Molly Duff is one of six strangers and Boston-area singles who will be getting Married at First Sight, which premiered its sixth season January 2 on Lifetime.

Molly, a 25-year-old commercial insurance adjuster, will be shown exchanging vows with Jonathan Francetic, a 28-year-old U.S. Army veteran and former financial associate, immediately after meeting each other for the first time. The rest of the season will show the couple honeymooning, moving in together, and ultimately deciding whether they'd like to stay together after the show or get a divorce.

Married at First Sight's three couples this season were matched by a panel of experts: Dr. Jessica Griffin, a Boston-based psychologist and professor who previously appeared on FYI's Seven Year Switch reality series; sociologist Dr. Pepper Schwartz; and marriage counselor Pastor Calvin Roberson.

Molly "grew up surrounded by a loving family with her parents' marriage as a great example of what love and devotion look like. Sadly, her father passed away six years ago and as a result, she is closer than ever to her mother and two sisters," says Lifetime, adding that Molly knew exactly what she wanted in a partner and hoped the experts would find "the man of her dreams."

During an exclusive interview, Molly talked to Reality TV World about appearing on Married at First Sight. Below is what she had to say.


Reality TV World: Why did you initially decide to apply for Married at First Sight and take the risk of marrying a complete stranger? Was dating in the real world, away from cameras, in the Boston area that much of a struggle?

Molly Duff: I actually didn't initially apply for Married at First Sight. The show reached out to me because they saw one of my online dating profiles!

The more I thought about being a part of this love experiment, the more it seemed like an opportunity I couldn't pass up. I wasn't having any luck finding someone special that I could see a future with. If experts were going to find me someone, how could I say no? I was ready to find the one.

Reality TV World: Married at First Sight unfortunately has a low success rate of couples who decide to stay married long-term. Was that a big concern of yours when choosing to participate? Did the outcome of previous seasons affect the faith or trust you had in the experts to match you with the right person?

Molly Duff: Even with the low success rate of previous seasons, the couples were still matched with someone that shared many commonalities and interests. There was a chance this other person could be their perfect match! This idea alone was more than what I was finding in Boston.

Of course I was nervous that I might have nothing in common with the guy, but after going through the interviews where I had to reveal a crazy amount of info about myself, it gave me confidence that they the experts really understood me as a person. I was hopeful that they would pair me with a husband that would be my perfect match.

Reality TV World: What were your fears when beginning the process, other than the obvious prospect of getting divorced? Were you worried your partner may just be going on the show for attention or fame?
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Molly Duff: Of course there was a part of me that was worried that my future husband may not be on the show for the right reasons and that was a very unsettling thought. I was hoping that the extensive process of interviewing, background checks, psych evaluations, and questionnaires would have deterred anyone who wasn't serious about the process.

Reality TV World: What mistakes do you think unsuccessful Married at First Sight couples made on the show, and what did the happy couples -- such as Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner from Season 1, or Ashley Petta and Anthony D'Amico from Season 5 -- do differently? How did those lessons affect your personal approach to the process?

Molly Duff: I think the people who were successful really wanted to be married and didn't expect someone who was perfect. They were truly open to the idea that it can take time to develop feelings for someone.

With other couples who may not have found success in their relationships, I believe it definitely had to do with the level of compatibility with their match.

But with others, you could tell many of them had baggage from previous experiences. Bringing this baggage into the marriage was damaging and some seemed to be on the show for the wrong reasons. Perhaps they didn't fully understand what they were getting into and they did not have the outcome they were expecting.

Reality TV World: How important was physical appearance to you on the show, honestly? Did you believe instant chemistry was necessary for a marriage to work, or did you feel you could definitely grow to view someone as physically attractive overtime?

Molly Duff: I think in a normal marriage, attraction is absolutely necessary for a long lasting relationship. In the beginning, Married at First Sight is not a normal marriage and for that reason, not being attracted to someone right off the bat should not be a deal breaker.

I am a strong believer that attraction can grow with time as long as the other parts of a marriage are working. Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner are the perfect example of this.

Reality TV World: What were the reactions of your friends and family when they found out you were doing the show? Did anyone have an especially strong response, whether positive or negative?

Molly Duff: I actually had very positive responses from friends and family. Most of them have known me a long time and knew that I was ready to get married and find my perfect match.

The reactions that were less supportive tended to be from people who didn't quite understand what I signed up for. After a while, almost everyone came around. I was very grateful to have their support through the process!

Reality TV World: How would you respond to critics who might say Married at First Sight participants do not value marriage or they take marriage less seriously?

Molly Duff: Arranged marriages happen all the time and no one accuses them of not taking marriage seriously. I think it's the TV aspect that makes people question the values.

Yes -- it's absolutely a leap of faith, and yes it may not work. But, there are also marriages that are planned that may fail as well. I was willing to take the risk and trust the process because to me, it was worth it.

Reality TV World: Going into the experiment, what did you believe was going to be the hardest part for you -- moving in together, the idea of being intimate with someone you've just met, etc? And what part were you looking forward to the most?

Molly Duff: I think the part that I thought would be the hardest was the idea of having an accelerated relationship with someone I didn't know. I thought I would be very uncomfortable at first. 

I was really looking forward to was having a partner to start my life with and go through this unique experience.


Reality TV World: What did you ask the experts to find for you? What qualities and characteristics were you looking for in your dream spouse?

Molly Duff: I asked the experts to find me someone who was kind, hardworking, funny and loyal. I wanted someone who would make me laugh and work as hard as I do.

I really wanted someone who was willing to work at a marriage and understands that no one is perfect and there is always room for improvement. I was looking forward to learning and growing together with my future spouse.

Reality TV World: You've been in several long-term relationships over the past few years, so it sounds like you have found men willing to commit to you. Have you therefore been the one to end those relationships, and if so, why?

Molly Duff: My previous relationships ending had a lot to do with timing and not being in sync with my partner during those points in my life. I felt that I was always the one who kept fighting and that they were quick to give up when things got tough.

I want someone who will fight just as hard as I do to make something work and doesn't bail at the first sign of trouble. I need someone who is as dedicated to the relationship as I strive to be.


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