Nick Cannon has facetiously tweeted "I'M RACIST!" following his "whiteface" controversy.

The 33-year-old comedian and "America's Got Talent" host came under fire last month when he shared pictures and videos of himself in "whiteface" on his Instagram account.

Cannon wore the makeup to portray his "white alter ego," Connor Smallnut, in order to promote his new record, White People Party Music.

The comedian posted the tweet on Thursday and included a link to a video of his standup routine.

"I've always been perfectly straight forward," Cannon writes in the video summary. "No need to make anymore allegations or statements about me being racist...I'M LETTING YOU KNOW!!!"

The video shows a portion of the comedian's routine where he addresses racial humor.

"All the racists in here make some noise," Cannon prompts his audience. "I'm right there with you... Yes, I am a racist."

"I'm prejudiced," he says. "Yes, I pre-judge people, I do. If I meet somebody from India, I assume they house smell like curry. My Asian friends, I don't let them walk my dog... I'm racist! If I see a middle-aged white man in some sweatpants by a school, pedophile!"

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"White people, you guys are scared of young black men in black hoods," he continues. "I'm scared of old white men in white hoods! KKK, that [expletive] is real."

Cannon has defended his use of "whiteface" in the past, and will also discuss the incident on Friday's episode of "Rachel Ray."

"I've been planning this over a year, to release my album on April Fools' Day, call it White People Party Music, and dress up as that character, Connor Smallnut," the comedian says on the show. "The funny thing is...that [Connor] is an ultra-sensitive character who hates Nick Cannon, and is offended by the album title."

"Some people can't take a joke, but I wasn't trying to reach those people anyway," Cannon asserts. "I'm reaching people that have a sense of humor and know how to laugh."