Autumn Turner from Montclair, NJ, may have lost her The Voice Battle to Vanessa Ferguson, but her time on the show's twelfth season is definitely not over.

The Voice coach Alicia Keys -- who is working with DJ Khaled as her team adviser -- matched Autumn and Vanessa from Greensboro, NC, for a performance of "Killing Me Softly With His Song." Alicia commended Vanessa for dropping her walls and letting people in, while the coach loved Autumn's impressive range. In the end, Alicia named Vanessa the winner.

"I of course wanted to stay on Team Alicia, but obviously I knew that one of us was going to go home," Autumn told Reality TV World during a recent conference call. "But I knew one of us was going to get stolen."

Autumn said she had "this inkling" Alicia would probably declare Vanessa winner of the Battle going into it.

"I mean, I know that I sang my butt off, but I just had a very, very tiny inkling that Alicia was going to take Vanessa and she did," Autumn revealed.

"I mean Vanessa absolutely deserves it 100 percent. I mean, I would have as well. But I'm just so grateful to have worked with Vanessa because if it were either one of us, I know that we both supported each other so much on that."

However, both Gwen Stefani and Adam Levine opted to steal Autumn, who had turned all four chairs with her performance during "The Blind Auditions" earlier in the season.

Adam was blown away that he even had the opportunity to steal Autumn, and Gwen explained she'd love to bring out the artist's personality, style and personal story. Autumn ultimately joined Team Adam because she just "felt something" in his speech.

"I did have to make a tough decision," Autumn told reporters during the call. "And I also had to make a tough decision the first time. And I think being in that situation definitely made me aware that I need to really, really focus on what they're saying. So this time around, I just listened to what they had to say, believed my gut and I had to pick Adam."

The main reason Autumn went with Adam's team was because he fought for her "very, very hard" in the Blinds as well as after her Battle.

"I really felt like I could learn from him. I know I could have learned a lot from Gwen as well. I definitely believe that, especially when she's speaking about style because it's definitely a huge part of me," Autumn explained. "But I just felt it was necessary to pick Adam just because I really did feel, like, just a little bit more from him."

Adam also hinted he wanted to steal Autumn before the opportunity even presented itself.
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"He [told me] right away, 'If [the Battle] goes the way I want it to, I'm going to be putting you on my team.' So, you know, I just kind of had to give him that and he did. He stood by his word and I couldn't be more grateful," she said.

Autumn also explained to Reality TV World whether she thinks it's an advantage or disadvantage to be stolen and work with two different coaches.

"I guess it might be a little bit of a disadvantage as far as, you know, getting to have to re-meet a new coach and the other person will know the coach [already] and have had some sort of connection beforehand," Autumn admitted.

"But also, I think that it is a little bit of an advantage because I will get to work with another person and another coach, and that's amazing, you know? I worked with Alicia, and now I can work with Adam. So I think that it's pretty sweet. It's a sweet opportunity to be able to do that and I'm just looking forward to it, I just can't wait!"