Shedding for the Wedding crowned "Team Eco-Lovers" couple Samantha and Brooks its winners during Wednesday night's The CW broadcast of the new reality weight-loss competition's finale.

"You guys, you did it, you're the winners!  Congratulations!" Shedding for the Wedding host Sara Rue announced after Samantha and Brooks defeated "Team Fun and Games" couple Dawn and Adam in the finale's weigh-in. 

After beginning the competition at a combined 432 pounds, Samantha and Brooks weighed-in at 371 pounds at the finale -- giving them a 30.26% weight-loss percentage that eclipsed the 27.18% weight-loss percentage posted by Dawn and Adam, who began the competition at a combined 412 pounds and ended it at 300 pounds.

As the winners of The Biggest Loser-like competition for engaged couples, Samantha and Brooks -- a pair of 22-year-olds from New Hampshire, OH -- won a People magazine pictorial, a 2011 Toyota Highlander hybrid SUV, and dream wedding that took place immediately after their weigh-in victory.

"We don't have words for how it feels to have won this, because we won with the weight loss, we won the wedding -- we've never accomplished a goal like this before, ever," Brooks said after the weigh-in.

Before their wedding -- which was organized by wedding planner Brian Worley -- took place, Samantha and Brooks asked Dawn and Adam and previously eliminated "Team Hollywood" couple Laeresa and Stephen to be part of their wedding party.

"Stephen and Laeresa and Dawn and Adam were the two couples we bonded with the best, and it was only appropriate to have them in our wedding party if we won," Samantha explained. 

"There was no one else we wanted in our wedding besides the best friends that we've made here."

Earlier in the finale, "Team Big Band" couple Valerie and Dave won a consolation weigh-in between the season's seven previously eliminated couples.  As their prize, Valerie and Dave won a honeymoon trip to the Virgin Islands.
About The Author: Steven Rogers
Steven Rogers is a senior entertainment reporter for Reality TV World and been covering the reality TV genre for two decades.