The Celebrity Apprentice star Donald Trump fired Dee Snider during the second half of Sunday night's special three-hour broadcast in which the contestants executed two tasks and participated in two separate boardroom sessions.

Trump fired the rock star and former Growing Up Twisted star after his newly-shuffled Forte team -- which consisted of both men and women -- lost the season's eighth task, which required Forte and Unanimous, the opposing team, to each create a live, interactive health segment which promoted the benefits of walking 30 minutes a day along with the ease of the "Walk with Walgreens" program and present it to a live audience.

In addition, each team had to create a new design for the "Walk with Walgreens" membership kit. The two teams were judged on brand messaging, the re-vamped membership kit design and overall presentation.

"My advice to the remaining contestants is to not prop-up Lou Ferrigno anymore. The Trumps do not have a clear picture of who he is and what he is and his abilities. If he didn't have my support, he would've been gone a long time ago and wouldn't have been able to throw me under the bus," Dee said following his ouster.

The second half of The Celebrity Apprentice's seventh episode began following the elimination of Debbie Gibson. Trump then met with the season's remaining celebrity cast members and revealed what the health segments would entail and switched-up the teams after announcing the women's team had lost five of the last seven tasks.

After forcing Aubrey and Teresa to abandon their group and start anew with a few male members from the former Unanimous team, Trump asked each group to present their project managers.

The new Forte team -- which consisted of Dee; former Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza; actor and former The Incredible Hulk star Lou Ferrigno; magician, comedian and former Dancing with the Stars participant Penn Jillette; and comedienne Lisa Lampanelli -- had Lou take on the role of project manager because he was ready to prove his leadership skills once again.

The new Unanimous team -- which was comprised of The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice; All About Aubrey and former Making the Band star Aubrey O'Day; former talk show host Arsenio Hall; singer and former American Idol runner-up Clay Aiken; and American Chopper star Paul Teutul Sr. -- opted to have Arsenio represent and lead them.

The winning team would receive $50,000 for the charity of its project manager's choice.

Both teams worked extremely well together overall but encountered some minor problems along the way in executing their health segments and designing their Walgreens kits. Aubrey aggressively attempted to take control of her team and come up with most of the creative decisions, leaving Arsenio stunned, defenseless and slightly offended.

Meanwhile, Lou wanted to serve as the host for his team's segment, but his teammates disagreed with the plan due to his poor speaking skills. Penn was also missing from most of the planning of the task, as he had to leave and put on a show.

Although Penn ended up returning in time for the live presentation, he accidentally blurted out "Walmart" instead of "Walgreens" -- shocking the store's executives along with The Biggest Loser host Alison Sweeney -- who all served as judges for the task.
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Much to Lisa's surprise and disappointment, Dee, Penn and Lou all thoroughly enjoyed working with Dayana and agreed she was a pleasure to be around. Dee continuously complimented Dayana and was quick to tell everyone she was an intelligent, artistic and mature young lady. Lisa was furious the men were overlooking the fact Dayana allegedly had no ideas to bring to the table and was dead weight to the team.

For the live, interactive health segments, Lou's team went with the concept "you can do anything while you're walking." Arsenio's team -- or what was seemingly Aubrey's team at the time due to her controlling nature and relentless pursuit of her ideas and goals -- featured a trivia game show in which the celebrities were asked questions and could share stories about their exercise history and experience in walking everyday within their answers.

Alison and the Walgreen executives enjoyed both presentations but believed each were equipped with their own set of strengths and weaknesses. They thought Lou's expressive personality and inspirational story had an emotional effect on the audience but his team's kit was poorly designed and executed.

In addition, the executives felt Arsenio's game was fun and information but focused too much on facts and not enough on how Walgreen's program actually worked.

After both teams planned and executed their interactive demonstrations for Walgreens, they met with Trump in the boardroom and discussed their project managers. Lisa insisted Lou was a lousy project manager because he gave out too much responsibility and did little work on his own. Arsenio's team declared him a great project manager, but then Arsenio made sure to voice his concerns about Aubrey.

Arsenio told Trump that Aubrey forged ahead in her own creative direction most of the time and commanded a leadership role despite her teammates' hesitancy or disapproval. Arsenio was clearly bothered by Aubrey's assertiveness and lack of consideration for the members on her team. Clay agreed with Arsenio and told Trump that although Aubrey had great ideas, it was tough to change her mind.

While Aubrey argued her case and attempted to convince Trump she was a team player, Arsenio blatantly stated Aubrey was "all about Aubrey" -- no pun intended considering All About Aubrey was the name of the singer's former reality show which had not been renewed for a second season.

Arsenio told Trump he hated Aubrey's selfishness and argued on behalf of his team that they all had to "massage her ego" in order to allow her to feel as if she fit in with everyone. Clay continued to back Arsenio's claims, but Teresa supported Aubrey. Aubrey, who was on the verge of tears after listening to Arsenio's blunt complaints, admitted she didn't like Arsenio anymore and lost respect for him.

Trump then discussed with Lou's team how the executives didn't like the way they connected specific words to the idea that anything could be done while walking 30 minutes a day -- including words such as itching, scratching and yelling -- which all had a negative connotation.

In addition, the executives found the designed membership kit of Lou's team to be poorly executed and anything but creative. Dee was responsible for both flaws in the team's execution.

Although both team's project managers deemed themselves the winners, Trump revealed Arsenio's team was the champion and Arsenio broke down into tears of joy. Arsenio told Trump his winnings would be donated to the Magic Johnson Foundation.

Arsenio's team then left the boardroom -- resulting in Aubrey heading for the elevator and suggesting she wasn't coming back -- while Lou's team remained behind to face potential firing.

"I don't want to be around all the negativity anymore," Aubrey said.  "It's not the reason why I came here.  The environment is so unhealthy and ugly. I just don't know if this is the right place for me."

Lou insisted he put 110% percent into the task and did the best he possibly could. He told Trump he shouldn't be fired due to his effort and positive presentation at the open of their live segment. However, Dee argued that despite his mistakes with the kit's design and poor choice of words, Lou had approved everything and made sure to oversee everyone's jobs.

Dee told Trump Lou should be fired because it was ultimately his task and his responsibility. Dayana agreed that Lou should be fired because he didn't delegate jobs in an efficient manner. Lisa agreed with the pack but also told Trump she'd bring Dayana back into the boardroom as well if it were her decision. Lisa even went so far as to say Lou should bring Dayana back alone into the boardroom because she was an extremely weak player, as was Lou.

Lou then decided to take Dayana and Dee back into the boardroom with him. Dayana tried to convince Trump her team's loss was not her fault because while Lou didn't assign her a specific job to do, she helped everyone out when possible. Dee stuck up for Dayana and said she played her part in every aspect of the process even though she did not serve as the head of design, writing, etc. Dee clearly wanted Lou gone and argued he did little work as the project manager.

Trump noted Penn probably should've been brought back into the boardroom instead of Dayana for messing up the "Walgreens" name during the live segment. At that point, it was clear Trump had already decided who deserved to be fired despite Dee and Dayana's protest.

"Sir, everything was approved by the project manager. I would never do anything without his authority," Dee told Trump.

"So Dee, you designed the box and the box was, let's say, no good. Okay Dee? They didn't like it. To be honest, I didn't like it. I didn't make the choice. It wasn't me, but they hated it. That's why you lost, because of the box, and you designed it," Trump said.

"Sir, the three of us were all gathered around the computer. I take credit for the lead on it, but my project manager oversaw everything! And we work as hard as we can to fill in the void, but if he didn't have a writer, he'd be hamstrung. He cannot write or create anything," Dee said of Lou. "I am not wrong sir."

Dee continued to call Lou a "one note horn" and said he had yet to do much besides perform well. However, Trump reminded Dee the executives loved Lou's testimonial at the beginning of their live segment, and Lou said he took a risk by telling his story and did a "damn good job."

"This was, Dee, about presentation, which the executives liked. And it was about the box design. Now, you did do the box design," Trump said.

"With help, yes sir," Dee interjected.

"Dee, you're fired," Trump declared. "And you're going to be big -- bigger than ever before. Great job, Dee."