All-Star Celebrity Apprentice star Donald Trump fired Gary Busey during Sunday night's ninth episode of the celebrity reality competition's sixth season on NBC.

Trump fired the actor after his "Plan B" team lost the season's ninth task, which required "Plan B" and the opposing "Power" team to each make a video to excite, explore and demonstrate how LG smart-technology can enhance people's everyday lives, delivering on the company's slogan "Life's Good."

The teams were judged on the following criteria: creativity, integration of product knowledge and overall presentation.

"When you don't have your teammates working with you and you're the project manager, that means your teammates want you out. And that's what happened tonight, but so what?! I don't care! I'm going home," Gary said following his ouster.

Rapper Lil Jon and Gary then opted to serve as their teams' project managers this time around, and the winning project manager would receive a total of $40,000 for his or her charity in addition to one dollar for every share of the winning project manager's video on LG's Facebook page up to $35,000.

Lil Jon's team also featured country star Trace Adkins and actress Marilu Henner. Gary's team was also comprised of actress and former Harry Loves Lisa star Lisa Rinna and comedian and magician Penn Jillette.

Once in the boardroom, Trump announced the LG executives were going to give each contestant's charity a full suite of LG smart appliances cumulatively worth over $100,000.

Gary then told Trump he felt "abandoned" by his team during the task and he'd fire Lisa because she yelled at him throughout their task's execution and was very confrontational. Lil Jon's team agreed the task ultimately fell on Lil Jon's shoulders if they were to lose.

Once Lil Jon's team was told they had won "no contest" and exited the boardroom, Gary's team began bickering. Penn argued he had given Gary three ideas that were immediately shot down while Lisa wasn't allowed to voice any opinion at all.

Trump's advisor and daughter Ivanka Trump then revealed the positives and negatives of Gary's video. The presentation and commercial was authentic and showed an appreciation for the product. The executives also liked how Penn said he was a "late adopter" of the technology similar to many of their consumers.

The negatives of the video were that many of the smart products were not featured and the executives truly disliked Gary's "mechanical dog" act. Gary pretended he was turning into a mechanical dog without LG's smart products in his life, and apparently the joke could've been funny but didn't land.

Gary owned up to the fact he was responsible for the mechanical dog but blamed his team for not speaking up if they didn't like the idea. He said he had no help or backing from his teammates. 

Gary then suggested Lisa should be fired because her yelling disrupted and hindered his own performance in the task, while she brought very little to the table.
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Penn's rebuttal was that he and Lisa didn't really understand the direction of Gary's vision for the video and therefore didn't exactly know how to help. Penn noted that Gary didn't even pay attention to the lesson they were given on how to use the smart technology.

Penn explained he had "tremendously" disagreed with Gary's idea, but then Gary said he should've offered input or alternatives in that case. After listening to both sides, Trump seemed to have his mind made up and told Gary he probably should've listened more closely to his teammates. 

"I think you're really terrific and you're really solid, but [an executive] did not like the mechanical dog. That was your idea... he didn't like the fact that you didn't highlight many of the great LG products. Whose fault is that," Trump asked Gary.

"Well that's the fault of the whole team," Gary replied.

"But Gary, you're the project manager. In all fairness, you didn't highlight many of the fantastic products. Gary, you're fired," Trump said.
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