Bachelor in Paradise featured Salley Carson's arrival and quick exit after a heated confrontation with Genevieve Parisi and Shanae Ankney, newcomer Peter Izzo accusing Brittany Galvin of poor intentions, and Kira Mengistu trying to steal Jacob Rapini from Jill Chin during the Season 8 episode that aired Tuesday night on ABC.

The Bachelor in Paradise broadcast began with the guys "trippin'" because they felt like there were not enough girls on the beach. Sierra Jackson left, and there were 12 guys, seven girls and one suitcase.


Justin said time was running out and he needed "a Paradise angel to drop down from the heavens." Cue Salley!

Salley stepped foot on the beach and explained how she needed to take care of some things at work. Salley admitted she had checked her bag at the airport but made a decision last minute, at her gate, to not board her plane. Salley said she missed three flights and two of those times, she "didn't even show up to the airport."

Salley claimed she was ready this time, and Genevieve admitted she wasn't a fan of the blonde beauty. The girls weren't excited Salley was there -- but the guys were thrilled, especially Justin.

The men told Justin that Salley was his "lifeline" on the show, and he explained how he and Salley had kissed at Stagecoach and then they went home and never spoke again.

Salley claimed she missed three flights because of work, but Genevieve said "that was a lie" because Wells had told them "The Saga of Salley's Suitcase."

Genevieve said it was problems with Salley's ex that made her reluctant to fly to Paradise. Salley told the girls how she wants five kids and so she didn't want to meet a man who was going to waste her time.

Justin pulled Salley for a chat, which didn't surprise Genevieve.

Although Genevieve liked Aaron Clancy, she told the cameras, "Justin has no idea who she is. In the first 30 minutes, she's already lying to us." Shanae Ankney also called Genevieve "a liar" and said, "I don't think she's ready for a relationship, and I just don't trust her."

Genevieve wanted Salley to go home, saying she was taking a spot from a bachelorette who really wanted to be there and find love.

Genevieve then asked Salley flat out if she was with her ex-boyfriend a few days before the flight.

"I work with him," Salley explained. "I felt like I needed a conversation with him out of respect for him."

Shanae called Salley "a waste of space" and didn't even know why she was there. She also said it was weird Salley felt the need to get her ex-boyfriend's permission to go on the show if they were really done with each other.

Salley reiterated how she simply showed her ex some respect and the girls were showing her why she couldn't "f-cking trust anybody" on the beach.


Salley told Genevieve and Shanae that other people were on the show for the wrong reasons but she'd never throw them under the bus because she didn't care about their dirt.

"I'm here for me. I'm here for my business... Everyone has sh-t they don't want to talk about, and this is exactly why I didn't get on three flights," Salley complained.

James Bonsall said Salley didn't want her dating history discussed on the beach, but that's unrealistic when you go on a reality TV show. Salley broke down into tears and lamented about how she's "too real" for the show, and then Justin rushed to her rescue.

Salley said out of respect for her ex, she wanted to leave because the girls couldn't leave the topic alone and that's all she had asked for. Salley asked someone to remove her microphone because she wanted to go home, and the guys were shocked Salley did the same thing she had done on Clayton Echard's The Bachelor season.

Justin watched his rose disappear, and Salley left without her suitcase. A staff member was shown wheeling Salley's suitcase through the sand the next day.

"Bye Salley! It was nice to never meet you!" former Bachelor in Paradise star Jared Haibon joked given Salley had allegedly been on the beach for less than one hour.

The coupled up bachelors and bachelorettes were Brandon Jones and Serene Russell, Lace Morris and Rodney Mathews, Victoria Fuller and Johnny DePhillipo, and Jill and Jacob, who had been spending a lot of time together.

"We need women, bad!" Justin announced.

But then Peter, "the pizza guy" from Michelle Young's The Bachelorette season walked on the beach.

Peter chatted with Victoria first, and Johnny hoped the bachelorette would just tell him that she doesn't like pizza. Casey Woods called Peter "obnoxious," and Peter boasted about his pizza empire.

Peter also spoke with Shanae, who thought he immediately came across "cocky and arrogant," followed by Brittany.

Brittany thought Peter was "cute" and "attractive," and she said she'd be interested in going on a date with him. With that being said, Peter asked Brittany out and she was glad to accept his invitation.

"If they leave together, I will be shocked. To be honest, this probably isn't going to end well," Casey noted.

For their date, Brittany and "Pizza Pete" popped champagne on a yacht and went swimming in the ocean while Casey complained about him being a "d--chbag" and "a little b-tch." Casey just thought Peter wanted to promote his business on the show.

On his date, Peter asked Brittany what she noticed first about him, like his smile or eyes, and Brittany said it seemed like Peter was more interested in himself than in her. She felt confused and seemingly turned off.


Peter then went in for a kiss, but Brittany rejected it and turned her head away. Brittany said she's not a touchy-feely person unless she's really into someone and Peter clearly wasn't reading the room.

"Pete is a good person but he's just not my person. I can't wait to get back," Brittany said, adding how he had made her feel uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, Jacob talked about how he was having fun with Jill and she looked "absolutely stunning." He said he wanted her rose "and possibly her heart."

Jacob then received a Date Card and he asked Jill to accompany him on the outing. Jill straddled him because she was so excited, and Aaron pointed out how they're perfect for each other because "they're both weird."

When Brittany and Peter returned from their date, they weren't holding hands -- and Brittany essentially ran away from him at the first opportunity. Brittany told her girlfriends how the date itself was amazing but the conversation and chemistry was lacking.

And Peter told the guys how Brittany wasn't flirty with him, although she had checked off all of his boxes.

"Peter is the exact opposite of what I want in a person," Brittany told the cameras.

And then Peter told the guys how Brittany seemed to have an ulterior motive and her intention was not to find a genuine connection. Peter suggested she's a clout-chasing Instagram model and maybe she wasn't interested in him because he doesn't have enough followers.

Peter thought he had been witty, smart, charming and humble on the date, and so he didn't understand why Brittany wasn't all over him. But Brittany explained to the women how Peter had just bragged about himself the entire time.

"Was it all an act?... I'm really pissed," Peter complained.

Meanwhile, Andrew was developing feelings for Brittany, and he thought she has beautiful eyes. He asked her to talk in private, and Brittany confirmed that she really liked him.

Andrew said he had no idea she felt that way and so he wanted a restart with her. Andrew told Brittany that he was really attracted to her, and then she kissed him and said she felt safe with him.

That night, Jill and Jacob participated in spiritual rituals. They explored crystals under a full moon and practiced some tantric breathing, which eventually led to howling and oiling each other up to promote sexual chemistry.

The pair also got naked and then had to express their feelings while standing back to back. Jacob said he loved Jill's butt, and Jill gushed about Jacob's arms.

Jill said she couldn't imagine being on the date with anyone else, and they ultimately kissed in adjacent hot baths. She liked his big heart, and Jacob gushed about Jill's wit, energy and authenticity.

Back on the beach, Lace said their personalities matched perfectly, and the guys agreed Jill and Jacob would be great together.

And the entire beach sang "Happy Birthday" to Serene and gave her a cake. Brandon orchestrated the whole thing because Serene had said no one wanted to attend her birthday parties as a kid. Brandon told Serene that he'd do anything for her, and Serene gushed about how Brandon made her feel special, seen and loved.

Shanae was in a love triangle with Logan and James. Shanae said she felt an instant connection with the sweet James, who was "all in" with her, while Logan wasn't putting enough effort into their romance.

In attempt to step up his game, Logan brought Shanae into a pool and put on goggles, looking for treasure. Logan wanted to show the bachelorette that she's special to him, and so he found a bottle underwater and took out his lucky beads for Shanae to wear.

Shanae appreciated the gesture and said he went the extra mile for her, and so she sealed the deal with a kiss. Shanae, however, still had feelings for James as well.

Shanae didn't want to hurt either guy, and she was afraid to get screwed in the end.

Once Jacob and Jill returned from their date, Kira suddenly showed up on the beach to take care of some "unfinished business." Kira asked Jacob to speak with her, and she set out to get him back.

Kira had previously dressed as Jane to Jacob's Tarzan, and Jill thought it was a desperate move. Kira admitted Jacob had blindsided her by not giving her a rose at the previous Rose Ceremony.

"I honestly haven't been able to get you out of my mind," Kira told Jacob, adding that what she felt for him was "real."

Kira concluded that she still had feelings for Jacob, and Jill was clearly annoyed and thought Kira was wasting her time.

"Let's wrap it up. It's done and done. It's over, and there's nothing you can say," Jill said while watching from a distance.

Kira started crying and told Jacob that he felt like "home" to her, which is why she was "devastated" to not be able to continue dating him on the show. Jacob tried to comfort Kira, which appeared to upset Jill because she walked off to go to bed.

Brittany then confronted Jacob, saying he had pissed off Jill and she didn't deserve to be treated like that. Jacob told Kira that they had great chemistry and he appreciated her putting herself out there. However, Justin said their connection was "too forced" and "it was never going to work out."

Jacob explained how Jill brought out great traits in him and they had some deep conversations. Jacob therefore turned Kira down but thanked her for coming back and trying.

"I do have something real with Jill," Jacob said in a confessional. "We had an amazing date today. She is such a special person and I hope that she's going to be okay."

Jacob then found Jill and assured her that he only had eyes for her. The couple kissed, and Jill was so glad and relieved to finally feel chosen.

Romeo eventually chased Kira down, and Kira said she was so happy to have had that conversation because she realized Jacob didn't understand her or accept her for who she is.

Kira said she can be aggressive, fun and flirty but that's just who she is. Kira hugged Romeo and said she appreciated him, and then she asked if he wished he had made a different decision regarding his rose.

"Yes, I think it would've been better for me if I had picked you," Romeo said.

"I wish we had given this a real try, honest to God. I just feel like there's unfinished business. I wish we had a second chance to do it all over; I think we'd make a really good couple," Kira said.

Kira and Romeo then kissed on the beach, and she said she had missed him.

Kira asked Romeo to leave Paradise with her, and after a long moment of hesitation, he agreed.

"Let's do this!" Kira said, before kissing him again.

The pair then took off, and Kira said Romeo had been right for her all along and most people "can't handle" them.

"I came here for my fairy tale ending, and I found my Romeo," Kira declared.


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