Bachelor in Paradise spoilers have revealed the latest information about Season 9's bachelors and bachelorettes -- including Rachel Recchia, Blake Moynes, Jess Girod, Kat Izzo, John Henry Spurlock, Aaron Bryant, and Eliza Isichei -- and if they left Paradise single, in a relationship or engaged.


[Bachelor in Paradise Spoilers Warning: This report contains spoilers that will spoil Bachelor in Paradise and reveal which couples left Paradise still together or engaged, and who left alone.]

Bachelor in Paradise's ninth season is heading into its next episode on Thursday, November 16 at 9PM ET/PT on ABC.

Viewers just watched many of the relationships in Paradise changing ahead of the third Rose Ceremony of the season.

John Henry Spurlock dumped Olivia Lewis for Kat Izzo after he said he had seen a new side to Kat that he really liked. John Henry explained how he could actually picture a life with Kat outside of the show, which was apparently something he struggled to do with Olivia.

The Bachelorette star Charity Lawson also visited the beach and made waves by informing Eliza Isichei that Aaron Bryant had a questionable past.

Charity revealed how her phone was "bombarded with all of these messages from his ex-girlfriend" when she returned home from filming The Bachelorette's twentieth season. This woman not only messaged Charity "a million times," but she also messaged her family members and friends.

"Her message to me was that they were dating before he left [to film] my season and he never really told her what [The Bachelorette] was before him leaving," Charity said. "Honestly, I was a little bit torn... [because] that's not what I saw [of Aaron]."

Aaron, however, denied his ex-girlfriend's claims, and Eliza chose to give Aaron the benefit of the doubt and follow her heart by continuing their relationship.

Blake Moynes and Jess Girod decided to get back together and try again after testing the dating waters with Genevie Mayo and Tyler Norris, respectively.

And Becca Serrano quit the show before the Rose Ceremony, questioning if her connection with Brayden Bowers was authentic and could withstand the test of time.

At the Rose Ceremony, Genevie and Davia Bunch were denied roses and asked to leave Bachelor in Paradise.

The established couples in Paradise going into the next episode are Tyler and Mercedes Northup, Jess and Blake, Eliza and Aaron, John Henry and Kat, Tanner Courtad and Rachel Recchia, and Kylee Russell and Aven Jones.

Brayden and Olivia are still looking for their match, and Michael Barbour just arrived.

So what happens on the rest of Bachelor in Paradise's exciting ninth season?

Well for starters, Bachelor in Paradise viewers will see former The Bachelorette star Katie Thurston -- who is also co-starring on The CW's FBoy Island -- make a brief appearance in Paradise.

"So I went in with this like mentality of like, 'I'm about to be so welcomed.' When I walked down, obviously the first person I look for is Blake, and he's looking at me like he saw a ghost," Katie said on "The Ben and Ashley I: Almost Famous Podcast" of her The Bachelorette 17 winner and ex-fiance.

Katie added, "It feels like five minutes of nobody saying anything, no one's getting up. Like, I feel so uncomfortable."

Bachelor in Paradise host Jesse Palmer also recently teased to Entertainment Tonight how "something really special and unique" happens this season.

Jesse may have been teasing a couple getting married on Bachelor in Paradise, as one of the show's first trailers appeared to show Jesse officiating a wedding in Mexico.

Over the past several months, Reality Steve spoiler blogger Steve Carbone has reported numerous spoilers for Season 9 of Bachelor in Paradise  -- including that Season 7 couple Mari Pepin-Solis and Kenny Braasch are the ones who are shown getting married in the trailer's footage.

On July 17, Carbone reported that Kat Izzo, Eliza Isichei, Aaron Bryant, and John Henry Spurlock all made it to the end of filming.

Carbone reported at the time that Eliza and Aaron B. remained a couple in Paradise and that Kat and John Henry did pair up and become a couple on Bachelor in Paradise.

The spoiler blogger heard earlier this summer that both pairs are currently still together and dating.

As far as the alleged evidence goes, a couple of days before Bachelor in Paradise wrapped filming on Season 9, a patron had sent Carbone a photo of what appeared to be a whiteboard used by the show's production team.

Carbone tweeted in July that the patron was "walking by an office at the Vidanta Resort" in Mexico and spotted the whiteboard, snapping a photo.

The whiteboard read, "Girls Schedules," and Kat and Eliza's names -- as well as their "pick up" times -- were visibly written on it.

And according to Carbone, John Henry and Aaron B.'s names were also listed on the whiteboard.

Carbone said he ultimately received "confirmation" that Kat was with John Henry and that Eliza was with Aaron B. after Bachelor in Paradise taped.

Carbone proceeded to tweet, "(SPOILER): Kat and John Henry are absolutely together, and I'm pretty sure they got engaged at the end of BIP filming."

Carbone also posted a video of Kat and John Henry sitting at a table together -- with a male friend -- outside at Rudee's restaurant in Virginia Beach on July 8.

"Onlookers said they were holding hands and were an obvious couple," Carbone claimed.

Carbone said in July that he was "99 percent sure" Kat and John Henry are engaged, even though he was unable to provide any additional support for the claim.

And then Carbone unveiled his spoilers about Eliza and Aaron B.'s current relationship status.

In a separate video, Eliza and Aaron B. are caught sitting across from each other in a hotel lobby.

"(SPOILER): This was taken a few days after filming ended in the Vidanta lobby & posted on an IG story that was sent to me. This is Eliza and Aaron B.," Carbone wrote on Twitter.

"I don't know if they're engaged, and Eliza has been back in Germany since filming. But clearly they ended the show together."

Carbone wasn't sure about Eliza and Aaron B.'s current status, however, given Aaron B. was spotted not long beforehand in San Diego and Eliza moved back to Germany after the show.

"So in terms of the status of their relationship now? Not sure," Carbone wrote in a blog posting that followed his tweets.

"They clearly left the show together as a couple based on that video. But it would seem weird to head back to Germany if you left Paradise engaged. But we've seen crazier things, so hopefully I'll get more clarity on that going forward."

In a subsequent posting, Carbone stated he had since confirmed Kat and John Henry as well as Eliza and Aaron B. had each ended Season 9 of Bachelor in Paradise engaged.

Many Bachelor in Paradise viewers are also probably wondering what happened to Rachel and Blake in Paradise.

In July, Carbone reported Rachel and Blake each self-eliminated from Bachelor in Paradise and returned home single.

According to Carbone's July report, Rachel -- who was also shown kissing her Week 2 The Bachelorette eliminee, Jordan Vandergriff, in a season preview trailer that aired on ABC in September -- had gotten involved with Tanner during her time on Bachelor in Paradise.

"But ultimately, [she] self-eliminated. She wasn't eliminated at a Rose Ceremony," Carbone wrote in a July 18 blog post.

However on November 2, Carbone had shared some additional spoiler information that claimed Rachel was paired with Brayden -- not Tanner -- when she self-eliminated.

"Becca Serrano, a Night 1 elimination on Zach's season, arrives with a date card and goes on a date with Brayden and he ultimately chooses her," he wrote in an Instagram posting.

"This is what causes Rachel to self-eliminate. However, Becca has a freak out before the Rose Ceremony and [also] self eliminates, so I'm not sure what Brayden ends up doing with his rose."

But as Bachelor in Paradise viewers saw when the show's November 9 episode aired on ABC, at least some portion of Carbone's spoiler information about Rachel has turned out to be incorrect as Rachel did not self-eliminate before Becca decided to quit Paradise and go home.

And while Carbone subsequently discussed Bachelor in Paradise's November 9 broadcast on both his November 10 and November 13 daily podcasts, he did not address or clarify the details of his incorrect Rachel spoiler information, leaving it unclear when Rachel allegedly quits the show.

According to Carbone, Blake continued to date Jess during his time in Bachelor in Paradise.

"But same as Rachel, at some point, [he] self-eliminated," Carbone wrote in his July 18 spoilers. "He wasn't eliminated at a Rose Ceremony."

Carbone also reported on what happened with Aven and Kylee.

"I haven't heard anything about them [in a while]," Carbone wrote in his July 18 blog post. "They were definitely partying in the same group together on a boat in San Diego post-filming, but that's all I've seen or heard since filming ended."

In his new November 2 Instagram posting, Carbone confirmed Aven and Kylee did not leave Paradise engaged but have continued dating.

"[They] are together post-show as they have been together numerous times post-filming if you follow either of them on social media," he wrote, noting Aven and Kylee have repeatedly made separate social-media postings showing them visiting the same locations on the same dates.

In addition, Carbone also shared spoilers revealing that Tyler and Mercedes remained a couple until the conclusion of the Bachelor in Paradise season but did not leave Paradise together.

"Tyler breaks up with Mercedes in the end," he wrote.

According to Carbone, Nate Mitchell will also join the Bachelor in Paradise season's cast at some point.

"Last year, I sort of went in with maybe some personal preconceived notions of what might happen and who might end up being together, and everything got turned on its head completely," Jesse admitted to ET in September.

"And that's probably going to happen again, this season, as well. I think we have an amazing cast."

Bachelor in Paradise's Season 9 finale will air on ABC on Thursday, December 7 at 8PM ET/PT with a special three-hour broadcast.

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