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'Bachelorette' star Ali Fedotowsky eliminates three more bachelors

By Christopher Rocchio, 06/01/2010 

Ali Fedotowsky eliminated three more suitors during last night's The Bachelorette sixth-season episode on ABC.

Chris H., a 27-year-old real estate developer from Vancouver, Canada; Craig M., a 34-year-old in dental sales from Sarnia, Canada; and Tyler V., a 25-year-old in online advertising from Chelsea, VT, all failed to receive a rose from the former The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love bachelorette.

"I did not see that coming at all," said Tyler V. after his ouster.

"I got a weird feeling in my stomach, I'm like, 'Did that just happen?' I was actually nervous talking to her and I'm never nervous talking to anyone. That showed me I was actually really into her. But if she doesn't feel it, it's not there. So I'm disappointed. I'm pretty shocked."

The Bachelorette's second sixth-season episode began with Ali's 17 remaining bachelors moving into the Malibu mansion that served as their home during filming.

Host Chris Harrison explained to them that over the course of the next week they'd be accompanying Ali on three dates -- one group date and two individual dates.

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On each date, Ali would give out a rose, and the recipients would be safe at the next Rose Ceremony. On the individual dates, if the bachelor failed to receive a rose he would immediately be booted. In addition, not everyone would have a date with Ali this week.

Frank, a 31-year-old retail manager, from Geneva, IL, learned he would be accompanying Ali on the first one-on-one date.

"This is exactly what I wanted," boasted Frank. "I'm here for one reason only, and that's to fall in love with Ali. I know she's here for one reason only, and that's to fall in love with one of us. I hope I'm that guy... If for some reason I don't get a rose on this first date, I'll be heartbroken."

Ali said she was "impressed" by Frank on the first night but was unsure if there was a "love connection."

"I want to see if we have that spark," she added.

Ali then picked up Frank in a classic convertible, however it subsequently died while they were on the highway. They instead walked to a cab, which took them to Hollywood -- where Ali was approached by tourists and paparazzi. Ali was impressed that Frank was comfortable in the situation.

"The other guys in the house should just go home," boasted Frank.

Back at the house, Craig R., a 27-year-old lawyer from Philadelphia, PA, commented that Justin, a 26-year-old entertainment wrestler from Toronto, CA, was "clearly not right for Ali."

"The night that we met Ali, the first thing I asked Justin was what he did for a living," said Craig R.. "He managed gyms and he was sin real estate, but he failed to mention that came out later in the night -- that he actually is a professional wrestler."

Craig R. then approached Justin about why he wasn't immediately forthcoming, and he defended himself by stating he told him "half the truth." The two bickered about lying and telling the truth.

Ali and Frank then traveled to the Hollywood sign that overlooks the city.

"Frank and I have a lot in common and I'm excited to get to know him so much better than I already do," she said.

The two then talked about Frank's move to Paris a few years ago because he couldn't let the opportunity pass him by. Ali said if Frank was in her life, he'd constantly remind her of "love and family." The two then kissed under the Hollywood.

"Even though it's our first date, I see so many qualities in Ali that I've always been looking for," he said in a confessional. "I'm already starting to feel something for her, and I'm hoping she feels the same way with me."

With the car fixed, the two went for a picnic dinner at another scenic overlook of the city. Frank gushed about the date and how much fun he was having, and she called him "unique."

Back at the house, the bachelors learned that Jonathan, a 30-year-old weatherman from Houston, TX; Chris H.; Kirk, a 27-year-old sales consultant from Green Bay, WI; Kasey, a 27-year-old advertising account executive from Clovis, CA; Hunter, a 28-year-old Internet account executive from San Antonio, TX; Tyler; Steve, a 28-year-old sales representative from Cleveland, OH; Craig R.; Chris N., a 29-year-old entrepreneur from Orlando, FL; Justin; Craig M.; and Ty, a 31-year-old in medical sales from Nashville, TN, would be accompanying Ali on the season's first group date.

Chris L., a 33-year-old landscaper from Cape Cod, MA. said he was going to stay clear of the "man drama" that was going on and mostly being caused by Craig M.. Jonathan called Craig M. "no good."

"I think it's a little bit ridiculous," commented Roberto, a 26-year-old insurance agent from Charleston, SC. "I'm here for Ali and I'm going to stay focused on that. I'll just sit back while the other guys take each other out."

As their one-on-one date came to a close, Ali said Frank exceeded any expectations she had and presented him with the rose. The two then kissed, and Ali said in a confessional she was surprised with their romantic chemistry.

"This is far and away the best first date I've ever had," gushed Frank. "I've had some great first dates, this one blows them all away."

The next day, Ali met the 12 bachelors for their group date -- which would take place at a Malibu beach house.

"I'm a little bit worried about being just overwhelmed by all the guys," said Ali. "It's going to be hard. It's a juggling act."

Ali then revealed the guys would be participating in a "Sexy Guy" calendar photo shoot, with proceeds going to charity. The guys learned they'd be wearing skimpy briefs for the shoot, which didn't sit too well with Jonathan -- as he complained about his wardrobe in front of Ali.

"I'm here for Ali, so I'm going to have to show the junk in my trunk," said Jonathan, who reluctantly put the briefs on. Ali was glad Jonathan decided to participate.

The shoot then commenced and the guys had fun with Ali while also knocking Craig M. for his comfort level in front of the camera. Ty decided to try and serenade Ali with his guitar. Craig R. said he was "a little bit jealous."

"It really got serious there for a moment because I could see it in her eyes," said Ty. "Hopefully that was a good thing."

With the photo shoot in the books, Ali took the guys out for drinks and conversation. Ty felt like he had chemistry with Ali.

"I have been married before," he said in a confessional. "It's part of who I am and it's something I have to deal with. So I thought it was a necessity to talk about it. She needs to know."

Ty took Ali for some alone time and revealed he got married at the age of 27. After "a little over two years," he said he got divorced.

"I'm really glad that you told me that now," responded Ali. "I think this was the perfect moment and I really respect you."

Ty felt like there was a "burden" of his chest and thought she took the news very well. Jonathan continued to have problems with Craig M. and in a confessional called him "poison in a relationship with Ali."

"This dude needs to be called out," added Jonathan. "I just think it's really a dangerous person for her to be around."

Jonathan then interrupted Ali and Ty, and he took the opportunity to tell her about Craig M..

"There's a whole bunch of decent guys here. But there are some guys I don't think are necessarily right for you. I like to think I'm a pretty good judge of character. There is one person -- in my opinion -- who blatantly showed a huge, huge lack of character," he told her.

"Craig M. is like literally a dangerous person. This guy is crazy. He's just asking to be laid out."

Ali thanked Jonathan with a hug, and he said he felt "really relieved." Once he returned to the other guys, Craig M. asked him how everything went. He declined to reveal specifics and Craig M. continued to bust his chops.

"The guys' a jerk," said Jonathan in a confessional. "He has no concerns for other people's feelings. He's an egomaniacal jerk off."

Back at the house, Jesse, a 24-year-old general contractor from Peculiar, MO, learned he'd be accompanying Ali on the week's finale one-on-one date.

As the group date continued, Justin spent some alone time with Ali. She said she was "super confident" in the kind of guy Justin was.

"I have a really good feeling about you and I think you're really genuine," she told him.

"That means a lot," he replied.

Jonathan called the one-on-one time "crucial" in a confessional.

With the date over, Ali decided to present the rose to Ty.

"I am falling for Ali, so I'm really interested in knowing what's going to happen down the road," he said.

Justin commented how he thought it was "fake" that Ty wooed Ali with his guitar, while Jonathan said he would leave if Craig M. received a rose at the upcoming ceremony.

The next day Ali met Jesse for their one-on-one date, and she said she was excited for him to open up. He was nervous since he's a "T-shirt kind of guy" and his individual date invitation include cufflinks.

"Really I have no idea what to expect," he said.

Ali and Jesse then took a trip on a private jet to Las Vegas, which was nerve-racking for Ali since she's afraid of flying. Still, she was glad Jesse made her feel "safe" during the flight.

Once they landed, the two were greeted by a red Ferrari convertible, which they used to drive to the strip. They spent some time poolside and had a fun time.

"There's still a lot we need to know about each other," added Ali in a confessional. "There's a rose on this date and I need to decide whether or not to give him one."

That night, Jesse and Ali got all dressed up and enjoyed a private dinner in her suite.

"Jesse and I haven't jumped into super-serious stuff yet. I'm not sure if Jesse is going to get a rose tonight," said Ali. "I know he's a nice guy, but I need to make sure there's a connection beyond that."

Back at the house, Craig M. continued to taunt Jonathan -- suggesting he quit the competition if Jesse returns with a rose.

"The dude is a jerk," said Jonathan in a confessional.

In Vegas, Jesse said he was interested to learn more about Ali over dinner. The two talked about Jesse's small town life, which Ali said she could sympathized with. In a confessional, Ali called Jesse a "good guy" but was still unsure if he was right for her.

"I want to learn more about him," she said before presenting him with the date's rose -- which he said felt "amazing."

The two ended their night by attending a private concert by singer/songwriter Jamie Cullum and subsequently kissed.

With the dates over, the remaining suitors gathered for the cocktail party preceding the Rose Ceremony.

Ali then spent some time with some of the guys she failed to spend time with during the week, beginning with Chris L..

"I like that we have things in common," said Ali, as the two discussed their home state of Massachusetts and his family.

Roberto -- who received the first-impression rose on the first night -- spent some alone time with Ali since he also didn't get a date with her during the week. He discussed how he was drafted as a baseball player and the two played catch.

"I have such a great feeling from him," she said in a confessional.

Frank interrupted Ali while she was spending some alone time with Kasey, who said it "stung a little bit." Needless to say, the other bachelors were also frustrated since Frank already had a rose.

Frank said he left their one-on-one date feeling like Ali was his "girlfriend" and the two kissed -- right in full view of several of the other suitors.

"I think we all kind of had the same gut-wrenching feeling," commented Steve. "

John C., a 32-year-old in hotel business development from Issaquah, WA, agreed that it was "tough to see."

Jonathan and Craig M. continued to clash, with Jonathan calling him "really passive aggressive."

"He's not a good person, period," he added.

Jonathan told some of the other guys he was sick of dealing with Craig M., who was listening from afar. Ali then grabbed Jonathan for some alone time. While he said he "hates gossip," Ali wanted to know how things were going with the other guys -- so he continued to bash Craig M., specifically for the teasing that took place the previous day.

"I made it really clear this is a dude to watch out for," said Jonathan in a confessional.

Craig M. then spent some alone time with Ali, and she asked how he felt.

"I'm here having a good time with the guys, and I am going to have a good time with the guys," he answered. "But on the other hand, I think you would think a lot differently if it got to the point where we had a one-on-one date. I think when I'm with someone I like..."

"But do you like me?" interjected Ali. "I'm kind of getting the feeling like sometimes, when I look at you, you will look away. So I'm asking are you nervous? This is a two-way street... I feel like you seem a little bit uncomfortable. Are you?"

"Absolutely I want to get to know you more," replied Craig M.. "But I don't know you, right? Obviously, you're very attractive."

Ali then laid it out there for Craig M., asking why he never asks questions trying to get to know her better when she has 16 other guys vying for her attention.

"Someone used the word 'dangerous' when referring to you," revealed Ali. "I'm just wondering why you would think someone would say something like that."

"I don't know," replied Craig M.. "I guess what's in my head right now is that it may be misunderstood that Craig seems like he's just here to have a good time. But I think if you actually give me the opportunity of spending some time together, I think that would totally change things."

After their alone time was over, Craig M. said he could "guess" that it was Jonathan who called him dangerous to Ali. He decided to ask the guys who made the comment.

"It kind of hit me pretty deep, so I just kind of want to know who said that about me," said Craig M. before singling out Jonathan.

"I don't think it really matters who said it," replied Jonathan. "It matters to you, but what does it matter in the scheme of things who said it."

"What do you mean it doesn't matter?" asked Craig M. to Jonathan. "It's obviously you because you have a terrible rebuttal."

Jonathan said he's already gone on the record in stating he doesn't like Craig M., but declined to specifically admit to telling Ali he was "dangerous." The two continued to bicker, with Craig M. wanting Jonathan to admit it and Jonathan repeatedly declining.

"Take some accountability for your actions dude," said Jonathan. "Stop blaming everybody else for your problems man."

"Before we end this conversation -- even though we all know it was you -- you still will not stand up and say, 'Yes, it was me,'" said Craig M..

"What I've said to Ali, it's none of your business," replied Jonathan.

In a confessional, Craig M. correctly stated it was "for sure" Jonathan who told Ali he was dangerous.

The Bachelorette's second sixth-season Rose Ceremony then commenced.

In addition to Frank, Ty and Jesse, Ali also presented a rose to Kasey, Hunter, Roberto, Chris L., Justin, Steve, Kirk, John C., Craig R., Chris N., and Jonathan.

"For Ali not giving me a rose, she missed a huge opportunity," said Craig M.. "I have a hard time respecting her decision of keeping the weatherman and the wrestler here over this."

The Bachelorette's next sixth-season episode will air on Monday, June 7 at 8PM ET/PT.

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