Bachelor in Paradise featured Demi Burnett taking Kenny Braasch to "The Boom Boom Room" and Mari Pepin-Solis throwing Demi's cake into the fire, Tammy Ly caught in a tense love triangle with Aaron Clancy and Thomas Jacobs, Jessenia Cruz having a change of heart about Ivan Hall, and two handsome men arriving on the beach during Monday night's Season 7 broadcast on ABC.

Week 3 in Bachelor in Paradise began with Demi sharing the "solidified couples" up to this point: Kenny and Mari, Ivan and Jessenia, Noah Erb and Abigail, Jessenia Cruz and Ivan Hall, Maurissa Gunn and Riley Christian, Joe "Grocery Store Joe" Amabile and Serena Pitt, Tammy Ly and Aaron Clancy, and Brendan Morais and Natasha Parker.

Tahzjuan Hawkins and Tre Cooper were also still believed to be involved at this point.


Ivan told the cameras he and Jessenia had been "the strongest couple" in Paradise and he wanted to become exclusive with her.

"I could definitely see myself walking out of here in a relationship at a minimum, potentially engaged with Jessenia," Ivan revealed.

But then Chris Conran and Chasen Nick, who have a bit of a bromance going on, from Clare Crawley's season of The Bachelorette showed up to the beach. Chris had his heart set on Jessenia and couldn't wait "to scoop her up."

Mari said she wanted to go on dates and wasn't expecting to have "an instant connection" with someone like Kenny. Mari apparently wanted to keep her options open while also continuing her romance with Kenny, who only had his sights set on her.

"Kenny and I have kind of said that we wouldn't go on dates with other people, but I don't want to close myself off and potentially miss out on something that is meant for me," Mari explained.

Chasen asked Karl Smith's love interest, Deandra Kanu, out on a date, and she thought he was "handsome" and seemed "genuinely interested" in her.

Karl had been hoping Deandra wouldn't accept the date so they could work on their own connection.

And Chris asked Jessenia -- who had already been on a one-on-one date with Ivan -- out on a date.

Jessenia said she wanted to feel "100 percent" about her choice in a partner, and it seemed she wasn't totally sold on a relationship with Ivan, who said he couldn't imagine Jessenia and Chris' date being better than their own and he was "super into" her.

Ivan felt confident Jessenia would return to him because he thought he "stacked up well" against the other men in Paradise, but Demi warned him that he should be getting to know other women in order to secure himself a rose.

For the two couples' double date, Chasen and Deandra were challenged to do some intimate Kama Sutra-style poses in a giant bed while Jessenia and Chris tried the same up close and personal positions right next to them.

Deandra said she was "pleasantly surprised" by the interaction and she hadn't been expecting it to go so well, and Jessenia was apparently turned on by Chris blowing on her neck.

Maurissa shared with the cameras how Jessenia had been looking forward to meeting Chris in Paradise from the get-go, and the pair definitely hit it off on their date.


"I'm really happy he's here. I feel really excited about it, actually. I didn't anticipate kissing Chris, but I want to! Chris is a great kisser," Jessenia said.

Meanwhile, Mari pulled Kenny aside and said she wanted to keep nurturing and growing their relationship but she didn't want to leave Paradise with any doubts or regrets in the end.

Mari therefore said if a man asked her out on a date, she didn't want to immediately say, "No."

Kenny wondered where Mari's desires left them as a couple, suggesting she couldn't have it both ways. Mari said she wanted to keep doing what they were doing and she may not even be asked out on a date.

Kenny began feeling like he and Mari weren't on the same page and she wasn't feeling as strongly about him as he was feeling about her.

"Why not say 'it's done' at this point, right?" Kenny said in a confessional. "If you want to be open, let's be totally open. You cannot have your cake and eat it too, and that's what a lot of people want to do, especially when they have the rose."

The women did, in fact, have the roses to hand out later in the week, but Kenny warned Mari that the grass is not always greener on the other side.

Given Kenny seemed surprised and unhappy, she worried she had just screwed things up with him. Mari therefore sought Demi out and shared how she wanted to explore her other options, and Demi said that's what Paradise is all about.

Demi viewed Mari's open mind and heart as "an opportunity" to go for Kenny, whom she considered "so sexy" and hoped to have some fun with.

Demi didn't waste any time and ended up on a daybed with Kenny. The pair flirted and laughed about their bodies, and Demi went in for a makeout session with Mari and Abigail watching from a distance.

Mari's jaw dropped open and said it sucked to watch him connect with someone else, but Demi was thrilled and considered taking Kenny right to "The Boom Boom Room."

"Demi and I have been cool. She was giving me advice and then she turns around and does this," Mari cried in a confessional.

"I'm right there watching. Here I am thinking, 'Maybe he'll plan something cute. Maybe he'll do something for me and show me he really wants to be with me, but this is the exact opposite."

The day after Maurissa and Riley spent the night in "The Boom Boom Room," Connor Brennan woke up dressed to impress, and he even put on a little runway show for all the bachelors and bachelorettes.


Connor told Maurissa that she looked "so hot" the previous night, but he had no idea the pair had spent the night together. Maurissa told Connor that her date went well, but he continued to pursue her and said he'd like to make her a "homemade Date Card."

Connor felt he and Maurissa had something really special together, but he was shocked to learn from Tahzjuan that Maurissa and Riley had enjoyed time in "The Boom Boom Room."

"I wish she had been more honest with me this morning. Right now, I just feel completely deflated," Connor lamented to the cameras.

"This is the worst I've felt here. There was only one person here who showed any romantic interest, and now she's moved on and I'm just the friendly guy here that everybody likes."

Meanwhile, Natasha was looking for more transparency from Brendan because she said he wouldn't initiate kissing her or taking their relationship to the next level. Natasha wanted to know "sooner rather than later" if Brendan didn't want to further their intimate connection.

Natasha sought advice from Bachelor in Paradise guest co-host Lance Bass, who advised the bachelorette to be bold and unafraid to make the first move on Brendan.

Natasha listened to Lance's advice and gave Brendan a sexy massage, which in fact resulted in Brendan giving Natasha their first kiss, a series of sweet little pecks.

Natasha was happy to cross that threshold, saying Brendan opened up a little more with each passing day but clearly moves "very slow" in relationships.

Later on, Joe received a Date Card and asked Serena P. out. Serena said she and Joe's romance was still going strong and they had undeniable chemistry.

The pair sat at a table for dinner in the middle of a Mexican boxing and wrestling ring, which wasn't the most romantic scenery, but the couple talked about their past relationships and what they want in the future.

Joe revealed how he and his ex-girlfriend Kendall Long couldn't agree on a city in which to settle down long-term because she wants to stay in Los Angeles and he hopes to live in Chicago around his friends and family.

Serena acknowledged that must have been "a dagger in the heart" for Joe, who insisted things probably wouldn't have worked out with Kendall even if she moved to Chicago because she wouldn't be happy.

"There is nothing romantic there any more. It's done," Joe assured Serena, adding that he wouldn't care if Kendall showed up to Paradise looking for love.

Serena shared how she had put "90 percent of the effort" into her previous long-term relationship that didn't work out, which shocked and devastated her at the time. She said she wanted to feel totally sold on a relationship in order to leave Paradise still dating someone.

Joe told Serena that he really liked her and was hopeful about getting to the point where they could be exclusive. Joe admitted he was happy Serena didn't like Thomas when they went on a date, and Serena let Joe know that he'd be receiving her next rose.

The pair then jokingly wrestled in costume in the ring, and both Serena and Joe made it clear they were ready to fall in love, possibly with each other.


Ivan was then shown pulling Jessenia aside for a conversation after her date with Chris, and Jessenia let her original love interest down gently.

"You fit so many boxes for me, and it makes me really happy and I feel so comfortable with you, but there's a spark I've been looking for -- and I'm not sure if it's there yet," Jessenia explained.

"But with Chris, I feel that spark and now I'm trying to figure out of he fills the boxes."

Ivan asked Jessenia whether the spark or the boxes meant more to her, and she admitted a spark is something that cannot be forced. Jessenia said she didn't want to leave Paradise regretting not making the right choice.

"It is what it is. I appreciate you sharing that," Ivan replied, clearly upset and brokenhearted.

Ivan confessed his feelings were definitely hurt, and Noah told the cameras he was "shocked" to see Jessenia let Ivan go. Ivan had been expecting for Jessenia to come back to him, and he said his romantic relationship with the bachelorette was "done for."

Afterward, Karl tried to win Deandra back by giving her a silver charm bracelet he had purchased in Miami.

Karl said what he was feeling for Deandra was "off the charts" and they had made an amazing connection, and the charms included a palm tree, a heart and a rose.

Chasen then interrupted the couple's time, which really angered Karl.

As the night progressed, Demi surprised Kenny with a chocolate cake in order to celebrate his 40th birthday, which recently passed.

"I really don't care about how Mari feels about Kenny anymore. All is fair in love and war and I want him, and I will do whatever I need to do," Demi said, before making out with Kenny again.

Mari, who furiously watched from a distance again, decided to throw the cake Demi had made for Kenny into the fire on the beach!

"If she thinks I'm just going to sit aside and let her do this, she has another thing coming," Mari griped.

As Mari was unleashing her rage and "trying to chill," Demi just laughed about Mari's alleged immaturity.

Mari then asked Demi to talk in private, and Mari said she felt "betrayed and hurt" because she had confided in Demi earlier in the week.

Mari insisted she and Kenny were still all about each other, but Demi said if Mari wanted to date other people then she's allowed to date Kenny.

"Are you okay with being his second option? Because you minutes before you walked down [with the cake] Kenny said he wanted to f-ck me [over all the other girls in Paradise]," Mari said.

Demi said that doesn't bother her because she wants to "f-ck other people" here too and that's what dating on Bachelor in Paradise is all about. Demi accused Mari of insulting her and being rude to her, and then Demi walked away from the conversation.

"I never would've done that to you," Mari noted.

"Okay, so then hate me!" Demi responded. "I don't care. I don't f-cking care. You are driving me crazy right now!"

Mari called Demi immature, which prompted the blonde bachelorette to counter, "Suck my ass!"

Demi told the cameras, "Mari has her cake and wants to eat it too, and so she threw mine in the fire."

Mari subsequently asked Kenny to talk, but Kenny was a little pissed off and responded with sarcasm. Kenny apparently found it convenient Mari wanted to talk right when he sparked up a romance with Demi.

Mari explained that she and Kenny must have had a misunderstanding because all she wanted was to say "yes" to a date if someone arrived with a Date Card and asked her out.

Kenny said Mari clearly wanted to get to know other men and potentially kiss them, but she said there's a difference between their two outlooks on the situation. Mari also pointed out how Kenny kissing in front of her face was wrong and "disrespectful."

"How is it disrespectful? You created this!" Kenny argued, later adding, "I didn't want this to happen. You knew damn well how I felt about you."

Kenny said he knows what it's like to have something great, not commit, and then lose that person, which comes with regret. Kenny explained how the situation was sad because maybe Mari did care for him a lot but their relationship had turned into something "toxic."

"I just want it to go away. I think the healthy thing is to just be done, and so now, there is nothing there," Kenny confirmed.

Serena acknowledged the beach was imploding and there was "total chaos" on the beach that evening. People were fighting, love triangles were forming, and relationships were unraveling.

And that happened to Aaron and Tammy, who walked over to a daybed with Thomas as Aaron, Tre and James Bonsall were watching from a distance.

Neither Tammy or Thomas apparently had any shame, and then Tammy straddled Thomas on the daybed and made out with him. Aaron couldn't believe Tammy was flaunting her connection with a guy whom he really disliked.

As Tammy and Thomas made out, James called Tammy "a dog," and Tre said he was "disgusted" with Tammy, who had been "displaying human trashbag behavior."

Thomas playfully called Tammy "a villain" as they kissed, and Aaron complained about how he felt insulted and didn't deserve to see that at all. Aaron also recalled Tammy kissing him in that way just a couple of days prior on the same daybed.

"I honestly can't believe she would kiss my mortal enemy in front of me," Aaron griped.

Tahzjuan also apparently "lost her marbles," according to her co-stars, who was apparently overheated and couldn't go to the bathroom.

Demi then pulled Kenny into "The Boom Boom Room" to continue celebrating his birthday.

With a Rose Ceremony looming ahead, the girls weren't sure whom Tammy planned to give her rose to. But Demi announced how she felt great about whom she was going to give her rose to.

But Mari also still wanted Kenny and acknowledged that it took seeing Kenny and Demi together to make her realize that she wanted him.

Once the cocktail party commenced, Kenny announced how he had found a connection with Demi that was going great, and Mari declared how it wasn't nice of him to tell the whole group that considering he had allegedly said they could revisit their romance again down the road.

Demi just laughed at Mari, suggesting to the cameras that it was pathetic for Demi to think she still had a chance with Kenny after she just spent the night with her man in "The Boom Boom Room."

Aaron then confronted Thomas privately on the beach about Thomas rubbing his connection with Tammy in his face.

Thomas insisted Tammy had kissed him and he had been playing a reserved game up until that point.

"I know that what I feel with Tammy is the reason why I am here," Thomas told Aaron, who appeared furious.

Aaron said it was extremely disrespectful and "humiliating" for Thomas and Tammy to make out right in front of him and that it didn't feel good to have everyone "pitying him."

"It puts me right back into the mindset of being on The Bachelorette, straight up," Aaron said. "I deserve some respect and communication."

Connor said he wouldn't trust a single word that comes out of Thomas' mouth, as Thomas insisted he had no idea the makeout session with Tammy was even going to happen.

Tammy realized the situation was "bad" and she was in the middle of them. Tammy admitted she was scared and didn't know what she was going to do at the next Rose Ceremony.

The episode ended with Tammy approaching the two fighting men.


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