Bachelor in Paradise featured John Henry Spurlock dumping Olivia Lewis for Kat Izzo, Charity Lawson dropping a bombshell about Aaron Bryant, Blake Moynes and Jess Girod getting back together, Becca Serrano quitting, and two eliminations during the Season 9 episode that aired Thursday night on ABC.

Prior to the third Rose Ceremony of the season, Becca decided to quit and leave the show.

Davia Bunch and Genevie Mayo were then denied roses and asked to leave Bachelor in Paradise.


The Bachelor in Paradise broadcast began with Eliza Isichei talking to Charity about Aaron B. Kat had warned Eliza that Aaron wasn't really a good guy, and she had heard that from Charity, and so Eliza wanted to get to the bottom of things.

Charity revealed how her phone was "bombarded with all of these messages from his ex-girlfriend" when she returned home from filming The Bachelorette's twentieth season. This woman not only messaged Charity "a million times," but she also messaged her family members and friends.

"Her message to me was that they were dating before he left [to film] my season and he never really told her what [The Bachelorette] was before him leaving," Charity said. "Honestly, I was a little bit torn... [because] that's not what I saw [of Aaron]."

Charity thought Aaron had good intentions, and so she advised Eliza to just talk about the situation with him. Charity said Eliza and Aaron could make it work, as long as they'd have some difficult conversations.

Charity then pulled Aaron aside for a chat, and Aaron admitted he had seen "the Reddit" posts and that he was well aware of his former girlfriend's behavior. Aaron said his ex-girlfriend hadn't reached out to him and he just found out, that very day, that the woman was bothering her family.

"That really pisses me off because we broke up last August, and I haven't talked to her since. It was a toxic relationship and I was done with it. That's the 100 percent honest truth; I didn't have two girlfriends," Aaron explained.

Charity asked Aaron to be transparent with Eliza, and she advised him to just commit if he only had eyes for Eliza.

"That's exactly what I plan to do... and I'll make it look cute and sexy," Aaron said.

Aaron proceeded to speak to Eliza about how his ex had been "firing off a bunch of untrue things." He promised Eliza that he wouldn't be pursuing something with her on Bachelor in Paradise if any of that stuff was true.

Aaron told Eliza that he only had eyes for her and wanted to commit to her and be honest with her.

Eliza responded by saying that although she was still concerned and nervous, she believed him. Eliza suggested they should continue to talk things out and just take things slow.

"I think we'll be okay," Eliza told Aaron before hugging him.

Aaron was grateful that he and Eliza were able to overcome the adversity, and he hoped the rest of Bachelor in Paradise was going to be magical. Aaron told the Paradise cameras how he could see himself going the distance with Eliza.

Eliza hoped she was making the right decision because she said she only wants to get engaged once in her life.


That night, Bachelor in Paradise bartender Wells Adams was shown telling Eliza how it seemed like Kat liked everyone: Tyler Norris, Tanner Courtad, Brayden Bowers and John Henry.

"At this point, if you're not being pursued by Kat, there's something wrong with you," Wells joked.

Mercedes Northup told Kat that it was good to go after what she wanted, but Olivia was annoyed and bothered by how strong and aggressively Kat was coming on to John Henry, who had been "an alternate" on Kat's list, according to Kat.

Kat told the Bachelor in Paradise cameras she had no problem stepping on Olivia's toes because Olivia had been "toxic" to other people. Kat looking forward to "finally making out with some tongue."

Kat boasted to the cameras about how she had worn her butterfly clip because she was about to spread her wings -- and "maybe" her legs.

"My goal tonight is to have a tongue in my mouth!" Kat told the Bachelor in Paradise cameras. "He knows what to do with his tongue, and I want to know what those things are!"

Kat proceeded to flirt and talk with John Henry near the ocean, which was only steps away from where Olivia was sitting with Eliza, Tanner, and Aaron. Olivia thought the scene was totally disrespectful when the pair could've chatted somewhere else.

Olivia admitted her blood was "boiling" and Kat was "so narcissistic." She couldn't picture the pair together at all considering John Henry -- whom she called such a great guy -- is an underwater welder and Kat allegedly doesn't like the sand or the ocean.

"I'm going to throw up. She is a problem," Tanner vented to Olivia.

It then became time for the third cocktail party of the season, when the men were going to have the power. Bachelor in Paradise host Jesse Palmer announced how Sam Jeffries had finally pooped.

Becca Serrano announced how she couldn't have had a better first date with Brayden, and Olivia declared how she was "locked in" on her love interest, John Henry, whom she was excited to spend more time with.

Aaron then told Eliza that he was "falling in love" with her, and Eliza smiled and hugged her man. She thought the declaration was so sweet and something she needed, so Eliza decided to trust her feelings and instincts going forward and just enjoy her time with Aaron.

And Jess didn't really know where she stood with Blake. She realized, while Blake was on his date with Genevie, that she wanted to continue dating him and pursuing him on Bachelor in Paradise.

Jess therefore pulled Blake aside for a chat, and she admitted that she missed being around him and hearing his compliments. Jess said she missed how she felt when Blake touched her, and so he appreciated her finally opening up to him.

"You're the only person that I want here. You're the only person that I think about, and I want to press the green light with this. That's it," Blake shared with Jess.

The couple then kissed, and Genevie watched from a distance. Genevie felt disappointed and pointed out how she didn't have another plan for a guy's rose.


For Tanner's part, he was suddenly the Bachelor in Paradise. He made out with Davia, Genevie and Rachel Recchia.

Tanner told Rachel that it was attractive how she continued smiling through heartbreak and letdowns, and Rachel said they had similar positive outlooks on things and she had actually been excited to meet him from the very start.

Prior to the Bachelor in Paradise Rose Ceremony, Olivia got the chance to express herself to John Henry, and she reminded him that she really liked him. Olivia also mentioned how she wasn't a fan of Kat and thought she was acting desperate for a rose. After all, Kat had been accused of "Homie Hopping."

But John Henry acknowledged how Kat had shown him a new side of herself that caught his attention and so he wanted to get to know her a little more. Olivia confirmed her focus was only on John Henry, but John Henry wanted to be open and not judge Kat on her prior romances in Paradise.

"I will be here patiently waiting while you figure that out," Olivia told John Henry with a smile.

Wells proceeded to open the Truth Box, and inside, there was a note from Kat, asking him to meet her at the hot tub at midnight.

Kat attempted to steal some alone time with John Henry and hopefully have a steamy, makeout session -- and she got her wish! John Henry was clearly intrigued by the "exciting" Kat, and he said how he could see himself dating her in the real world.

Kat assured John Henry that she was putting all of her energy into their romance, and Olivia was so upset to hear about Kat's "disingenuous" play to steal John Henry's heart. Olivia pointed out how Kat could "play a good game" but she wasn't going to stand for it.

Olivia therefore confronted Kat to let her know that she felt very disrespected by the way Kat had moved about her relationship with John Henry. Olivia explained how Kat shouldn't preach how she's "a girl's girl" when Kat didn't even have the decency to warn her that she wanted to pursue John Henry.

Olivia told Kat that she didn't want John Henry to get used, but Kat explained how they weren't really friends and so she essentially didn't think she owed Olivia anything.

"To be honest, I don't know how much you've respected everyone else," Kat told Olivia.

Olivia asked for a specific example, but Kat refused to give her one, even though she had brought it up.

"I'm just explaining my position," Kat said.

Olivia then put a hand in Kat's face and shouted, "Move with genuine intent, Kat, because I'm tired of you!"

Kat vented to Bachelor in Paradise cameras about how Olivia was "territorial" and acting like she was in middle school. Kat couldn't believe Olivia had put a hand in her face, and she accused Olivia of being "toxic" and not respecting anyone else on the beach.

That night, three girls were expecting to go home at the Rose Ceremony, but Jesse noticed that Becca was missing from the lineup.

Jesse went searching for Becca, and the cast all pointed out how she had been MIA and no one knew where she was. Brayden looked especially worried because he was 100 percent sure that Becca would be receiving his rose that evening.

"Becca and Brayden had such a good date, so I just feel really bad for Brayden," Jess told the Bachelor in Paradise cameras. "I feel like he's been through it a lot here, but at the same time, you had a good thing with Rachel and it's unfortunate that you were very quick to jump ship."

When Jesse found Becca, he asked her how she felt and what was going on. Becca explained how she had doubt about her relationship with Brayden and she was leaning into that.

"I want to see if what we have is real, but I'm just afraid that, 'What if it's not?'" Becca said.

Jesse told Becca that it was her choice to participate in the Rose Ceremony or leave Paradise, and then much to everyone's surprise, she walked right out of Paradise -- without even saying a word to Brayden or anybody else. Everyone was confused and no one knew what was happening.

Brayden was completely blindsided and shocked, and so only two women would be going home from Bachelor in Paradise that night.

Aven Jones proceeded to give his rose to Kylee Russell, saying he was "all in" on her. Aven planned to leave Paradise with Kylee, and he said an engagement was a real "possibility" for them.

Tyler then gave his rose to Mercedes, Peter Cappio offered his rose to Samantha Picco, Aaron gave his rose to Eliza, Blake offered his rose to Jess, and Tanner gave his rose to Rachel, who believed Brayden had "f-cked her over" earlier in the season.

John Henry ultimately decided to give his rose to Kat, but Brayden opted to give his rose to Olivia so that she could stay in Paradise and hopefully find love.

"I kind of shot myself in the foot because I gave up on a connection that had a lot of substance," Brayden lamented of Rachel.

The Rose Ceremony ended with Genevie and Davia getting eliminated.

The next day, Aaron sweetly surprised Eliza with her usual breakfast of choice in her room, and John Henry apologized to Olivia for hurting her and not warning her ahead of time that he was going to choose Kat. John Henry said he really cared for Olivia and it sucked to see her so sad.

Olivia said her feelings for John Henry weren't just going to disappear and she was going to hang onto "little flickers of hope" with him. The women were going to have the roses next, so Olivia acknowledged how anything could happen.

"[Kat] is not a good person, and that's who he's choosing," Olivia complained.

But Kat said in a Bachelor in Paradise confessional that she could see herself "falling very in love with him."

Just as Olivia vented about not feeling chosen, a new man arrived in Paradise, and Olivia found him hot and sexy. And that man was Michael Barbour, who walked onto the beach with an unbuttoned shirt and big dimples.

"John Henry who?!" Olivia joked.

Michael asked Olivia to speak with him first, and she became incredibly excited and optimistic that their connection could supercede whatever she felt with John Henry. The other cast members, including Aaron and Brayden, thought that Olivia and Michael could be perfect for each other.

Michael, however, asked to talk to Kylee and Mercedes next, and so Olivia wasn't sure where his head was at.

The episode ended on a cliffhanger, before Michael officially asked anyone out.


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