsky's attention as "really reserved," an attribute he said he lacked.

"I went in there kind of being myself," he said. "It just seemed like a lot of the other guys might have really wanted to make sure they didn't say anything wrong."

Despite being himself, McKinnon said he was "somewhat surprised" about the way he was portrayed on the show.

"Because that was pretty much the only time I was on TV, when I was discussing or when I was going back and forth with Jonathan," he said. "They definitely didn't show me laughing or having a good time with the guys. You can ask a bunch of the guys, we had a great time."

Still, McKinnon said he's "definitely not upset" about the way he was edited.

"It was very entertaining the way it came out, and I think that's the whole point of it. On the other hand, that's definitely not my character," he said. "I can't say I'm upset with the producers, not at all. It did make it an entertaining two episodes for me."

McKinnon added those who know him also found his brief The Bachelorette stint to be entertaining.

"It was funny because the people who do know me, where I hang out in Toronto and with my friends and family -- everyone who knew me was laughing their heads off. They had a great time. They thought it was entertaining because they know that's not me. So they thought it was hilarious and hysterical," he said.

"I guess the people who don't know me and saw that, they totally believed that was me. But by the very end when I didn't receive a rose, that last interview, you could tell. I was giggling, laughing and kind of smirking."

McKinnon assured reporters he was "not embarrassed" by the way he was portrayed.

"But I wish the rest of the public and the media realized that's not my character and make a different judgement now," he said.

McKinnon feels Jonathan's comment that he's "dangerous" showed him in a bad light, which is why he decided to confront him about it in front of all the other bachelors.

"That's why I did call him out -- when I found out he used the word 'dangerous.' I'm a very laid back, easy-going person. I'm non-confrontational. I found that was very offensive," he explained to reporters.

"Sure, a few people may really think that's the way I am. That's fine I guess. But the people that know me know that's not the case. I think if anybody had a conversation with me they wouldn't get that idea of me. I don't think most women will hold that against me."

McKinnon also commented on Justin, a 26-year-old entertainment wrestler from Toronto, CA who is rumored to have had not just one, but two girlfriends back home when The Bachelorette was filmed earlier this year.

"He seemed like a pretty decent guy after talking with him. I think most of us did know he probably wasn't there for the right reasons -- as you can see, he did play up the wrestling-type personality," McKinnon told reporters. "But having a conversation with him, he didn't seem that bad of a guy."

In addition, McKinnon was asked directly if he knew of any bachelors who might have had a girlfriend back home during filming.

"I wasn't there too long, so whatever happened after I left and rumors or whatever, I have no clue," he answered. "I was only there for about five days in the house. I didn't hear anything between the guys."

McKinnon said his motivation for appearing on The Bachelorette was two-fold.

"I went on the show to find someone I possibly loved or maybe get to that point of engagement. That was obviously my sole purpose," he explained.

"But on the other hard, it was definitely for the experience. I think anyone who didn't say they were there for the experience could possibly be lying. I think it's a combination for most of us who are on the show -- for the experience and for the possibility of finding the right woman to fall in love with."

Once McKinnon learned Fedotowsky was going to be his object of affection on the show he said he wanted to enjoy the experience, go on the show and have fun with it."

Despite not feeling that he was the best pick for Fedotowsky, McKinnon did say there were a few suitors he thought would make a good match.

"I think there's three guys that would probably be a good pick. Kirk for sure is one, Roberto and Chris L.," he said. "I think those three probably have a good fit for Ali. All three of those guys seemed genuine about why they were there."

McKinnon said he "definitely" doesn't have a girlfriend at the moment and -- while he had no previous television experience prior to The Bachelorette -- is interested in breaking into the entertainment industry.

"I am interested in the entertainment side of things," he told reporters. "For sure I'm interested in entertainment, or television."