Although millions of viewers saw Aaron Beurge choose Helene Eksterowicz as his bride on Wednesday's finale of "The Bachelor," on Thursday the couple told ABCNEWS' Good Morning America that they would have a very lengthy engagement. "We're not going to Vegas next weekend, or anything like that... I don't think people should be in a rush to walk down the aisle," said Buerge, a 28-year-old banker from Springfield, Montana. "We're going to be diligent and take our sweet time to get to know each other better," he said.

Although Eksterowicz is still wearing the ring she has no plans to move to Springfield just yet. "I think a long-distance relationship is what we're going to do for a while until we both feel comfortable," Eksterowicz said. Then Eksterowicz, asked if her acceptance to wed Beurge still applied "without a doubt," finessed her reply like a seasoned pol. "I don't have any doubts at this point," she said, "if things progressed the way they have."

As they faced the media, the new couple were getting reacquainted after weeks apart. Since the taping of "The Bachelor" wrapped in early September, they, like everyone else on the series, had been forced to keep secret which bachelorette had been picked. They hadn't seen each other except for two brief getaways. "I guess we're just trying to get to know each other outside the show," said Eksterowicz. One thing she learned Thursday -- Aaron wants a prenuptial agreement (like we didn't see that one coming.)

As for Brooke -- "I still am in love with him," she said during an earlier interview session, adding that, until the series conclusion aired, "I haven't been able to date anybody." For her, watching last night's show was "like getting my heart broken all over again" but she says she knows "there's another Aaron out there" (and hopefully she won't have to share that one with 24 other woman.)

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