Bachelor in Paradise featured Serene Russell and Brandon Jones making an immediate love connection, Andrew Spencer intimidated by Teddi Wright, Jill Chin and Kira Mengistu fighting over Romeo Alexander, and Michael Allio hitting it off with Sierra Jackson during the Season 8 premiere Tuesday night on ABC.

The Bachelor in Paradise broadcast began with an introduction to Hunter Haag from Clayton Echard's The Bachelor season, who talked about her irritable bowel syndrome and was shown packing extra toilet paper.


Johnny DePhillipo from Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia's The Bachelorette season debuted his rap song "Toez in the Sand," and Serene, a teacher, tossed her students' paperwork in the air.

Serene said she was looking forward to meeting Brandon, who seemed "so sweet and genuine" on Michelle Young's The Bachelorette season. And Brandon said he was ready to be vulnerable one more time to hopefully find the love of his life.

Dr. Kira from Clayton's season was looking forward to showing the world her real personality and going in the Boom Boom Room with potentially more than one person.

"I think in another life I may have been a porn star," Kira told the cameras.

Jacob Rapini from Gabby and Rachel's season was once again shirtless and working out, but he said it's what's on the inside that matters. However, he was hoping to find a beautiful peach with thicker, well-manicured eyebrows.

Genevieve Parisi from Clayton's season packed more bikinis than she could wear in a full summer, and she said she couldn't wait to meet the handsome Justin Glaze.

Shanae Ankney was "coming in hot" after Clayton's season. She said her approach was to go all in and not hold back at all.

"My focus is finding a husband. I hope Justin is on the beach this summer, because if so, I am going to kiss him," Shanae gushed.

Justin had a feeling his wife was going to be on the beach, and he said he had his eye on a few women.

Jill from Clayton's season was looking for "a cat daddy," and she intended to break out of her shell and be unapologetically herself.


Michael from Katie Thurston's season said dating as a single parent was really difficult and his son wants a mother figure. His son James apparently said that everybody needs somebody, even though they both still miss Michael's deceased wife Laura, who died from breast cancer.

Serene was the first woman to step on the beach in Paradise, and then she was followed by Michael, whom Jesse called "jacked." Michael said he had been focusing on self-care after getting dumped by Katie.

Serene thought Michael was really cute, and he thought she was gorgeous.

"It's a real hot start!" Michael said.

Andrew from Katie's season arrived next, and Serene thought he was cute and tall. Andrew said Serene looked "really good" and he thought she was bubbly and nice. He predicted she was going to be a hot commodity.

Genevieve showed up next, and Michael thought she was gorgeous in person. Michael, being age 38, called the two ladies "youthful" and "energetic," which made Andrew laugh.

Johnny then stepped foot on the beach, and he went straight to the ladies. Michael could tell Johnny is "dialed into the women."

"Johnny is going to make some magic happen here," Johnny said, speaking about himself in third person.

Teddi, the self-declared virgin from Clayton's season, then made her presence known, and Andrew thought she looked great. He had been hoping to meet her in Paradise, and so he pulled Teddi aside for a chat.

Andrew drew a yellow smiley face on his big toe, which made Teddi crack up laughing. However, Teddi thought his feet looked a little rough, although she wasn't going to hold that against the football player.

Casey Woods from Michelle's season arrived next, and he said he was thankful the cast was welcoming since he's one of the least well-known bachelors.

Jill, Hailey Malles from Clayton's season and Brittany Galvin from Matt James' season then graced the men with their entrances. Brittany was apparently one of the women Michael had been looking forward to meet. Hunter also entered the scene, and Michael joked about being at an awesome summer camp for dads.

Jesse subsequently welcomed Sierra from Clayton's season into Paradise, and Michael said she was like a happy puppy everyone wanted to hug. Following Sierra was Jacob, who showed up with nothing but sandals on his feet and leaves covering up his private parts.

"Tarzan is here," Jacob announced to the ladies.

Serene said Jacob's confidence must have been astronomical to do that.


Next to step foot on the beach was Shanae, and none of the women from Clayton's season wanted to see her. Genevieve vented to the women how Shanae would be nice to their faces only to trash them later in confessionals. Genevieve warned them about Shanae's beautiful and charming persona.

"Here comes trouble," Jesse teased.

"Oh f-ck my life," Genevieve lamented. "I have no faith in her, to be honest... I have a feeling whoever I have a connection with, Shanae will probably take him just to maybe try to get to me."

Jacob thought Shanae was beautiful and Casey complimented her green eyes, and Shanae insisted she's "Shanae 2.0."

Justin walked onto the beach next, and Genevieve immediately got nervous. She heard he's funny, goofy and sensitive, which are important qualities to her. Genevieve said one conversation would tell her everything about whether she wanted to pursue him or move in a different direction.

The pair talked about Justin wearing sneakers in the sand, unusual animals, fruit and Paris. While they weren't exactly clicking, Jacob was putting the moves on Shanae. Shanae said she wanted to find a guy who could make her laugh and add to her happiness, and then Jacob went in for a kiss.

"When you're in the moment and you've got nothing but a leaf on, it is nerve-wracking because this leaf could easily turn into a full-blown tree," Jacob told the cameras.

But Shanae told Jacob they weren't having sex that night.

Lace Morris from Ben Higgins' season and Bachelor in Paradise 3 then arrived in Paradise. She said she had so much to offer a man, now that she's older and wiser, but Hailey said she had her time and should be done.

Logan Palmer from Gabby and Rachel's season entered Paradise next, but Serene was still waiting for Brandon, who showed up right when Serene appeared to be losing hope.

Brandon jumped on the beach and did a dance, and Serene admitted she wasn't breathing. Brandon said he thought Serene was "insanely beautiful," and so he immediately pulled her away for a chat.

"I've been waiting for you to get here," Serene admitted.

Brandon seemed surprised and expressed how he was so excited to see her. Brandon, a personal trainer, totally had his eye on her, and then they talked about their careers. They were both so nervous, and Serene couldn't stop smiling. They were all giggles and didn't waste time going in for a kiss.

"I bet that they're gonna get engaged," Genevieve could be heard saying from a distance.

Meanwhile, Jill wished the men would be more aggressive. She was waiting for Romeo Alexander from Michelle's season, but she didn't have to wait for long. Romeo told Jesse that he was interested in Jill and Kira, with whom he apparently went to school.

"It's been so long since I've seen her but I still think there is something there between me and Jill. But I am afraid Kira will be here. As long as she doesn't get in the way of me and Jill, [it should be fine]," Romeo said.

Kira, of course, shocked Romeo with her presence on the beach minutes later, and she immediately found Romeo and sat next to him. Romeo didn't look happy to see Kira at all, and Kira swiped Jill's drink.

"She always goes after guys that I like... If she wants to go toe to toe, gloves on b-tch," Jill said in a confessional.

Brittany found Michael very welcoming and personable, and Genevieve said whoever ends up with him will be lucky. Casey even pointed out how Michael is such a catch. Casey expected the single dad to steal all the women on the beach.

Jesse then approached the initial cast of bachelors and bachelorettes, and he announced, "Find love or you'll be sent home... If you do not get a rose, you will be going home."

Jesse said the men would be handing out the roses first, and Lace didn't like the idea of having to chase after men for days.

Two women would be going home, and so the pressure was on. But the women still wanted to feel desired and pursued.

Brandon essentially called dibs on Serene once the men moved in, and Andrew announced that he liked Teddi. Jacob said he liked Kira, and Sierra shared how she liked Michael. Brittany also said her No. 1 was Michael, and Hailey gushed about how Michael was way hotter in person than on The Bachelorette.

The cast met Wells Adams, the veteran bartender, and then a Date Card was dropped off for Andrew.

Andrew asked Teddi to join him on a date, and she was thrilled because she really liked him already.

On their first date, Andrew and Teddi enjoyed cocktails and a dinner out at a restaurant, and Andrew admitted he was a little intimidated by the brunette beauty. Teddi teased him for being "a nervous wreck," and the conversation was a little slow-moving. Andrew was afraid to screw it up.

Teddi said she'd be open to an engagement at the end of the process, and Andrew said he was on the same page.

"Where is Neil Lane?!" Andrew shouted, before telling the cameras how Teddi had surpassed his expectations.

Andrew said she exudes confidence that he was attracted to, and Teddi confirmed she was feeling the same way. They shared a kiss and Teddi admitted she had a "crush." She said she could see herself falling in love with Andrew.

Meanwhile, Genevieve hadn't felt much of a connection with Justin earlier in the day, but she wasn't ready to give up on him. The couple ended up kissing that evening, and Genevieve gushed about how he's a great kisser -- and she's supposedly picky about kisses.

And Brandon and Serene frolicked in the ocean and kissed. They were completely smitten with each other as members watched them from afar.

Lace, however, felt beautiful -- but not pursued. She complained about how Paradise was more boring than ever, men and women included. In order to get a little attention, Lace told everyone that it was her birthday. Logan Palmer even lit a candle in a piece of cake and sang "Happy Birthday" to her.

Lace told Logan that at age 32, she wasn't into playing games and she was only interested in getting to know him. Logan said he respected the fact she knew what she wanted, but he blew it by revealing he's only 26. Logan even called her Luce, which isn't her name.

"You don't even know my name? I don't know if I can get over that," Lace griped.

Lace proceeded to tell Casey he had the hottest body in the beach and give him a little peck on the lips.

Sierra told Michael that she was only interested in him, and Michael said she's an old soul, which was hard to find. Michael thought she was beautiful with glowing skin and has a toxic and contagious presence about her. He said he felt comfortable around Sierra, like they had known each other for years.

"As much as I want to jump in full force, I am guarded. But I can see a total future with her. I do, I can really see something," Michael shared in a confessional.

Meanwhile, Jill was waiting for Romeo to act on their romance, without any interruptions. Romeo assured Jill that he didn't feel a connection with Kira and wanted a clean slate with her. The pair kissed, and Jill hoped no one was going to get in their way.

"I think she's just trying to get a rose," Kira said of Jill.

Kira successfully interrupted Jill and Romeo's makeout session, and Jill couldn't believe it. Jill screamed in a confessional about Kira being an annoying "b-tch."

Romeo admitted to Kira how he wanted to pursue Jill, and Kira said she'd respect him and let him see that relationship through. Kira told the cameras how she had been planning on a rose from Romeo and so she felt "played" and foolish.

Kira then pulled Jill aside for a chat on the beach and asked what her problem was. Jill said Kira's interruptions seemed intentional, but Kira said she felt disrespected by Jill. The women bickered on the beach with everyone watching nearby, and they finally concluded that they weren't going to get anywhere with each other.

"Romeo is a little boy and I need a man," Kira said. "I'm free to really enjoy Paradise. I can't go wrong."

Kira ended up snuggling with Casey and rubbing his nipples while Jill cried about her confrontation with Kira in one of the bedrooms.

Just as Genevieve felt confident in her connection with Justin, Victoria Fuller from Peter Weber's The Bachelor season arrived in Paradise boasting about how she knows what she wants -- and she wanted Justin.

"I feel like we could have a lot of fun... I hope he can handle me," Victoria bragged, sticking her tongue out.


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