America's Got Talent determined six of its 12 eighth-season finals acts during Wednesday night's live broadcast of the NBC reality talent competition series.

Cami Bradley, Collins Key, Forte, Innovative Force, and Taylor Williamson were revealed to have finished as the Top 5 vote-getters after Tuesday night's performance show which featured 12 of the season's 24 semifinalist acts performing for home viewer votes, automatically earning them a spot in the finals.

Angela Hoover, Tone the Chiefrocca, Red Panda -- who was Howie Mandel's Wild Card pick -- Duo Resonance, and Jonathan Allen had received the five lowest home viewer vote totals from the performance show and would not be advancing.

The announcements then left America's Got Talent judges Howie, Heidi Klum, Melanie "Mel B" Brown, and Howard Stern with the task of deciding which of the two acts that had received the sixth and seventh highest vote totals -- Catapult Entertainment and Dave Fenley -- should become the sixth act to advance to the finals.

"Well these are two very different acts -- very, very extremely talented. Catapult, I love you guys, but last night, you were a little bit off. Dave, Dave's my guy. I have to go with Dave, Dave, Dave, Dave, Dave. I'm putting Dave through," Mel B. said.

"I don't get the whole Dave, Mel B. thing. I think it hurt Dave last night," Howard began, referencing how Dave performed a Spice Girls song.

"Dave got aggravated with me, but I'm not being critical just to be a jerk. I've been called a jerk, no, I'm trying to be constructive. I'm telling you you're a great singer, but last night, playing up to Mel hurt you. You went way off as far as I was concerned. But I do enjoy you very much and I recognize you as a great performer. Catapult, we've been over the fact you guys were off a little bit last night, so what?! Look, what you have done is remarkable. What you do week after week is sensational. We need you on this show, you're an important act, there is no way I can say 'no' to you. I go for Catapult all the way. They have earned it."

Added Heidi, "It's always a tough decision every week. I love you guys. Catapult, I love what you do. You put us on this magical journey, and you Dave, you have a very unique and beautiful raspy voice. It's hard. But I like you, Catapult. I like you just a little bit more."

Howie then had the chance to put Catapult Entertainment through to the next round or create a 2-2 tie in which the act who had received more home viewer votes Tuesday night would advance.

"This is incredibly tough because Catapult, I love what you do... I cannot get it out of my mind. The story you told last week is still on my mind. Last night, I wasn't as impressed, but in watching the package, I know you had glitches. Let me give you some criticism... I think you tried to do too much. I love the simplicity of what you do -- one story, not too many things, it's beautiful. Don't try too hard. I think you tried too hard and that hurt you," Howie explained.

"Dave Fenley, last night, you were the first act that turned the entire show around. Up until I saw you, it was not really a semifinal. I saw you and you raised the game. You became more than just a coffee house singer. You did the beat box. I thought it was an interesting selection, unlike what Howard thought. But this is about the finals. This is about one million dollars. This is about Radio City Music Hall -- big, special, toughest decision I've made so far this season. But I have to say Catapult."

Next week's America's Got Talent broadcast will feature the following semifinalist acts taking the stage: American Military Spouses Choir, Anna Christine, Branden James, Chicago Boyz Acrobatic Team, D'Angelo and Amanda, Jimmy Rose, John Wing, Kenichi Ebina, Illusionist Leon Etienne and Romy Low -- Howard's Wild Card pick -- Marty Brown, Timber Brown, and hopefully the KriStef Brothers -- one of whom got injured during a rehearsal and is currently recovering.