Bachelor in Paradise bachelorette Victoria Fuller has claimed Johnny DePhillipo lied about his career and withheld information from her prior to their engagement on the beach in Mexico.

On Bachelor in Paradise's eighth season, Victoria was criticized by many fans for asking Johnny specific questions about his job in California and future career goals.


While some viewers thought Victoria was caught up in money and making sure Johnny could provide for her, she told former The Bachelor star Nick Viall that Johnny had allegedly been dishonest with her and so she was just trying to get to the bottom of things.

"When I initially asked Johnny what his job was, he said that he owned a bar," Victoria recalled on the latest episode of "The Viall Files" podcast.

"I was like, 'Great.' He said he was doing real estate and he owned a bar. And then as time kind of went on, it turned into he 'managed a bar.' He did say that he managed a bar on the beach... and that was my first light bulb that went off."

Victoria said Johnny's alleged inconsistent story gave her some "reservations" and "questions."

"I just wanted to know," Victoria continued. "That's where my career goal and questions started happening, because I was like, 'Well, okay. You did say you own a bar and now you're managing it. Where do you see yourself in five years from now?'"

Victoria insisted she was "just trying to understand" where Johnny is in his life, especially considering he's 25-years-old and she's 29-years-old. She said she wanted to make sure they're at the same place in life and wanted the same things.

"There was a discrepancy with the story. And then from there, when we got off the beach, it turned into, like, he wasn't managing this bar anymore and he actually was just bartending there," Victoria claimed.

"And then the bar was closed down, so he didn't have a steady source of income."

Victoria claimed, however, that Johnny's lack of income was "fine" and didn't bother her.

"We all go through a period of time when we get off the show and we're not exactly sure what we're going to be doing. I experienced that, a lot of people do. But I just felt like maybe he wasn't being fully transparent on the show," Victoria said.


Victoria called the situation "extremely frustrating" because she allegedly didn't know what she was getting herself into.

"You think you know one thing on the beach and I'm telling somebody exactly what I want and where I'm at in life, and then coming off the show, I'm like, 'Okay, well, this isn't what we discussed,'" Victoria acknowledged.

Victoria also told Nick that she hadn't seen Johnny on The Bachelorette by the time they were filming Bachelor in Paradise together because Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey's season hadn't aired on ABC.

"Walking onto the beach, I had no idea who Johnny even was, which was also why I was so attracted to him. I was like, 'This is amazing, he doesn't have these sh-tty reputations a lot of other guys do off the show.' He was just a breath of fresh air," Victoria explained.

"But I didn't know much, and when I did ask him, he did kind of beat around the bush with it. I didn't really get the full story."

Johnny and Victoria got engaged in June when the Bachelor in Paradise finale filmed, and then The Bachelorette's nineteenth season starring Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey premiered on July 11.

Victoria said looking back, now that she has seen Johnny's The Bachelorette season, her former fiance "never divulged that information" to her.

When asked to clarify what information she's referring to, Victoria replied, "The fact he was not in a place in his life to settle down and be married."

Victoria insisted she had absolutely no idea that Johnny had broken up with Gabby because he didn't feel ready to get engaged. Victoria claimed she only learned this information post-engagement.

"It made me just feel, like, lied to," Victoria lamented.

"It made me feel like I wasn't walking into something that I had full awareness about. And I think when you're making a decision as big as what we did, to get engaged, like, you need all the facts in order to do that. And I wasn't getting that from him."


Victoria suggested that Johnny was all over the map with his goals and even dreamed of starting up a rap career following his Bachelor in Paradise stint.

"I was more than supportive of that. I hooked him up with a producer in Nashville, and we were going to book a studio for him," Victoria said.

"I was not sh-tting on him for not having a set job... I was just like, 'What can we do in order to make this situation good for you? Because I want you to succeed, and I want you to be the best person you can be.'"

Victoria told Nick that she could see Johnny's full potential in Paradise and she wouldn't have accepted his marriage proposal otherwise.

When asked if she was questioning whom she had just gotten engaged to after the show, Victoria replied, "Yes, absolutely."

"And that was a conversation, too, that we had. I was like, 'I feel like you're a completely different person than when we got off the beach,'" Victoria admitted.

Victoria recalled falling in love with Johnny's confidence and how secure he seemed. He was essentially the popular guy in Paradise.

"But when we did get off [Paradise], that sort of changed. Outside factors started to play in, and his insecurities did come out, like all of ours do," Victoria explained.

Nick said that when he met Johnny, Victoria's then-fiance discussed wanting to get into real estate as well as finishing paramedic school.

"I was trying not to be frustrated, but I was," Victoria confessed.

"And I think he could sense that and I think the comment he makes about not feeling good enough, it was never me putting him down. I think that was just his own insecurity coming out. Because I did whatever I could to help him."

Victoria claimed she "wouldn't f-cking care" if Johnny wanted to drive an Uber but she hoped he would find something he loves and then "stick to it."

"And I felt very much, he was like, 'Well, I want to be a real estate agent one day and I think I want to do this,' which is fine, you're just trying to figure it out," Victoria said.

"But that's frustrating for somebody who thought that they were engaged to somebody who already had it figured out."

Victoria admitted she's "not perfect" either but she "is honest when it comes to stuff like that."

Victoria said she's "very transparent" with where she's at in life and what she wants in a relationship.

"And I think I was that way on the show the entire time," Victoria noted. "So yeah, I don't know. That was probably where things started to change when we first got off the show."


Johnny said on "The Ben and Ashley I: Almost Famous Podcast" last week that it really upset Victoria to watch The Bachelorette unfold on ABC and the show caused problems and fights in their relationship shortly after they returned home from the beach.

However, Johnny claimed Victoria was "heartbroken" about having to hide her engagement and also jealous because, at that time, the world was talking about Johnny's romance with Gabby -- and not Johnny and Victoria.

Bachelor in Paradise's reunion taped on November 4 and aired five months after Johnny proposed marriage to Victoria on the finale.

At the reunion special, Victoria was already in a new relationship with Greg Grippo, who appeared on Katie Thurston's The Bachelorette season, and Johnny addressed cheating rumors given Victoria had seemingly moved on from their broken engagement so quickly.

According to Victoria, she and Johnny ended their engagement a few weeks after Johnny's proposal because their relationship was "toxic" and he had called her demeaning names.

Johnny -- who admitted he and Victoria fought a lot but denied ever calling her "a c-nt" or questioning her womanhood -- said in post-show press that he and Victoria didn't officially break up until mid-September.

Johnny also claimed the pair was still in communication and attended therapy up until Victoria's trip to Italy in late October with Greg.

But Greg claimed he and Victoria were just friends for about a year and that Italy marked their first official date. He then asked Victoria to be his girlfriend on Halloween.

Victoria insisted last week there was "no crossover" between relationships and that she and Greg are simply on the same page and both want marriage and children soon.

Victoria and Greg just spent Thanksgiving together and are still going strong, and Johnny recently said he's working on himself and trying to move on after receiving the closure he needed at the reunion.


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