The Bachelor star Arie Luyendyk Jr. eliminated three bachelorettes after bringing one lucky girl home and enjoying a Cinderella-inspired date as well as a demolition derby during Monday night's Season 22 broadcast on ABC.

At the second Rose Ceremony of the season, the following women were denied roses from Arie and therefore ousted from the running for his heart: Lauren Griffin, a 26-year-old executive recruiter from Los Angeles, CA; Valerie Biles, a 25-year-old server from Nashville, TN; and Jenny Delaney, a 25-year-old graphic designer from Chicago, IL.

"I've gotten broken up with for the first time. I'm so shocked," Jenny said in tears following her ouster, although she told Arie she was more upset about leaving her new friends than she was about ending her relationship with him.

"I came into this thinking I would end up with him, but he literally picked a taxidermist over me. I just feel like I embarrassed myself."

The Bachelor broadcast began with Becca Kufrin, a 27-year-old publicist from Minneapolis, MN, getting the first Date Card of the season, and it read, "Hold on tight."

Becca was "over the moon" that Arie wanted to start this journey with her, and he picked her up on a motorcycle.

Although most girls were jealous -- especially when Arie put Becca's helmet on for her -- Krystal Nielson, a 30-year-old fitness coach from San Diego, CA, revealed her father had been in a really bad motorcycle accident and so this date in particular would've been a struggle for her.

Becca was "cool with just hanging out" with Arie and talking for the day, but she soon learned her date was going to be extremely glamorous. Arie introduced her to fashion designer Rachel Zoe, who then asked Becca to try gowns on a handful of gowns for her date with Arie that night.

Although Arie helped Becca choose a silver, off-the-shoulder gown, Rachel told the bachelorette that she'd be allowed to keep all the dresses. Arie also gifted the down-to-earth bachelorette with embellished Louboutins and a Neil Lane necklace with matching earrings.

Becca couldn't believe how she was getting spoiled, and when she had her first kiss with Arie, he appeared to take her breath away.

"Whoa!" she yelled, later adding, "I feel like a princess that has a crush."

That night, when Becca was all dressed up, Arie was captivated by her beauty.

"Becca definitely lights up a room just by herself. She's smart and funny and she is stunning," Arie told the cameras.
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During dinner that night, Arie explained to Becca that he had picked her for this special date because she seemed to embody the way he was when he had appeared on Emily Maynard's season of The Bachelorette. Arie loved that Becca came into the process relaxed and with an open mind.

Becca explained to Arie that she never wanted to settle in a relationship, and after dating someone on and off for seven years, she has learned exactly what she does and does not want in a partner and future spouse.

Becca admitted that it was tough to leave her ex because he had helped her through the time when her father passed away from brain cancer, so Arie understood how difficult that must have been for her.

Because Becca's dad died, she told Arie that she's extremely close to her mother and sisters. Arie wanted to learn so much more about Becca, so he asked her to accept the date's rose. He found her sweet and honest, and while sharing a kiss, he told Becca that she could keep the beautiful earrings she was wearing.

Becca noted that kissing Arie felt "comfortable," and then gold confetti fell on their heads from above as they were embracing. Arie loved how Becca seemed "bold and funny," and he also appreciated how she's "not afraid to take risks." Arie was blown away by the bachelorette and called the night "a perfect first date."

The next day, Arie embarked on a one-on-one date with Krystal, whose Date Card read, "Home is where the heart is."

Arie brought Krystal to his home in Scottsdale, AZ. She saw his neighborhood, where he had his first kiss, where he went to high school and more. Arie said he chose Krystal for this date because she had put him at ease on Night 1 and has this comforting, easy-to-hang out with kind of vibe.

Krystal got a tour of Arie's actual home, and then the couple looked through old photo albums and watched hilarious home videos of the pro racing driver as a child. Krystal was smitten, and she was on Cloud 9 that Arie had picked her for this extremely special and significant date.  

Arie then surprised Krystal with a visit to his parents' home, where the bachelorette was going to meet his mother, father, brother and new sister-in-law. Krystal told the cameras she's not close with her own family, so this gathering meant the world to her and really opened her eyes to what a wonderful family looks like.

During the night portion of Krystal's date, she said she felt "so at home" that day. She grew up alone, which has been an issue in her romantic relationships, so she feared opening up to Arie about her past. Krystal worried her family history might be too much for Arie.

Regardless, Krystal told Arie how her parents had divorced when she was young and her dad wasn't a part of her life. She said her mother was "emotionally unavailable" and so she had to grow up fast and take care of her little brother at a young age.

Krystal was devastated to find out about two years ago that her brother had been in the hospital and living on the streets for about nine months. Krystal said she had begged her brother to let her help him, but he just wasn't interested. Krystal told Arie that watching her brother go off on his own left her "heart shattered."

Arie could see that Krystal is a loving person, and he was really drawn to her and thought they had strong chemistry. Arie actually loved Krystal's story because he believes she became an "amazing woman" as a result of her experiences, and he decided to give her the date's rose.

Arie found Krystal to be "independent and beautiful," and she changed negative things in her life into positive ones.

The couple ended the night with a private concert in a romantic empty theater by Connor Duermit.

Krystal really put herself out there that night, and she felt she was in a dream. Arie made her feel safe and brave, and Arie told the cameras that if he ended up with this bachelorette, he hopes he could give her a life of stability and family.

Once Krystal returned to the house from her date, she didn't want to open up about anything or reveal any details. Krystal began rubbing her fellow bachelorettes the wrong way, and Bibiana Julian, a 30-year-old executive assistant from Miami Beach, FL, called her "shady."

Arie's last date of the week featured 15 girls having their own demolition derby.

The names on the Date Card were Bibiana; Lauren G.; Valerie; Jenny; Chelsea Roy, a 29-year-old real estate executive assistant from Portland, ME; Caroline Lunny, a 26-year-old realtor from Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Maquel Cooper, a 23-year-old photographer from Orem, UT; Tia Booth, a 26-year-old physical therapist from Weiner, AR; Kendall Long, a 26-year-old creative director from Los Angeles, CA; Bekah Martinez is a 22-year-old nanny from Los Angeles, CA; Marikh Mathias, a 27-year-old restaurant owner from Salt Lake City, UT; Jenna Cooper, a 28-year-old social media manager from Raleigh, NC; Annaliese Puccini, a 32-year-old event designer from San Francisco, CA; Brittany Taylor, a 30-year-old tech recruiter from Austin, TX; and Seinne Fleming, a 27-year-old commercial real estate manager from Newport Beach, CA.

Before the derby commenced, Arie told the girls they could design their own cars, but the goal was to crash into each other until the cars stopped running. The last woman with a car running would win the derby and a trophy.

"We're going to f-ck sh-t up today. Someone is probably going to cry today, and I hope it's not me," Tia said in a confessional.

Meanwhile, Tia was right, because Annaliese cried prior to participating in the activity. Annaliese explained she had a traumatic bumper car experience when she was a kid, and so the idea of cars ramming into her frightened her to death. Arie told the bachelorette he would protect her, so that made her feel a little better.

"A bumper car trauma? I didn't know bumper car trauma was a thing," Jenny told the cameras. "This was supposed to be fun and we're sitting here waiting for her to stop crying. It's not going to stop me from hitting her car."

Arie, who thought the women were pretty badass for doing this, explained that the key to winning was to hit people as hard as possible with the car's rear in order to protect the engine and other parts under the hood.

Annaliese ended up getting through the derby just fine, while Bibiana, Brittany, Tia and Seinne were monsters out there. Brittany took out one girl after the next, as well as Arie, but she ended up hurting herself and missing the night portion of the date.

The demolition derby came down to Tia vs. Seinne, and in the end, Seinne was deemed victorious.

After the derby, the women got all dressed up and were able to enjoy some drinks with Arie. Chelsea, as expected, pulled Arie away first for a conversation. She apologized for being too mysterious and then revealed she has a three-year-old son named Sammy back at home.

Arie has no issue dating single moms, considering he fell madly in love with Emily. And before Emily, Arie lived with a woman for a year-and-a-half who had two children. Chelsea was therefore so relieved that Arie was going to accept her for all that she is.

Seinne then opened up to Arie about how she had lived in Scottsdale for over a year and then went to Yale University. She also told the Bachelor that she had studied abroad in Brazil and Italy.

Arie was very attracted to Seinne, as he considered her beautiful, worldly and super smart. Arie joked that he barely graduated high school and worked at Pizza Hut, so he was captivated by Seinne.

Meanwhile, Bibiana was losing her patience because she really wanted time with Arie.

"I'm not here to f-ck around. I'm here to see if I could potentially have a future with this guy... I keep telling myself to be patient to the point of rage," Bibiana said in tears. "I'm done."

Arie then had some time with Bekah. He really liked having her around because she made him happy, and he viewed her as a really special person. Not only was she "super cute," but they shared a very passionate kiss, and the chemistry was real between them.

Arie, however, decided to give the group-date rose told Seinne because she had really impressed him that day. Seinne was thrilled that her romance with Arie was moving in the right direction.

At the cocktail party that night, the women who didn't go on dates were hoping for time with Arie. He checked on Brittany T. first and gave her an award for being the "Most Hardcore" during the derby, and then Arie spent more time with Bekah, whom he was beginning to see as the "whole package" since she's stunning but also "bold and charismatic."

Bekah told Arie that she's "simple, no drama and easy to please," which he apparently really liked. But Bibiana was stressed, still waiting for her turn. When she finally got her chance to talk to Arie, Krystal -- who already had a rose as well as a moment with Arie earlier in the night -- interrupted them.

Bibiana called Krystal a "selfish b-tch," saying that Krystal was wrong to steal time with Arie away from girls who weren't even afforded a date this week. Bibiana said the girls found Krystal disrespectful, and she accused Krystal of "trying hard to piss people off."

Bibiana and Krystal then had a heated confrontation at the cocktail party in which Bibiana said the blonde beauty was being fake.

"If I'm trying to talk to my man, you better back the f-ck up... You already upset me and everyone else. you just dug a big ass hole for yourself. Good luck. I'm done with you... there's a lot of angry people here and I'm just the voice," Bibiana vented.

The episode concluded with the season's second Rose Ceremony. Arie handed out roses to Maquel; Jacqueline Trumbull, is a 26-year-old research coordinator from New York, NY; Bekah M; Jenna; Chelsea; Lauren Schleyer, a 31-year-old social media manager for AT&T from Dallas, TX; Tia; Annaliese; Lauren Burnham, a 25-year-old technology salesperson from Dallas, TX; Kendall; Brittany T.; Ashley Luebke, a 25-year-old real estate agent from West Palm Beach, FL; Marikh; Caroline; and Bibiana.

Jenny walked out without even acknowledging Arie, and he chased after her to justify how he just didn't see a future with her and she had a tough time opening up in this process.