All season long, fans of 'The Mole 2' have been wondering if Anderson Cooper was or was not aware of the identity of the mole during the filming of the series. In a recent interview with the Indianapolis Star, Anderson finally confirmed what most fans had suspected - -that ass in the first series, he once again did not know the mole's secret identity. "I did not figure it out until the last second," he said in a telephone interview, "and it was really more that one of the producers I was driving with to the final quiz let something slip. I only realized based on what they said."

Anderson also resonded to viewer comments that he seemed much more of an active participant in this edition of the series than in the first edition. "My involvement was probably the same as the first one, but it seemed they showed it more," he said. "They showed my ad-libbing and my interaction with the people more. I know the audience has responded to that. When I first took the job, I said to the producers that I wanted to be myself in it, and I wasn't going to pretend. If I thought it was silly, I was going to say it was silly. Or I was going to mock things as seemed appropriate. They were up for that from the very beginning."

Anderson also confesses to not knowing another thing -- whether a 'Mole 3' series will be produced. "It's up to ABC," said Cooper, who moved from the network to CNN in January. "It depends on contractual issues, but I would certainly be interested in doing it."