Bachelor in Paradise featured Eliza Isichei breaking Rodney Mathews' heart and trying to win back Justin Glaze, Kate Gallivan slamming Logan Palmer behind his back for allegedly being broke and unestablished, Aaron Clancy and Genevieve Parisi professing their love to each other, and five men leaving Paradise during the Season 8 episode that aired Monday night on ABC. 

Justin, Hayden Markowitz, Jacob Rapini, and Alex Bordyukov were eliminated at the fourth Rose Ceremony of the season when the women had the power again, and then Rodney chose to quit the show after Eliza dumped him post-Rose Ceremony and crushed his dream of their future together.


The Bachelor in Paradise broadcast began with Brittany Galvin saying her relationship with Tyler Norris was "perfect."

Logan told Jacob that he had strong feelings for Kate, who was on a date with Hayden. Logan had wanted to show Kate that he cared about her and valued her without smothering her, but now he regretted not asking her to skip the date and stay with him.

Kate told the cameras that she felt torn because Hayden on paper was exactly the type of man she was looking for, especially since he owns a company and had "six figures lying around" to pay for his dog Rambo's surgery, which would only preserve the dog's life for a year or two. But Kate said she had carried the date on her back.

"On the flip side, Logan and I have a very tangible connection, but... he wasn't fighting for me, even in the last, and that is a problem," Kate said, adding how she wanted to be with "a vocal" man who goes after what he wants.

When Kate returned to the beach from her date, she admitted she had expected more of a reaction or an opinion from Logan about her going on a date with another guy. She therefore asked him where he stood, and Logan explained his head and heart were competing.

Logan said his head had told him to let Kate explore Paradise and have fun but his heart had told him to not let her go.

Kate wished she had seen more heart from Logan, who thought Kate had made her mind up about the date regardless.

Kate suggested she wouldn't have gone out with Hayden had Logan spoken up, and so Logan then confessed he didn't want her to see anybody else. Kate, in turn, said she was happy to hear that, which Logan found underwhelming.

"Let me be aloof and let me not care if you're not sure yet," Logan complained.

"I am sure. I am obviously into you. I pursued you from the jump, so... don't have me try and guess what you're thinking," Kate said.

"What I'm thinking is I want you to be mine," Logan said with a smile. "So I want you to feel that way too."

And Kate replied, "I do."

The couple then kissed on the beach in the rain, and everyone cheered them on, except for Hayden, whose jaw dropped to the floor watching them from a distance.

Kate gushed about how she could definitely see a future with Logan, and Logan noted how he felt safe saying it was going to be Kate and himself until the end. Logan gushed about how things couldn't have gone any better.

But Kate woke up the next day afraid of the seven-year age difference between Logan and herself. She called him "a boy."


Kate then complained to Shanae Ankney how Logan couldn't afford a special gym membership while she had her own personal trainer. Kate was afraid Logan wouldn't be able to afford to take her on a trip, and she didn't like the fact he lived with two roommates.

Kate liked how Hayden, on the other hand, was established in his life with a mortgage and a plan.

Kate said she's very capable of providing for herself but she didn't want to have to carry someone else. Kate said she deserved to be taken care of and being a breadwinner in a relationship can cause a lot of resentment.

"I can't build a life just on 'you're hot.' Maybe I am old fashioned and I want a man to have provider energy," Kate lamented in a confessional.

It then became time for the cocktail party preceding the fourth Rose Ceremony of the Bachelor in Paradise season.

Genevieve told the cameras how she was feeling great and comfortable, but then Aaron pulled her aside for a chat and admitted that when he said he was "falling in love" with her, he didn't mean it.

"I was really in the heat of the moment and it's honestly not true. It's not true at all," Aaron began.

"I have already fallen in love, and I love you a lot."

Genevieve was mad at Aaron for tricking and scaring her, but she kissed him and popped champagne with the bachelor. Genevieve replied, "I love you," and Aaron said he finally felt like he was doing something right in Paradise.

Shanae then advised Kate to pick the man whom she enjoyed kissing more.

Hayden clearly felt disheartened, but Kate still gave him a chance at the cocktail party since she had been in her head about her Logan romance. Kate gifted Hayden a tennis ball to give to Rambo, and Kate said she needed a miracle in order to make a decision.

Meanwhile, Justin told Michael Allio how there was "something there" with Eliza and he hoped for happiness with her.

"But in pursuit of that, you could get crushed," Justin lamented, alluding to how Eliza also had romantic interest in Rodney.

Rodney then pulled Eliza to a dry spot on the beach. He had set out to prove to Eliza that he'd give her his all, and Rodney mentioned how this bump in their relationship would only make them stronger down the line.

"I can't lose you. I just can't. I'm not ready for that life. I'm not ready for life without you," Rodney told Eliza.

Rodney told the cameras that he only wanted Eliza and he wanted her to be her everything. And Rodney told the bachelorette how he didn't want there to be any uncertainty on either side going forward. Rodney insisted he'd crawl and fight for Eliza, who responded, "Better late than never."


Eliza kissed Rodney, who couldn't wait to introduce her to his mother and family.

Eliza subsequently grabbed Justin for a chat. Justin surprised Eliza with a big bowl of gummy bears, and he said he just wanted her to be happy. Eliza kissed the bachelor, with Rodney watching in bewilderment close by.

Eliza then cried to the girls because her gut and her heart wasn't leading her in one direction and she had run out of time. Eliza seemed totally torn and worried to make the wrong decision. In order to avoid making a decision, Eliza threatening to quit Paradise and go home.

Victoria Fuller thought there was "no comparison" between Rodney and Justin, and so she just hoped Eliza wouldn't "f-ck this up."

Brandon Jones also told the cameras how Eliza wasn't always Justin's first pick and she was always Rodney's first pick.

At the Rose Ceremony, the women had the power and so four men were prepared to leave the show.

Genevieve kicked things off and gave her rose to Aaron, and the roses that followed were from Jessenia Cruz to Andrew Spencer, Brittany to Tyler, and Victoria to Johnny DePhillipo.

Victoria told Johnny that he was "everything [she] wanted and more." And Johnny said Victoria made him a better man and was changing him.

Danielle Maltby then gave her rose to Michael, and Serene Russell pinned a rose on Brandon, who was madly in love and couldn't wait "to do life with her."

"I don't know what's to come, but I'm going to love that woman to absolute death," Brandon gushed.

Florence Moerenhout gave her rose to Justin Young, Shanae gave her rose to Joey Young, and then Kate offered her rose to Logan because she wanted to wake up next to him every day.

Kate wanted the security Hayden could provide for her, but she hoped Logan would be able to give her what she needs and "act accordingly."

"There's definitely something here, but I need more. Will you give that to me?" Kate quietly asked Logan at the Rose Ceremony.

Logan accepted it, but he said he didn't feel well liked. Kate was supposed to say something sweet and sincere, and he said he didn't even know what she was insinuating.

Eliza then picked up her rose and gave it to Rodney, and most of the cast exhaled a breath of relief. She thanked Rodney for being patient and for fighting for her.

"Thank the Lord. Thank you Jesus," Genevieve said as Eliza walked Justin out.

In addition to Justin, Hayden was also eliminated along with Jacob and Alex.

Justin assured Eliza that Rodney was going to make her happy, and he was very kind and gracious during his second exit from Paradise this season. He told Eliza that she was deserving of this and she's so special.

Eliza cried upon saying goodbye to Justin, and she called the situation "awful." Justin also cried about having to leave Eliza.

Once Justin left, Eliza said she felt even worse than before.

Meanwhile, Rodney humbly celebrated his victory in love and said Eliza was worth all the chaos and anxiety being on the show had brought him.

Rodney then told Eliza that he wasn't going to let anyone take her from him again.

The next day, Logan seemed a bit thrown off by how Kate had asked him to step it up at the Rose Ceremony, but he said he was ready to step it up regardless and could always do more.

A Date Card then arrived for Michael and Danielle, and the pair explored Sayulita via horseback.

Wells Adams apparently planned the date and popped up at every corner, once with tacos and another time with chocobananas. He got on Michael's nerves a bit since Michael had been hoping to get to know Danielle on a deeper level, but the couple eventually got to enjoy some time alone.

Michael kissed Danielle and said he loved making memories with her. He then noted how maybe they'd return to the same city one day, which made Danielle think he'd like to continue dating her outside of Paradise.

Danielle admitted she was smitten with Michael and could definitely picture a future with him.

The next morning, Rodney said he woke up feeling happy and refreshed after an extremely difficult week. Kate boasted about how Rodney was congenial, thoughtful and emotionally intelligent, and she even predicted he and Eliza may get engaged.

Rodney was prepared to move forward and reassure Eliza that she had made the right decision, and he explained how a huge weight had been lifted off his shoulders and they'd never be in a love triangle again.

But Eliza stayed in bed crying that morning. Eliza said she woke up still feeling confused, not knowing for sure whether Rodney was the person she truly wanted out of the two men.

"I think it's possible that I maybe didn't make the right choice," Eliza cried. "I feel like I'm going to throw up... I shouldn't have woken up this morning with more clarity."

Rodney figured Eliza was just taking her time getting ready that morning, and his face lit up when he finally saw her. Everyone could tell Eliza looked upset when Rodney went in for a kiss, and so Rodney's friends began to worry about him.

Rodney asked Eliza what was going on, and she replied, "I can't do this."

Rodney begged her to just talk things out with him, and she explained through tears how she had felt a lot of pressure the day before. She said she had chosen Rodney at the Rose Ceremony because they had a great time together and it "just felt like the right thing to do."

"I have a lot of feelings for you and I felt a sense of loyalty because we spent so much time together. But I think when I was walking Justin out, I was so upset... and when I woke up this morning, I felt the same way still," Eliza said.

Eliza explained how her emotions weren't coming from a place of being overwhelmed; they were coming from a place of heartbreak because she really cared for Justin.

Eliza said she couldn't pretend like she didn't have feelings for Justin as well, and so Rodney asked her if she thought she had made the wrong decision.

"I just don't think I made the right decision for myself. I think I felt so much pressure, and I think I was influenced a little bit by how much love everyone has for you. I'm really sorry," Eliza confessed.

Rodney maintained his composure and stayed strong. Eliza said while she had feelings for Rodney, she could tell that she had stronger feelings for Justin. She said Justin seemed to be a better fit for what she needed.

"And why is that? You know what? You don't even have to answer that," Rodney said.

Eliza decided to leave Paradise to chase after Justin, and Rodney -- who had previously dubbed Eliza his "future wife" -- wished her all the best and walked away from her.

Everyone was shocked Eliza had dumped Rodney, and the cast rushed to comfort him.

"My heart is broken. I'm embarrassed, and that's where we're at," Rodney said through his tightly clenched teeth. "I thought she was my future, man. I just thought she was my future."

Rodney sunk everyone's hearts, and they all cried together, including Andrew, Genevieve and Kate.

Rodney left Paradise with his head down, and Andrew and Brandon said everyone had fallen in love with Rodney except the one person he wanted. Everyone agreed that Rodney deserved love, and his exit sent shockwaves down the beach.

"Why me?" Rodney asked in tears. "Why me?"

Kate, Genevieve and Victoria then all rushed to Eliza's side to comfort her. Eliza complained about how she had to make an impossible decision in one week, and she said she didn't want Rodney to think he had done anything wrong.

Eliza said she thought giving Rodney a rose was the right decision but she didn't want Justin to leave. The girls advised her to follow her heart and go get Justin. Eliza felt there was something really there with Justin and he felt the same way.

Eliza therefore hopped on a flight to Baltimore, MD. She said while she doesn't usually chase guys, she was ready to go after her man.

Footage then showed Eliza walking up to Justin's apartment and knocking on the door. She was extremely nervous and hoped Justin hadn't closed his heart to her and shut her out.

When Justin answered the door, he appeared shocked and mouthed, "What?!"

The episode then ended on a cliffhanger.


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