Tyra Banks has cut her long locks into a daring pixie cut.

The 41-year-old "America's Next Top Model" star and entrepreneur shared the first photos of her look on her Instagram account on Friday.

"It's about time," she captioned the first back and white photo of the back of her short-haired head. "Mom, I finally did it!" Banks captioned the second photo.

Banks created the long-running reality modeling competition "America's Next Top Model" in 2003 and has served as its host for the show's 21 seasons.

She also produced a daytime talk show from 2005 to 2010 -- which she is slated to revive this year -- and is a New York Times bestselling author thanks to her 2001 young adult novel "Modelland."

Last year Banks announced the launch of her own beauty line, TYRA, and credited the brand as her reason for attending a nine-week Owner/President Management Program (OPM) at Harvard Business School.