Bachelor in Paradise's Amanda Stanton is excited about the prospect of finding love on the show again, but Season 4 has naturally been tainted by the DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios scandal.

Amanda, who was part of the original fourth-season cast when production got shut down in early June from allegations of misconduct, is definitely returning to Mexico when filming resumes.

"I'm excited to go back," Amanda told E! News on Wednesday night. "I actually leave tonight to go back to Mexico."

The 27-year-old mom of two couldn't "really comment" on the incident between DeMario and Corinne that prompted a producer to file a complaint with Warner Bros. She apparently "tried to stay out of it."

When Warner Bros. conducted its investigation and concluded there was no wrongdoing on DeMario or anyone else's part, cast members received the phone call to return and continue production. But Stanton admitted the decision to rejoin the cast wasn't necessarily a no-brainer.

"I think there's a little hesitation because it's been so crazy and the whole scandal has been all over the media and it's been hard to know if you're doing the right thing," Amanda explained. "But I think if they're starting filming back up, I trust that they're doing the right thing."

As part of Warner Bros.' statement announcing Bachelor in Paradise will be back, the company said they "plan to implement certain changes to the show's policies and procedures to enhance and further ensure the safety and security of all participants."

Amanda told E! News that she's in the dark about what those changes might entail.

"They haven't said anything. I just pretty much got a call saying, 'We're going back.' So that's pretty much all I know. I think we might be picking up where we left off but I don't know for sure," Amanda revealed.

Changes may include some type of alcohol restriction or limitation since the Bachelor in Paradise producer who filed the complaint was worried Corinne was too intoxicated to provide DeMario with proper consent for their aggressive PDA in a public pool. Sources have said DeMario was also drinking heavily that day.

Although Warner Bros. found no evidence of misconduct when reviewing footage of that day in Paradise, Corinne called herself a traumatized "victim," and so her legal team is continuing its own investigation.

"I've talked to Corinne. Corinne is one of my friends. I think it's probably difficult with all of this being so public, but I think she's doing okay," Amanda told E! News in light of some cast members coming forward to defend DeMario in the situation, including Corinne's own pals Jasmine Goode and Raven Gates.

"I think this thing is just unfortunate for everyone involved whether it's Corinne or DeMario or the producers. I think everybody probably wishes nothing ever happened."

Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise will mark Amanda's third stint on reality TV. She first competed for Ben Higgins' heart on The Bachelor's 20th season and then got engaged to Josh Murray on Bachelor in Paradise's third edition last summer.

Since calling it quits for good on that relationship in March, Amanda said she hasn't been in contact with Josh and they are "very done." She even gave back her $85,000 Neil Lane engagement ring.

Amanda explained that she has "a totally different approach" going into Bachelor in Paradise this time, especially because of how her whirlwind romance with Josh ended.

"Last year, I went into it really wanting a relationship and this time around I'm more open-minded to that not happening and just kind of going to have some fun and meet some new people," Amanda said. "If it happens, it happens. I feel a little more laid back this time."

Reports have circulated that Amanda hit it off with the season's bartender, Wells Adams, from JoJo's edition of The Bachelorette before filming was halted.

Bachelor in Paradise was initially scheduled to debut on Tuesday, August 8 on ABC, but a new premiere date has yet to be set. Filming is supposed to conclude by the end of July.