Eric Sanchez and Danielle Turner managed to overcome being both "marked for elimination" and yielded for the second time during last night's broadcast of CBS' The Amazing Race: All-Stars.  Instead, fellow racers Oswald Mendez and Danilo Jimenez became "marked for elimination" when they were the last team to arrive at the eleventh leg's Pit Stop.

While they get to remain competing in the The Amazing Race: All-Stars, Ozzy and Danny must now be the first team to arrive at the next Pit Stop.  If they fail to do that, they'll incur a 30 minute penalty, allowing any of the race's three other remaining teams to check-in before them.

The Amazing Race: All-Stars' eleventh episode began with Ozzy and Danny, the first team to complete the tenth leg, departing the tenth leg's Hong Kong Pit Stop at 3:41AM and receiving a clue instructing them to travel 40 miles by turbo ferry to mainland China and the city of Macau.  Once in Macau, teams would meet a man in a rickshaw, and he would give them their next clue.

"So far, Danny and I have been incredibly fair the way we've dealt with every single team," explained Ozzy.  "We're not going to be one of those people that are going to be stabbing someone in the back to qualify for the final three."  The two were concerned, however, because they started off the leg "with minimal funds" after spending much of their money during the ninth leg's Roadblock.  Beauty queens Dustin Seltzer and Kandice Pelletier were the next team to head for the ferry at 5:23AM.

"Until we're in the final three, we're going to race like we're in last place because we want to be there so bad, it's almost like wild animals fighting for food," said Dustin.  Added Kandice, "Hopefully we can stay ahead of the other teams and get a little bit of a lead, which is great."

Ozzy and Danny were the first to reach Macau. Once there, they learned they needed to travel two miles to the tallest structure in the city, the Macau Tower, which stands over 1,109 feet high. At the tower, teams would find the second of two Yields on the race along with their next clue. 

"If we do decide to Yield anyone, it will probably be the person right behind us," said Ozzy.  "And I believe the people that came in second place are the blondes."  Dustin and Kandice also learned about the Yield -- a race feature they had previously used on Eric and Danielle during the race's ninth leg.  "We might be Yielded," guessed Kandice as they made their way to Macau Tower.

Cousins Charla Baklayan Faddoul and Mirna Hindoyan were the next to depart the Pit Stop at 7:06AM, and made their way to the ferry just hoping Charla wouldn't get sick to her stomach for a third time during All-Stars.  "People think because Charla's short, they think I'm supposed to treat her in a special way," said Mirna.  "She doesn't want to be treated in a special way.  Other teams probably see me as a tyrant, but I'm here to win."

Once they arrived at the Macau Tower, Ozzy and Danny found the doors to the structure closed until 10AM.  Prior to Dustin and Kandice's arrival, Ozzy and Danny did a money count and realized they had only $16.  After taunting the beauty queens that they would Yield them, Ozzy and Danny decided to try and strike a deal with Dustin and Kandice.

"We have a little offer on the Yield," said Ozzy to Dustin and Kandice.  "When we ended the last leg of the race, we ended up with zero dollars. So, I mean, we'll Yield whoever you want... but we do need cash."  Ozzy called this tactic a "brilliant idea."  Dustin and Kandice discussed the offer and decided who to Yield.  Kandice realized it would be "crappy" to use the Yield on Danielle and Eric since they're already in last place.  While she described it was "kicking them while they're down," she remembered the Yield is a "tool" during the game.  After deciding to trust Ozzy and Danny, Dustin and Kandice paid $45 to Yield Eric and Danielle.

"It's not a big deal," said Danny.  But Ozzy wasn't so sure.  "I feel nauseous for doing this," he told Danny.  "I'm not happy."  Meanwhile the beauty queens accepted their decision to Yield Eric and Danielle for a second time.  "We now officially are the Yield queens," said Kandice.  "We just bought a Yield."

Eric and Danielle were the last team to leave Hong Kong, departing for the ferry at 9:31AM and totally unaware of the deal that had just taken place.  "I don't like where we are now.  It's not a good position to be in," said Eric.  "We're fighting from the bottom to try and get to the top.  There's no mistakes you can really make right now without risking being eliminated."  Danielle added "it really sucks" to be "marked for elimination."  "We need to catch-up to them somehow or we're screwed," she said.

Charla and Mirna arrived at Macau Tower just prior to its opening.  Kandice told Mirna, "Your hair looks nice."  Stunned at the compliment, all Mirna could muster was, "Thanks!"  When the tower opened, the three teams still had to wait another hour for the tower's top floor was open. 
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During the downtime, Charla -- aware that Ozzy and Danny were running low on funds-- volunteered to give them some of her team's money.  "I thank you for your generosity," Ozzy cryptically replied.  "It would have been heaven-sent if we had this conversation earlier."  As Eric and Danielle arrived in Macau, the elevators opened for the other three teams to ascend to the 61st floor of the tower.  And when they got to the top of the tower, Ozzy and Danny proved to be men of their word as they Yielded Eric and Danielle. 

Ozzy and Danny's move befuddled Mirna.  "The Yield wasn't really necessary.  Why would you ever Yield a team in the beginning of a leg knowing that they're not that far behind and they can catch-up and pass you at any moment?" pondered Mirna.  "It didn't make logical sense to me."

With the deed done, the teams were met by a Roadblock.  In this Roadblock, one team member had to step outside of the Macau Tower and walk completely around the outer rim of the observation deck. Then, using the world's highest permanent descender, they had to jump off the building and fall 660 feet to the street below.  Host Phil Keoghan called it "the highest jump in the history of The Amazing Race." 

As Kandice, Danny and Charla suited up and attempted to complete the Roadblock in that order, Eric and Danielle arrived and learned of the Yield ahead.  Eric was confident either Ozzy and Danny or Charla and Mirna would have been able to "Yield the blondes."  Kandice was the first to finish the Roadblock.  After completing it, her team received a clue instructing them to travel by taxi to Lou Lim Ieoc Garden, where they would search for their next clue. 

Meanwhile, as Charla prepared for her Roadblock decent, Ozzy informed Mirna of the Yield deal his team had made with the blondes.  "We would have given you the money!" Mirna told Ozzy.  "I know," he responded.  "We were desperate and honestly, we didn't even want to use our Yield, but it was a decision that we made." Mirna said she was "definitely disappointed" about the deal, and described it "like making a deal with the devil." 

Shortly thereafter, Eric and Danielle -- anticipating they'd be able to "make up some ground" on whichever front-running team had been Yielded -- were surprised to discover that they had been Yielded once again.

"You guys are pieces of s**t!" yelled Eric at Ozzy and Danny.  "I'm just angry that Ozzy and Danny Yielded us," Eric explained afterward.  "You start off trusting everybody for the most part, a little bit, then you see things come out in people that you don't like.  So I have no respect for Danny and Ozzy anymore." 

As Ozzy and Danny hopped in a cab on the way to the garden, they looked back on their deal.  "There's no way to explain to Danielle and Eric what our consequences were for Yielding them," said Danny.  "It was 'bad karma' versus 'no money,' and we could have been eliminated this leg."

After Charla completed the Roadblock, she and Mirna also headed off to the garden and gossiped in the cab.  "It's going to motivate [Eric and Danielle]," said Mirna of Ozzy and Danny's decision.  "People just don't realize sometimes the Yield backfires on you." 

Following the expiration of their Yield time, Eric quickly completed the Roadblock.  "We've got to keep racing and hopefully we can catch up," said Eric once in a cab.  "I feel like the pressure's on.  I'm just trying to get things done to make back some time that we lost.  I'm so pissed about the Yield.  Danny and Ozzy are cowards."

Since Dustin and Kandice got lost on the way, Ozzy and Danny managed to become the first to reach the garden .  Upon finding the cluebox and retrieving the leg's next clue, Danny and Ozzy learned it was time for the leg's Detour tasks, "Noodle" and "Dragon." 

In "Noodle," the teams had to make their way two miles to the second floor of a building to choose a noodle making station. Then they had to use traditional methods to flatten the dough and cut it.  After two bundles of thin noodles were completed, they would receive their next clue.

In "Dragon," the teams had to travel nearly one mile to a nearby warehouse. Once there, they had to choose a dragonhead and a drum and carry these awkward items three-quarters of a mile through the streets of Macau to a dock and find dragon boats. When they attached their dragonhead to the one boat it matched and handed their drum over to the coxswain, they would receive their next clue. 

Ozzy and Danny chose "Dragon," which Ozzy described as sounding "fun and easy."  As Dustin and Kandice decided to do "Noodle," Danny and Ozzy grew frustrated with their cab driver, who got lost trying to find the warehouse.  Charla and Mirna also chose "Noodle."  Danielle took a nasty spill in the garden, but she and Eric chose "Noodle" as well. 

Dustin and Kandice were the first to arrive at the noodle station at the same time Danny realized their cab driver took them to the end of the Detour challenge, not the beginning.  "The Detour has two addresses... where the Detour begins, and where the Detour ends," said Danny.  "[The cab driver] doesn't read English, so obviously we go to the end of the Detour instead of the beginning." 

Dustin and Kandice were the first to complete the Detour, but were told their noodles were too thick just as Charla and Mirna arrived.  However they quickly corrected their mistake  and learned they had to travel one mile to a street where a Mini-Moke -- a small car -- would be waiting for them along with their next clue. After arriving at the Mini-Moke, the beauty queens discovered they had to drive five miles to the island of Taipa and find Triho de Taipa Pequena 2000, the site of the race's eleventh Pit Stop.

Danny and Ozzy finally picked-up the dragonhead and drum and headed towards the boat docks.  Danny assured Ozzy he knew where the water could be found and had the cab follow them. 

Meanwhile, back at the noodle station, Charla and Mirna's first attempt also saw them cut the noodles too thick, for which Mirna blamed Charla (of course).  "Charla, I had it so thin!" she yelled at her cousin.  "You kept telling me to cut it thick! Good job!"

When they arrived at the noodle station, Eric and Danielle realized that the other teams' difficulties had given them an opportunity to gain some ground.  However, despite the chance to gain some ground on Charla annd Mirna, Eric never lost sight of his true goal.  "I just want to get this done and kill Danny and Ozzy," said Eric to Danielle.  Working like a man possessed, Eric sliced his noodles thin enough on the first try and he and Danielle left in second place. 

"You told me to make them half an inch thick. You think that was a good idea in hindsight?" said Mirna, as she continued to berate her cousin.  Answered Charla, "We're not all perfect like some people." 

While the cousins eventually managed to finish the task and depart for the Mini-Mokes, Ozzy and Danny continued to aimlessly wander the streets of Macau with a dragonhead and drum.  As they walked the streets, Danny felt that Ozzy didn't "trust" his sense of direction, and the two asked several people for help to no avail.  "This does not feel right," said a confused Danny.  "How could we be so lost?"  Ozzy referred to their Macau adventure as "an ordeal and a half."

Mercifully, Ozzy and Danny eventually found the dock, delivered the dragonhead and drum and -- using their bad-luck cab driver -- made their way to the Mini-Mokes. 

Meanwhile, deciding not to try and make the drive on their own, Dustin and Kandice and Eric and Danielle each got someone (a man on a motorcycle and a cab respectively) to show them the way to Taipa.

Mirna, not surprisingly, crashed her Mini-Moke as soon as she got behind the wheel and tried to get Charla to drive instead.  As motorists honked, the cousins received some help and had their vehicle moved off the curb it was stuck on.  Eventually, they gave the Mini-Moke another shot and headed back off to Taipa with Mirna back behind the wheel.  When they finally found their Mini-Moke, Ozzy and Danny decided to follow the same cab driver that plagued them all day to Taipa.

Dustin and Kandice were the first to arrive at the Pit Stop, followed closely by Eric and Danielle, who had to wait 30 minutes since they were "marked for elimination" from the previous leg.  Nervously pacing and dancing around, Eric and Danielle waited anxiously with the beauty queens, who told them how the Yield went down.  However they left out the part where it was their decision -- not Danny and Ozzy's --  to Yield Eric and Danielle. It didn't matter in Eric's mind.

"As far as I'm concerned, everyone can go to hell," said Eric."[Ozzy and Danny] suck.  I'm so pissed... honestly. I want to throw them off this roof."

Meanwhile, back on the road, Ozzy and Danny continued to feel the negative affects of their Yield karma.  Their  cab driver led them to the wrong park on Taipa, forcing them to drive to the other side of the island.  Although Charla and Mirna were the third team to arrive at the Pit Stop, they actually finished in second place since Eric and Danielle still had to wait another 14 minutes to check in.  Eric actually saw Ozzy and Danny's Mini-Moke approach Triho de Taipa Pequena 2000 as their 30 minute delay expired, but he and Danielle managed to run out their time penalty before the best friends could arrive at the Pit Stop mat.

"We right now feel so good. We're so lucky to even be standing here right now after everything we've been through," said Eric.  "I'm not used to being an underdog and I really feel like Danielle and I are the underdogs. We've been through hell."  Danielle described the feeling as "non-stop craziness."

Having noticed the other Mini-Mokes already parked in the lot upon their arrival at the Pit Stop location, Danny and Ozzy approached the mat already aware they were in last place. However after they solemnly reached the Pit Stop mat, The Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan informed them that since the leg was the race's last non-elimination leg, they had not been eliminated from the race.

"We are accountable for our actions.  We did what we had to do given the situation that we had," said Ozzy, explaining their Yield deal.  "Today was a day when karma bit Ozzy and Danny in the ass.  It was not our proudest moment using that Yield that we never intended to use.  Money is the root of all evil."

The Amazing Race: All-Stars will air its penultimate episode on Sunday, April 29 at 8PM ET/PT on CBS.