Jaclyn Poole became the ninth girl eliminated from America's Next Top Model's sixteenth season during Wednesday night's broadcast on The CW.

"It is really sad that I don't get to participate in going abroad to Morocco, but I feel so blessed that I got this opportunity. I didn't know anything coming into this competition, and I've gotten so much out of it. So, this is the beginning of a career for me, and if anyone's looking out for a tall brunette with a loud, squeaky, fun voice, and a big personality, then that's your girl right here," Jaclyn said following her ouster.

Jaclyn was eliminated from the eighth episode of America's Next Top Model's sixteenth season after Top Model's judges reviewed the photos the season's six remaining finalists had taken at their seventh photo shoot challenge, which required them to pose for an eco-friendly fashion photo shoot wearing eco-friendly couture creations by Michael Cinco, who specifically designed the outfits for the models, in unsanitary conditions.

Jaclyn, a 20-year-old student and waitress from Belton, TX, ended up in the bottom two alongside Molly, a 22-year-old student from Charleston, SC.

Jaclyn had failed to impress Top Model fashion photographer Nigel Barker, although he loved her personality, during the photo shoot -- which featured the girls modeling elaborate dresses made from recycled materials in a dump surrounded by seagulls and trash.

"Relax the face. Chin up for me. Jaclyn, relax the mouth," Nigel told Jaclyn during her photo shoot.

"Jaclyn really needs to work on controlling her face, but with that being said, her personality is very endearing," he added afterward.

Molly had been repeatedly told she looked gorgeous and received positive feedback from Nigel, but he had a certain other tooth to pick regarding her behavior.

"This is unsanitary! Does anyone have a BB gun?! Shot gun?" Molly complained about the seagulls during the off-moments of her photo shoot.

"Molly, she is a great model when she's modeling. The problem with Molly is, when you bring the camera down, sometimes you're going to get a girl that is going to be complaining, is going to be miserable, is going to be angry about it. There is no need to go there," Nigel said following her photo shoot.

The next day the girls arrived for the sixteenth season's seventh elimination panel -- where they were met by Top Model judges Tyra Banks, Nigel, and Andre Leon Talley as well as guest judge Lana Marks, a designer who was present at the girls' previous go-see challenge.

The judges first criticized Jaclyn's photo during panel critiques.
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"One thing you have to learn is modeling your face. You gave me lots of poses with your body, but clenching your jaw, opening your mouth, works your face. You have a soft jaw line so you really want to work that as much as possible," Nigel told Jaclyn.

"I think your hand -- your left arm -- could be a little bit considered [awkward]," Andre said.

Molly's photo was then reviewed.

"Gorge," Nigel told Molly.

"This is an amazing editorial photograph. I think it's very dramatic and I think you look wonderful... here you are looking extraordinary, but then behind the scenes, there is a lack of discipline and a lack of focus," Andre added.

Earlier in the episode, Tyra gave the girls a lesson on how to position their photos within their individual portfolios in order to make the best impression and statement. Afterward, they learned only five of them would be traveling to Morocco based on their performances at five go-sees and the subsequent eco-friendly photo shoot.

Kyle Hagler from IMG Models stopped by the models' house to explain the rules for their go-sees. They would have four hours to get to four different castings -- which represented four of the different types of modeling the girls had previously learned about: athletic, bombshell, girl next door, and couture -- and then must meet with Hagler at the fifth and final go-see before 3PM at Lana Marks.

The three winners would receive the "ultimate" go-see at Lana Marks. They were only allowed to pack one bag filled with their necessities for the go-sees and were given drivers. However, the drivers of their cars were not allowed to give them directions, and anyone who arrived after 3PM would automatically be disqualified from the challenge. They girls were given maps and sent on their way.

Everyone made it Lana Marks on time, and Molly, Alexandria, an unemployed 21-year-old from Newport Beach, CA, and Kasia, a 26-year-old college graduate from Wheaton, IL, were declared the winners.

Alexandria, Molly and Kasia made it to the most go-sees and got the best positive feedback from the agencies. Lana Marks then had to choose one winner based on how she could model with one of her handbags. Alexandria ended up winning and received a replica of the clutch worn by Angelina Jolie at the Oscars worth $2,000 and the chance to participate in Lana Marks' Global ad campaign featured in 100 countries.

Jaclyn missed three of the five go-sees and was later told by the judges she had no excuse for missing any. She said she got lost and had a hard time using her map. However, Tyra told her "wowed" the agencies and they loved her personality and "amazing body." She got jobs booked from both of the two go-sees she got to attend.

Meanwhile, Molly made it to four out of five go-sees but only booked two jobs. Tyra later told her the agencies loved her portfolio and look, but she came across cold and not present. The employers noticed Molly's off-moments when she thought she wasn't being judged, and as a result, if she had smiled more and had a more consistent positive attitude throughout the Lana Marks task, she would have won and starred in the ad campaign instead of Alexandria.

Tyra took into account the girls' performances in the go-sees and their eco-friendly photo shoots. After panel critiques and the judges had time to deliberate on the contestants, Tyra revealed the girls in order of the best photo to the worst of the week. Alexandria received the first call-out.

Following Alexandria, Tyra then revealed Hannah, Kasia and Brittani had also advanced to the competition's next round and would be traveling to Morocco -- leaving Molly and Jaclyn in the bottom two.

Tyra then recapped both girls' issues before revealing which one would get to remain in the competition.

"Jaclyn, you only made it to two go-sees. Only two. But what could possibly save you, is that you booked 100% percent of the ones that you went to, and they loved your personality. But it was only two," Tyra told Jaclyn.

"Molly, you made it to four out of five. Highly commendable. But once you got there, the clients said, 'Eh, I might put her in a picture. I might.' I don't like that personality," Tyra told Molly.

Tyra then revealed Molly's photo, resulting in Jaclyn's elimination.

"Miss lady, miss sweetness," Tyra started.

"Thank you so much," Jaclyn said.

"Are we going to go home and try to learn to read a map?" Tyra asked her jokingly.

"Oh, yes," Jaclyn replied.

"It's not so much about what the map represents. Do you understand?" Tyra asked Jaclyn.

"Yes. I do," Jaclyn responded. "It doesn't stop here."