Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham is involving both her father and three-year-old daughter Sophia in the process of shopping around her sex tape.

The 21-year-old reality TV star filmed a sex tape with porn star James Deen earlier this month and is currently negotiating with multiple porn companies in the hopes one will purchase it for big bucks, Us Weekly reported.

Abraham, her father Michael Abraham and Sophia reportedly met with Steve Hirsch, the founder of Vivid Entertainment porn studio, in Los Angeles on Sunday to talk business, and Michael told TMZ on their way out of the building that he was simply present to "support" his daughter as she tries to "figure out what's going on."

Abraham explained it's not out of the norm for her father to be at her side in such circumstances, according to Us.

"My dad's just very supportive," she told TMZ. "And like any business person, I need to handle this situation the best way for my future... My dad's just here helping me out, and I wanted to bring Soph out here as well. I'm just getting a couple different offers for two other companies, and I think it's just smart that I'm hearing what each company has to say and really hearing out everything so I can process it."

Once Deen let the cat out of the bag a couple weeks ago that he and Abraham had made a sex tape together, the Teen Mom star initially denied the tape's existence. Following Deen's persistent public claims, Abraham finally admitted she had starred in the film for personal reasons and the footage wouldn't be released.

However, Abraham -- who called herself "a great woman, mother and entrepreneur" -- seemingly changed her mind in a matter of moments, telling Fox News shortly afterwards she'd be willing to sell the tape as long as she could profit at least a couple million dollars.

"I've only gotten great feedback from the other companies that they were personally impressed," she added, Us reported. "In terms of every field of work that I've worked in, I'm always wanting to hear good feedback, whether it's shows or it's my book or other things. And I've only gotten great feedback about this. And that's why maybe I'm looking into the option of releasing it. If I heard otherwise, I wouldn't even be releasing it."

According to Fox News, Deen had said he believes Abraham initially wanted to pretend the fake "personal" sex tape had leaked, but the plan was spoiled when the pair were spotted holding hands while leaving a porn distributor's office together at the time.