Arie Luyendyk Jr. apparently doesn't feel either Bibiana Julian or Krystal Nielson was at fault when the two women got into a heated confrontation at the cocktail party during Monday night's The Bachelor episode.

"Going into the cocktail party, I found myself worried about how little I knew about so many of the women. How could I possibly know who to send home? Watching it all back, that's why I totally understand Bibiana's frustrations," Arie wrote in his People blog.

Bibiana was losing her patience because she was desperate to spend some time with Arie in order to determine if they could have a real connection. Bibiana was focused on Arie and became increasingly more annoyed about the fact she knew very little about him, other than he's sincere and has blue eyes.

Tension reached an all-time high when Krystal -- who enjoyed a one-on-one date with Arie that week and also received a rose -- interrupted Bibiana's long-awaited conversation with Arie at the cocktail party. Bibiana called Krystal a "selfish b-tch" and disrespectful, insisting that she wasn't the only bachelorette who felt that way.

"Being on the other side [on The Bachelorette], I know that you desperately want to see if you have a connection with the person you're dating. You've sacrificed so much to be here, and you just want your fair shot at love," Arie explained.

"But I also understand Krystal wanting to get more time. As much as it may have rubbed the girls the wrong way, we had just had an amazing date and it's difficult to not be able to spend time with one another."

For Krystal's one-on-one date, Arie brought her home to Scottsdale, AZ. Not only did she check out his high school and where he had his first kiss, but Krystal also got to look through Arie's old photo albums and home videos from his childhood.

To top that all off, the blonde beauty met his parents, little brother and new sister-in-law.

Despite having such a meaningful and significant date, Krystal felt the need to steal Arie away for extra time -- multiple times -- at the cocktail party. Krystal didn't seem to care that her aggressive tactics were rubbing her fellow bachelorettes the wrong way, although she apologized to Bibiana for upsetting her.

"I really wish I had known how much Bibiana was struggling that week, though," Arie admitted in his blog. "She's so vibrant and interesting and I wish I would've known she needed a little extra support."

The 36-year-old pro racing driver turned real estate agent said the rest of the night "a fantastic blur," and he also revealed a few moments viewers didn't see on television.

Arie recalled "[Marikh Mathias] teaching me how to smize (smile with your eyes), [Jacqueline Trumbull] feeding me different aphrodisiacs, and [Lauren Burnham] reading me a really beautiful letter she wrote. Even though my time with the women is sometimes so short, we can still have fun and make meaningful connections."

At the end of the night, Arie eliminated Lauren Griffin, Valerie Biles and Jenny Delaney during the season's second Rose Ceremony.
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