America's Next Top Model eliminated Hannah Jones and determined its Top 2 finalists during Wednesday night's broadcast of the sixteenth season's eleventh episode on The CW.

"I'm kind of confused with why Tyra said I wasn't strong enough, because I know I'm an emotional person, but I'm definitely proud of myself. This has been such an amazing experience and now I have the confidence to really take risks and I know I can succeed. I just wish I would have been more consistent with my photographs, because I know I would have been in the top two," Hannah said following her ouster. 

Hannah became the twelfth girl eliminated from America's Next Top Model's sixteenth season after Top Model's judges reviewed the photos the season's three remaining finalists had taken at their tenth photo shoot challenge, which required them to pose with a male model on the beach wearing Moroccan wedding gowns.

Hannah Jones, a 20-year-old student from Houston, TX who currently resides in Austin, TX, ended up in the bottom two alongside Brittani Kline, a 19-year-old student from Beech Creek, PA.

Hannah and Brittani had both impressed Top Model fashion photo shoot director Jay Manuel and fashion photographer and judge Nigel Barker during the photo shoot -- which featured the girls attempting to immerse themselves into a romantic relationship narrative in two parts through their modeling -- but still got some mixed feedback on their performances.

"Hannah worked pretty well with the male model. So often, the look on her face was so aggressive that she lost her pretty. However, I love the concept. I like the commitment to the role," Nigel said.

"Sexy. Beautiful guys. The chemistry was really apparent, but sometimes, the emotion takes over a little bit too much. So, it's still finding that balance, but that's a very small note," Jay added.

While Hannah's issue was that she was trying to evoke an overwhelming amount of emotion, Brittani had the opposite problem in that she wasn't giving off enough passion to portray her narrative efficiently.

"You could really kind of tell that Brittani had a little bit of disdain for the male model, and Brittani stepped on set with that confidence of, 'You know what? I kind of got this one in the bag,' Jay said.

"I'm looking for a connection and a story. The story isn't being told 100% percent, because when we were shooting with Hannah, Hannah stayed in character even when we were talking to her. Maybe dig into a real emotion," Jay told Brittani.

"Brittani sort of burst into tears after Jay said something to her, and the pictures looked stunning. They looked beautiful, but she can't cry every time she gets photographed in order to truly emote. She has to pull from within," Nigel explained.

The next day the girls arrived for the sixteenth season's tenth elimination panel -- where they were met by Top Model judges Tyra Banks, Nigel, and Andre Leon Talley as well as IMG Models executive Ivan Bart, who also served as a guest judge.

The judges first discussed one of Brittani's two photos during panel critiques.
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"For me Brittani, one of the problems I had was that it's really best to start with the emotion and let the story follow. It seemed like you were doing the gesture and then saying, 'Oh, I'm in love!'" Nigel told Brittani.

"Great photographs are a collaboration of the photographer and the model, and I actually really like this photo. I really feel great energy. I think you did a fantastic job," Ivan said.

"I think the delicacy of the sleeve and the gesture of the hand to the male model is wonderful," Andre Leon added.

"But I have to agree with Nigel. Remember to be a model and not to be so little with your story," Tyra suggested.

One of Hannah's two photographs was then reviewed.

"[Your emotions] almost became your problem, and you kind of got so into the character that even though it was dramatic, you lost your model," Nigel said.

The rest of the judges all had very positive things to say about Hannah's photo including the way she wore the fashions, the way she followed through with her narrative and stayed in camera, and how she looked beautiful.

Both girls had received little criticism on both of their photos, which meant not one of the models in particular really stood out for having a worse performance or shot than the others.

Earlier in the episode, the three remaining girls received a video from The Insider host Lara Spencer and learned each model would get to choose a fashion or beauty trend in Morocco and report back on the subject to The Insider in a live shot.

The models were given one hour to research and write up their questions and would be able to ask experts or anyone else who had experienced with their topic questions. They were required to fill 90 seconds of continuous air time, and the winner would receive the opportunity to feature their live shot on The Insider's website online for an audience of millions of people.

Molly O'Connell, a 22-year-old student from Charleston, SC, had to discuss black kohl, Brittani had to report on henna, while Hannah opted to talk about argan oil.

Molly ended up winning the challenge and was very excited about her first victory in a challenge. Afterward, Tyra met up with the girls, had long conversations, and then photographed them in a spontaneous photo shoot.

After panel critiques and the judges had time to deliberate on the contestants, Tyra revealed the girls in order of the best photo to the least favored photo of the week. Molly received the first call-out, which left Hannah and Brittani in the bottom two.

Tyra then recapped both of the girls' strengths rather than their weaknesses before revealing which model would get to remain in the competition and compete in America's Next Top Model's sixteenth-season finale.

"Hannah, you have a face that can sell, sell sell. Your photos throughout this competition have shown that a pretty girl that is the girl next door is an edgy girl when she has the talent and the fire inside of her, but what the judges are unsure of, is the strength inside," Tyra told her.

"Brittani, [you] domestically started off so strong in this competition. The very first photo shoot you had blew me away and blew the judges away, but we've noticed something since you have crossed the Atlantic and your photos don't seem to be as strong as your counterparts. It makes us wonder, 'Are you strong enough to be an international model?" Tyra explained.

Tyra then revealed Brittani's photo, resulting in Hannah's elimination.

"I loved shooting you. So stunning, Hannah. And as I said, you are rare -- a girl that can look like this, so warm and so friendly, but then be able to be [fierce] at the same time. But we want to feel it here [gestured to her heart]. Okay?" Tyra asked Hannah.