America's Next Top Model: Guys & Girls 2 eliminated Mirjana Puhar and welcomed Chantelle Brown-Young back into the competition during The CW's Friday night broadcast of the 21st season's ninth episode. 

Mirjana, a 5'8 1/2" 18-year-old from Charlotte, NC, landed in the bottom two alongside Raelia Lewis, a 6'0 1/2" 22-year-old from Philadelphia, PA. The two female models landed in the bottom two based on their total combined scores from the challenge, judges and social media.

In addition, Chantelle, a 5'8 1/4" 19-year-old from Toronto, Canada, earned the highest social media score of all the season's previously-eliminated contestants. She beat out Ben Schreen for the opportunity after receiving a score of 6.68. Ben achieved a lower score of 6.44.

The week's challenge required the models to walk through a dark slaughterhouse and strike fierce poses when photographer Cobra Snake would randomly pop up. Chantelle ended up winning the challenge.

For the photo shoot, the theme was "no glove, no love." The contestants modeled extravagant gloves in very skimpy outfits in an effort to promote condom use.

Best photo of the week went to Chantelle. She received 26 points from Top Model judges Tyra Banks, Kelly Cutrone and Miss J. Alexander. Chantelle also earned a score of nine from the challenge and a social media score of 7.2, totaling 42.2 points.

Runner-up for best photo in Tyra's call-out order was Shei Phan with a total score of 40.5.

Following Shei was Lenox Tillman with 38.6 points, Adam Smith with 37.7 points, Keith Carlos with 35.3 points, and Will Jardell with 35 points -- leaving Raelia and Mirjana in the bottom two.

Mirjana earned a total score of 33.9 points. She received 20 points from the judges, seven points from the challenge, and a fan vote of 6.9 points.

Raelia's total score was 34.2 points. She racked in 22 points from Top Model's judges, six points from the challenge and a 6.2 fan-vote score.

The show has dropped its comeback format going forward, so it's likely no other models will receive a second chance. The next episode will feature the seven remaining contestants traveling to Seoul, Korea.