"Extra" reports that Aaron Buerge of ABC's "The Bachelor" says his mind was made up regarding who to ask to marry him when he took runnerup Brooke Smith home to mom and dad. He says, "For whatever reason, when we were sitting there eating dinner with my family, she came across as a little naÔve. Helene knows what she wants."

The heartbroken Brooke says the only thing she wants is to get back to Alabama. She says, "I am emotionally drained, and Iím tired, and I am just ready to go home." Brooke says she actually believed she would end up Aaronís bride. She says, "I was completely calm. I wasnít nervous, no butterflies." She also says she can only think of one reason why she wasn't the one. She says, "Maybe he's scared about being loved like he's never been loved before."

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