Nick Carter is opening up about ABC's new show Boy Band and why the series is going to be unique. 

Nick from the Backstreet Boys will be serving as an "architect" on Boy Band along with Spice Girls' Emma "Baby Spice" Bunton and producer Timbaland, who helped turn N*SYNC member Justin Timberlake into a musical icon.

The trio will guide the male vocalists throughout their journey on the show and help to create the best five-person group that America will love.

"[The network] really wanted to make sure that it was credible with the people who were involved. We liked the idea that we're architects instead of judges and we're sort of mentoring these boys and trying to help them achieve their dreams rather than tearing them down as much," Nick told TV Guide.

"All those things collectively really made me excited to be part of the process and the project. I was a die-hard fan of Timbaland and good friends with Emma."

Boy Band is going to premiere with a cast of 30 male contestants -- including a young and intelligent rapper, a beat boxer, a boy who can sing incredible runs, and a couple of guys with a great ability to harmonize with each other.

"If that's what you really want to do -- be in a group -- then you have to know what it's like to sacrifice for your member. You have to compromise. I might feel really strong about something, but in my [Backstreet Boys] group we operate in a democracy," Nick explained of the dynamic viewers will see on the show.

"We operate in a voting system, so if four out of five [are in], then we go with something. It's not about being a solo artist. If you want to be a solo artist, then be a solo artist. It's Tim's job, Emma's job and my job to see through that. The last thing we want is for anybody to use this as a stepping stone for a solo career."

The architects are looking to infuse current music and style with classic qualities of boy bands from the 90s that no longer exist today.

"What I've noticed over the last decade when you had One Direction and all these guys come out, the guys can sing. Obviously, they have talent, but from my standpoint with my era with Justin Timberlake, with the Backstreet Boys and that whole era, it's about a show as well for us," Nick told TV Guide.

In Nick's opinion, "a show" should have a taste of everything music has to offer, including dancing!

"Dancing and singing together was one of our specialties. That definitely has changed. We want to add a little bit more of those elements to this next generation of boy bands that we're going to put together," Nick revealed.

"The music has definitely evolved... One Direction is the only band that I can think of in the recent times that is a boy band. That's why it's so important to put together another boy band. We're going to give a new, younger generation something fresh when it comes to music."
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Nick is preparing fans for an "electrifying" series with a "crazy dynamic," because while Boy Band starts out as an individual competition, the contestants will need to work together in order to achieve success. The architects will also debate which contestants should advance in a place called "the war room."

Boy Band, hosted by Rita Ora, premieres with a two-hour episode on Thursday, June 22 at 8PM ET/PT on ABC.