Amy "Amis" Jenkins was accused of not taking modeling seriously, causing the 20-year-old waitress from Bartlesville, OK to become the third contestant eliminated from America's Next Top Model's tenth season during last night's broadcast of The CW reality series.

"Walking away from this competition, I feel no bitterness, only huge amounts of gratitude," said Amis following her ouster.  "This has been the best thing to ever happen to me.  I've gained so much from the whole experience -- good, bad, whatever -- I wanted to absorb.  I was part of something bigger than myself, and who could ever want anything more in life."

Top Model's third tenth-season episode began with Amis goofing around the New York City loft, and Fatima, a 22-year-old student from Boston, MA, criticized her for not taking the competition seriously.

"I feel like Amis is just a joke," commented Fatima.  "I truly want to win this so bad.  I cherish every day.  It makes me wonder if this is really what she wants to do."

The 11 remaining girls then received Tyra Mail and traveled to a New York City firehouse, where they were met by several firemen and runway expert J. "Ms. J." Alexander, who explained they'd be learning about the "quick change."  Each girl would have 90 seconds to get out of their outfits and put on a new outfit before displaying their runway walk for Ms. J. and the firemen.

Not surprisingly, there was some cattiness.

"I know drag queens that walk better than Dominique," commented Whitney, a 20-year-old student from Atlantic Beach, FL.

Ms. J. agreed, and thought Dominique, a 23-year-old receptionist from Columbus, OH, was one step away from doing a strip-club routine for the firemen.  He also criticized Fatima for marching "like a Clydesdale;" Lauren, a 22-year-old artist from Brooklyn, NY, for still lacking confidence; and Amis for skipping.

Back at the loft, the girls had a small tiff over how to share the three bathrooms amongst the 11 of them before they received Tyra Mail.  They traveled to a theater and were met by Bryan Bradley from Tuleh Designs and Ms. J., who informed the girls they'd be participating in a Tuleh runway fashion show.  Each girl would be given three minutes to "quick change" by themselves or else the runway show would go on without them.

As they had their hair and makeup done backstage, the girls met runway show producer Andrew Weir, Seventeen magazine editor-in-chief Ann Shoket, and Top Model eighth-season champ Jaslene Gonzalez.  The winner of the "quick change" challenge would appear with Jaslene in a LOT29 advertorial in Seventeen.

Some of the girls had a few problems during their runway show, including Whitney's nipple hanging out; Lauren walking too fast and not posing at all; and Fatima missing a button on her shirt.

Once the show was over the girls received compliments and criticisms, with Jaslene telling Lauren she was "very disappointed" in her performance and questioning if she really wants to be a model.

"I felt a little insulted," commented Lauren about Jaslene's comment.
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Ann revealed that Katarzyna, a 22-year-old in finance from Roslyn, NY, had won the challenge and would be able to choose two girls to participate in the advertorial with her.  She picked Amis and Marvita, a 23-year-old in retail sales from San Francisco, CA.

The girls received Tyra Mail and subsequently met Top Model art director Jay Manuel for their third photo shoot, which would take place at a meat-packing plant.  Each of the girls would be posing in the meat freezer while wearing hunks of meat as clothing.  Needless to say, some of the girls were grossed out.  Trevor O'Shana served as the photographer.

Fatima watched Claire, a 24-year-old production coordinator from New York, NY, have her shoot, which made her "more nervous."  It showed, as Fatima tried to give a fierce look without really committing to it, causing some criticism from Jay.

"It's not jiving, so let's see if we can get another type of expression going on," he suggested.  It didn't work.  "It feels posy... It's not coming off pretty."

Aimee, an 18-year-old hostess from Spanaway, WA, was also criticized by Jay for not feeling comfortable in her meat outfit.

"Aimee was so disconnected from the way she looked that it just didn't work as a photograph," commented Jay.

Amis was the last girl to go, and she basically brought nothing to the shoot.

"Amis didn't know what to look at, what do to," said Jay.  "We had to have her slide the beef back and forth on the rail just to get some kind of motion as opposed to her standing there just looking awkward."

The next morning the girls prepared themselves for the upcoming judging panel, however 20 minutes before they were scheduled to depart Amis still hadn't gotten out of bed.

"We're all getting ready to go to panel and Amis is still sleeping," commented Fatima.  "It's like are you kidding me?  I would die for this competition.  I want to win so bad."

Amis finally rolled out of bed, threw on a hooded sweatshirt and a headband and left for panel.

"We all knew that she was just trying to show her personality," said Stacy Ann, a 22-year-old student from Miami, FL.  "But we also knew that [Top Model creator and lead judge Tyra Banks] might say that's not the right outfit to wear to panel.  Amis should know that."

The 11 girls then arrived for Top Model's third tenth-season judging panel, where they'd be critiqued by Tyra; Ms. J.; photographer Nigel Barker; supermodel Paulina Porizkova; and Bryan.

Paulina criticized Fatima's photo, saying it was "not a spectacular position" for her legs, and Ms. J. agreed.

"Let me tell you what I was doing when I was editing your film," said Tyra.  "I was trying to find a picture where you weren't going like this -- bottom teeth out.  There's a way to do a growl, you were going [showing bottom teeth]."

"Did they say stop, change face... do something else with your face?" asked Paulina.

"They might have but I really didn't hear them," said Fatima, knowing Jay asked her to change expressions during the shoot.

"Okay... you have to listen," said Paulina.

Amis compared herself to Axel Rose as she approached the judges, and Ms. J. asked what she was thinking when she got dressed.

"I think I look cool," she said.

Her photo was a profile shot of sliding meat along the rail, and both Paulina and Ms. J. wished it wasn't a profile shot since she kind of was lost in it.

"I like this picture.  I like the energy of the picture, that you're pushing," said Tyra.  "But what I don't feel is you in the room."

Amis said when she gets nervous, she tries to "cover it with being campy or goofy."

"This is Cycle 10 of America's Next Top Model, so you know not to put on that headband and that jacket," said Tyra.  "You know better."

The judges then began to deliberate, and Nigel thought Fatima needed to "try a little bit harder" and Ms. J. compared her expression to that of a dog.  Bryan didn't know what to make of Amis, and Nigel tried to defend her for being a "pretty girl" before suggesting she might be trying too hard.

"It's like a little child," said Paulina.  "They want to stand out and they don't quite know how to except for with a really dorky headband."

With deliberations over, Tyra revealed Anya, a 19-year-old in retail sales from Honolulu, HI, Whitney, Katarzyna, Claire, Dominique, Stacy Ann, Lauren, Marvita and Aimee were all safe.

Tyra said the judges feel like Amis' "focus is not here" -- and when that's combined with her "laissez faire attitude" at photo shoots and the crazy headband -- the judges further questioned if she's just there for a "fun ride."  Tyra said Fatima went from "the second coming of Iman" to only modeling from the waste down, with her face "just crazy tiger growls."

She then revealed Fatima was safe and Amis was given the boot.

"If modeling is something you really want to do Amis, then take it seriously," suggested Tyra.

American Next Top Model's next tenth-season episode will air Wednesday, March 19 at 8PM ET/PT.
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