America's Got Talent determined five more Top 20 fourth-season semifinalist acts during Tuesday night's live broadcast of the NBC reality competition series. 
Fab Five, a group of five dancing sisters from Morgan, UT; The Voices of Glory, sibling singing trio from Highland, NY; The Texas Tenors, a trio of tenors from Houston, TX; and Paradizo Dance, a husband-and-wife acrobatic dance duo from Brooklyn, NY, were revealed to have finished as the top 4 vote-getters after Tuesday night's performance show which featured the season's second group of 12 quarterfinalists performing for home viewer votes, automatically earning them a spot in America's Got Talent fourth-season Top 20 semifinals.

In the process, America's Got Talent host Nick Cannon also revealed that Alizma, Beale Street Flippers, Carol Loo, Eleisha Miller, Pete Peterkin, and SQ Entertainment had received the six lowest home viewer vote totals and been eliminated from the competition.
The announcements then left America's Got Talent judges Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne and David Hasselhoff with the task of deciding which of the two acts that had received the fifth and sixth highest vote totals -- Tony Hoard & Rory, a dog-and-owner act from New Castle, IN, or Charles DeWayne, a piano-playing singer from La Verne, CA -- should become the final Group 2 quarterfinalist act to advance to the semifinals.

"You know this is the part of judging that we absolutely hate because, you know, this should really be up to America.  However we do have a distinct advantage sitting here -- we have seen all the competition.  We know what all the acts are," David said as he began to reveal his vote after Sharon asked for more time to make her own decision. 

"There are some really great singers.  Do I think Charles can make it with the rest of the singers?  I don't know.  Are you good enough to compete with all the rest of the variety acts?  I don't know.  So I've got to make a choice between who I think is best for this show.  From my heart I've got to go with Tony and Rory."

However David's vote didn't go over well with Piers.

"Well I can't believe what I'm hearing. Let me just say one thing -- one thing very simply, and it's this: If Charles DeWayne does not go through tonight it will be the biggest scandal in the history of America's Got Talent," Piers said as he cast his own vote for Charles.

Piers' comment only appeared to put further pressure on Sharon, who hesitated a bit more before announcing that she was also casting her vote for Tony Hoard & Rory.

"Whoa, whoa... okay.  Charles, you're a great young talent, a great singer.  Tony, what you do is quite unique, it's very different," Sharon said.  "What's great about this show is we give a forum to all different sorts of entertainers, and therefore I've made my decision and my decision is it's going to have to be -- it's going to have to be Tony!"

"Congratulations Tony Hoard & Rory!" Nick said as a visibly upset Piers fumed over the decision.

America's Got Talent's next episode will air Tuesday, August 18 and feature 12 more quarterfinalists performing for the chance to advance to the semifinals.