Bachelor in Paradise couple Victoria Fuller and Johnny DePhillipo have seen their relationship tested with the season's "The Split" twist, so what happens when they reunite? Do Victoria and Johnny end up together -- and maybe even ultimately get engaged -- or does Victoria leave Johnny for Alex Bordyukov? And what is the status of their relationship now?


[Bachelor in Paradise Spoiler Warning: This report contains spoilers about Victoria and Johnny's Bachelor in Paradise fate and how their relationship progressed or ended].

Victoria was initially interested in Justin Glaze on Bachelor in Paradise, and Johnny first had the hots for Hunter Haag.

However, Victoria and Johnny ended up finding their way to each other, and a kiss turned into one deep conversation after the next, although most of their interactions didn't air on Season 8.


Suddenly, from a viewer's perspective, the pair seemed inseparable on the beaches in Mexico.

But then The Bachelorette host Jesse Palmer surprised the cast with "The Split" twist, which required the women to leave their love interests and head to a nearby hotel. The men were then introduced to five new beautiful women, while the women also got to know five new men.

Victoria and Johnny had every intention to stay together and eventually pick up in Paradise where they had left off.

Victoria, who believes she is a very loyal woman, even ignored Alex -- whom she admitted is "really hot" and her usual boyfriend type -- at the hotel because he's her type and she was afraid to pursue something with him and possibly make another connection behind Johnny's back.

However, Victoria determined that she owed it to herself to give Alex a chance, in case he may end up being her person. After all, Johnny is 25 years old and Alex is 33, and so Victoria figured Alex may be ready to settle down and start a family with a woman.

Meanwhile, Johnny expressed how he really missed Victoria and cared about her. He felt confident in their romance and called it "real," and so he had no desire to "budge" and even glance in a woman's direction at the Paradise resort.

Victoria then received a Date Card, and she decided to take advantage of the process.

Alex set out to break down Victoria's walls, and the pair spoke about how they'd both like to have kids. Alex seemed to impress Victoria with his views on being a strong parental figure and giving a child unconditional love.

Alex said he believed this process can work and he wasn't just chasing a rose. He also apparently hated it when women compared him to "d--chebag" ex-boyfriends based on his good looks alone.

Alex told Victoria that he'd continue to pursue her as long as she didn't push him away, and Victoria told the cameras how he was sweet and kind. The pair also had a lot in common.

"I want to give Alex a chance because he deserves it, and I deserve it. He's somebody whom I could actually see myself ending up with. I just don't know what that looks like with Johnny in the picture," Victoria explained in a confessional, adding how she was used to living daily life with Johnny on the beach.

"I don't want to hurt [Johnny's] feelings, but it's so hard because Alex is literally every girl's dream. He's every girl's f-cking dream."


Over at the Paradise beach, Johnny revealed to Brandon Jones how he was definitely falling in love with Victoria and he'd be open to the idea of an engagement because he owed it to Victoria to commit given her age and what she wants out of life.

Johnny said he wanted to find his person, and he suggested how he'd be ready and willing to take the next step in his relationship with Victoria if she came back to him.

"I had one serious relationship in my entire life, and it did not feel like this," Johnny gushed.

"Something about Victoria, like, makes me want to be a better person. We discussed how we don't want to go out with other people... If she came back and said, 'I did,' it's going to be weird."


So did Victoria choose Alex or Johnny? And did Victoria end up getting engaged on Bachelor in Paradise?

Victoria chose Johnny over Alex after "The Split" twist and Alex got eliminated at the third Rose Ceremony of the season, when the women had the power and handed out the roses, according to Reality Steve spoiler blogger Steve Carbone.

Victoria and Johnny reportedly continued to give each other roses through the end of the process. The couple stayed together and presumably enjoyed an overnight Fantasy Suite date.

Although Johnny wasn't ready to get engaged to Gabby Windey on The Bachelorette 19, he reportedly popped the question to Victoria at the Final Rose Ceremony and the couple got engaged on Bachelor in Paradise's eighth season.

However, Carbone revealed in a new October 25 blog post he had heard that Victoria and Johnny are no longer together in a DM message he'd received back on September 15!

Carbone said he didn't report it at the time because he considered the random DM he had received to be a rumor since there was no evidence of an actual breakup.

According to Carbone's October 25 blog post, Victoria and Johnny broke up and ended their engagement "over a month ago."

Rumors have recently been swirling that Victoria cheated on Johnny and is now dating and/or hooking up with The Bachelorette 17 alum Greg Grippo.

Late last week, a fan of The Bachelor who goes by the name Anna Christinee on TikTok posted a video from Rome and wrote, "When you are at the Colosseum [and] see Greg Grippo & Victoria F from Bachelor Nation."

Anna wrote to someone in the comments section of her TikTok post how it was "definitely" Greg whom she saw.

But when one person pointed out how Victoria is supposedly engaged to Johnny, Anna replied, "We REALLY think it was Greg but he did have a hat and glasses so it may of been Johnny either way tea and love #bachelornation."

Anna unfortunately wasn't able to take a photo or provide video evidence to support her claim.


Social media personality Zachary Reality then tweeted on October 21, "It's my understanding a couple who gets engaged this season on #bachelorinparadise has already broken up."

When asked if Zach saw the TikTok video, he tweeted, "I know a lot. I don't say until other people post about it first."

Zach later added, "I don't care to spill the tea, I can just comment on it, after other people spill it first #stayinginmylane."

However the next day on October 22, Greg's mother Sandy Grippo led fans to believe Greg was with her, and their family, the day before.

Sandy posted a photo of a family dinner in New Jersey on Instagram -- which included Greg -- and wrote, "Great Friday night dinner with all 25 of us!!! Love breaking bread with my fam!"

However, the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur, if that's when Greg gathered with his family, was in the first week of October.

YouTuber Dave Neal therefore mentioned in an October 22 video dubbed "Bachelor Nation News" how it's possible Greg may have been in Italy with Victoria late last week and asked his mother to post this photo in order to throw people "off their scent."

Dave also revealed another person had sent him a photo allegedly showing Greg and Victoria in Capri together. However, it's unclear from the photo if the people truly were Greg and Victoria.

On October 25, Johnny also added to the rumor mill by posting a photo on Instagram Stories claiming he was in Miami, FL. Several hours later, he posted a photo of himself sipping on a cocktail and wrote "Unwell."

While it's unclear if Victoria and Greg enjoyed a romantic vacation abroad, Dave claimed in his YouTube video that multiple sources have told him allegations Victoria had cheated on Johnny are true.

Dave said his sources include people who have "been on the sand" and "accepted roses" in Paradise.

Two sources from "within The Bachelor circle," according to Dave, insist Victoria cheated on Johnny not once but TWICE.

Many The Bachelor fans are therefore assuming one of the men was Greg.

Dave pointed out how it's possible Victoria and Johnny had broken up before Victoria got involved with other men, but the sources told Dave that producers are hoping to save Victoria and Johnny's breakup storyline for the Bachelor in Paradise reunion show that will film in early November and air on ABC just before Thanksgiving.

"If it's a clean cheat, and if she's actually with Greg Grippo right now, this is going to be a shocking story!" Dave said. "But we don't know for sure."

On October 25, Carbone commented on the cheating allegations against Victoria and rumors she's been spending time with Greg.

"While I didn't hear about any cheating allegations, I did hear 2 weeks ago 'rumblings' about Victoria and Greg Grippo being involved together in some capacity," Carbone explained.

Carbone couldn't confirm or deny Victoria and Johnny were recently in Italy together.

But he continued on his blog, "Whether it was talking/texting/dating/hooking up, I just heard they were in communication. Which I thought was weird if she was engaged to Johnny. Dave says he spoke to sources who claim it's absolutely true. That's his story."

Carbone added, "All I know is they are definitely in contact since her breakup with Johnny. Whether it played a role in the breakup I'm not sure."

Carbone concluded there is "definitely something going on" between Victoria and Greg.

But later on October 25, Carbone tweeted a new update that he had now confirmed Victoria and Greg are indeed in Italy together.

"(SPOILER NOW CONFIRMED): Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo in Rome today near the Trevi fountain. Video coming soon," he wrote.

Carbone then proceeded to post a video which appeared to show Victoria and Greg each dressed very casually and attempting to obscure their appearances.

Victoria and Greg each wore sunglasses and large, loose coats and appeared to be doing their best to go incognito, with Victoria wearing casual large white pants and Greg seemingly wearing dark jeans and a baseball cap.

The Roman fountain footage represented a big wardrobe change from the earlier photo that allegedly showed Victoria and Greg in Capri. 

The Capri photo, seemingly taken in the evening, appeared to show the couple openly enjoying a date night outing. Neither Victoria and Greg wore coats or hats, and Victoria was wearing a tight-fitting miniskirt outfit with knee-high boots.

In March 2022, Greg had done an interview with Bryan Abasolo and Mike Johnson on the "Talking It Out with Bachelor Nation" podcast in which he said he was currently dating a French girl long distance.

However, that relationship didn't seem to be that serious given he admitted he had only traveled to Paris to visit her once and hadn't seen the woman in over a month.

"I found someone that I've been dating. She lives in Paris though. It's been tough. There's a six-hour time difference. I wouldn't necessarily recommend it to anyone," Greg said with a laugh.

"But I'm a sucker when it comes to [finding] a good woman. You do crazy things. I'm trying to work it out... and am giving it a shot because she's a really good person."


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