"General" Larry Platt's attempt to record "Pants on the Ground" has resulted in the former American Idol auditioneer being hit with a lawsuit.

The 63-year-old veteran from Atlanta, GA has been sued by American King Music over an alleged music distribution agreement and expenses related to producing, writing and recording of the single, TMZ reported Friday.

American King Music claims it recently funded Platt's recording of "Pants on the Ground" -- an original song he performed during American Idol's ninth-season auditions in Atlanta.

While American King Music claims it funded the recording session with rapper/producer Mims for the official full-length version of the song, the lawsuit states in the suit that Platt and his representatives "failed to take care of Platt's obligations," according to TMZ.

Platt manager Pinky subsequently told TMZ that the "General" never made a contract with American King but that the company feels it is entitled to 50% of the profits from sale of "Pants on the Ground" on iTunes.

"This is a lawsuit for a non-agreement," Pinky told TMZ.