Aaron Clancy's recent denial of allegations that he was dating two women at the same time and lying to them about each other just before he also appeared on Bachelor in Paradise and wooed Genevieve Parisi are untrue, according to one of the women.

Aaron conducted his first interview since Bachelor in Paradise to share his "truth" on the December 7 episode of "The Ben and Ashley I: Almost Famous Podcast," co-hosted by Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti.


Reports swirled in November that Aaron had dated two women simultaneously for months before he left San Diego to film Bachelor in Paradise's eighth season in June 2022 and that he got away with it by repeatedly telling each woman that the other was just "a friend."

The two women eventually talked directly via Instagram direct messages in June while Aaron was off wooing Genevieve in Mexico, and ultimately determined Aaron had been playing and two-timing them both for months.

During his "Almost Famous" interview on Thursday, however, Aaron denied there was any "crossover" between the two relationships, which both seemingly began in 2021, and he insisted he was never officially either woman's boyfriend prior to Paradise.

Aaron claimed he broke up with one woman -- whom Aaron called "Girl A" and Reality Steve spoiler blogger Steve Carbone dubbed "Beth" when he first reported the women's existence last month -- in January 2022 and then began dating "Girl B" later that month. (Carbone gave Aaron's "Girl B" the pseudonym of Amy).

But, according to Beth, she and Aaron had an intimate and sexual relationship that began in September 2021 and then continued uninterrupted from January through May 2022 after a two-month split until shortly before he flew to Mexico to film Paradise.

Beth told Carbone on Friday's episode of his "Reality Steve" podcast that she first met Aaron in September 2021 around the time of his birthday and they began "talking."

"I used to watch [his appearances on Season 7] with him," Beth said after Carbone noted Aaron's prior Bachelor in Paradise season was still airing on ABC at the time.

"We [then] started heavily hanging out around late September and things were progressing a lot, to the point we were with each other almost every single day," Beth claimed.

"We had a fight in early November [2021] and cut things off. We had no contact. It was slight [communication] here or there, but nothing like before. I was heartbroken, I was upset; it was a blowout that was unnecessary."


Beth said she and Aaron went their separate ways for the rest of the year but she would still sometimes see him around since they live in close proximity to each other in San Diego.

"And then towards the end of late January [2022], he reached out to me to rekindle our relationship. It started off slow, but him and I both knew the intentions of starting back up again would be to progress to a serious relationship," Beth said.

"So end of January, we got back together, and I was with him pretty much every single day up until around early April."

Beth even told Carbone that Aaron helped her to raise a puppy beginning in January until things "started to fizzle out" in April after she told Aaron she needed to go on a work trip to Europe for two weeks later that month.

According to Beth, Aaron used the mention of her upcoming work trip to suddenly tell her that he might also have to go on a "work trip" of his own and fly to Mexico and appear on Season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise, which he called his "job."

Beth claimed Aaron tried to convince her he would only be going on the show for financial and publicity reasons and he would want to continue his relationship with her when he returned from Mexico, however Beth said she told Aaron she would not be okay with such an arrangement.

In her Instagram texts with Amy that Beth had shared with Carbone in November, Amy told Beth that she and Aaron were seeing each other in January and then she stayed with him "a few nights" in February and March.

Amy had also told Beth that she and Aaron were hanging out "more heavily" in April.

But Aaron told Ben and Ashley on Wednesday's "Almost Famous" podcast that he definitely ended things with Beth in January, before striking up a romance with Amy later that same month -- a claim Beth alleged is completely false.

"We didn't end in January; we started BACK UP in January!... [And] Aaron said the opposite," Beth lamented to Carbone in his Friday podcast.

"I was at his place every single day. I had my dog's pee pads [and] his food at his place. Because I was staying over there -- sleeping over there at his apartment -- and I had to bring the dog with me... [by] February we were lovey-dovey again."

"He was calling me affectionate names, he was calling me even more than we were," she continued.

"Like I was spending every single day with this person, every single night with this person. Besides when I'd be working, or I'd be bartending, or when I'd be out of town."

Beth also gave Carbone a collection of photos and Instagram DM screenshots that support her claims that she and Aaron were together from January until right before he left to film Bachelor in Paradise and Carbone publicly published them on his website along with the podcast's release.

Beth noted that in addition to checking the dates on her photos, listeners could also see how her puppy grew larger in the various photos Aaron took with the dog over the months they were together.


Aaron claimed on "Almost Famous" that he and Amy had taken a trip to Tulum in January and realized they were "not compatible" enough for a long-term relationship. He said "a blowout fight" ended their romance and they "didn't talk" in March or April.

Aaron, however, also alleged the lines were "blurry" with Beth after he allegedly split with her in January and she may have been a little confused about their relationship post-split since they remained in contact and continued to text -- although innocently, according to Aaron, and without any in-person contact -- while he was seeing Amy.

"I didn't feel bad about texting [Beth] while I was with someone else," Aaron said on "Almost Famous."

"Because that, to me, like, I'm not in a committed relationship; I can do whatever I want. I wasn't texting her in that [romantic] way. We were communicating because there were leftover feelings there, but... I was super transparent with everyone."

During her podcast interview with Carbone on Friday, Beth said she asked Aaron what was going on between him and Amy -- whom Beth knew Aaron had begun dating in November 2021 after Aaron and Beth had split -- when Aaron initially began attempted to reconcile with in January and Aaron told her he and Amy were over.

"[After their Tulum trip] is exactly when he reached out to me actually," Beth told Carbone.

"Because I go, 'What happened with Amy?' and he goes, 'It's no longer, we got in a fight, we went our separate ways, it was not good.'"

As for why Aaron ended his relationship with Beth to begin with, Aaron made some shocking allegations.

Aaron claimed he wanted nothing to do with Beth after she and her friends allegedly "bullied" him and shouted "homophobic slurs" at him one night in a bar.

Aaron attacked Beth's character in his conversation with Ben and Ashley, saying she's the type of person who made up a rumor that he's gay just because of his close bromance with Bachelor in Paradise alum James Bonsall.

But Beth told Carbone a completely different story on his podcast.

Beth recalled running into Aaron at a bar right after New Year's in early January, while she believed he was still dating Amy.

"I saw him for the first time [since our split] so I was a little anxious and I was a little upset. Feelings were rushing through and I was really on edge," Beth recalled.

Beth said she grabbed a drink at the bar when one of her good male friends from college -- a friend who apparently never liked or respected Aaron much for how he had treated Beth -- took it upon himself to make a scene.

"My friend, I saw in the corner of my eye walked up to him. And the second I saw that, I ran over to stop it. Because he should've not confronted [Aaron]; he should've stayed out of the drama," Beth admitted.

"Nobody else needs to be involved. And [my friend] called [Aaron] a homophobic slur, and I was pissed! I was livid. Aaron shoved him," Beth disclosed.

Beth said she scolded her college friend that night and felt "horrible" about the whole situation because she doesn't condone that name-calling behavior at all.

"I apologized to Aaron. I sent him a long text explaining I apologize for my friend's actions and it was not acceptable and it was not okay... I said, 'Other people's actions do not define me as a person, so please do not think poorly of me because of something my friend decided to do as a choice,'" Beth explained to Carbone on his podcast.

"And he responded, 'No worries, all good. Sh-t happens.' But as you guys can see, he still held a grudge."

Beth continued, "The fact he's saying I bullied him and started a rumor he's gay, are you kidding me?! That's just to get people to believe him and the other lies that he said to make it seem like I'm not credible and I don't tell the truth."

"But he apparently has our text messages -- and he can share them!" she exclaimed, adding that unfortunately, "Sorry is not in [Aaron's] vocabulary."

According to Beth -- who said her phone automatically expires text messages after 30 days so she no longer has access to her own copy of her texts with Aaron -- her relationship with Aaron began to fizzle after she returned from her trip to Europe in late April.

"I came back at the end of April and I just knew that something was up," she told Carbone. "He was not as responsive, I could just tell he was hiding something from me."

However, according to Beth, the couple remained together in the weeks afterwards, and even argued over Aaron's failure to plan anything for Beth's May 9th birthday and her subsequent decision to celebrate with the day with an overnight girls' night out in Los Angeles that didn't include Aaron.

Beth then claimed she just randomly happened to see Aaron drive by in his car with Amy as she walked her dog near her home in San Diego early on the Tuesday morning after her birthday weekend, and Aaron had a weak explanation for the outing when she confronted him about it.

"I instantly messaged him," she told Carbone. "And he said, 'Oh, I know this might be bothersome to you or make you upset but we're just getting coffee, we're just friends, she leaves for Hawaii tomorrow.'"

"In my mind... you're driving with a girl you told me you no longer contact and she is not in your life anymore... so I started thinking how long have you guys been talking for, like when did this relationship rekindle?"

"And then, you've seen in [my DMs with her that] she [later told me] 'I was with him on your birthday' -- he was her on the entire weekend of my birthday and hid it from me."

Beth also alleged the only time Aaron publicly posted about her on his social media was an Instagram Stories posting in which he wished her a happy birthday -- something she considered an unexpected sweet and public gesture.

However Beth alleged she later learned Aaron had deliberately hidden then post from Amy.

"He posted me on his Story [for my birthday] and I was shocked because he had never posted me out of the almost seven months that we were together," she told Carbone.

"And it really caught me off guard... 'Oh my god, this person is posting me on Instagram! This is like his No. 1 rule, he doesn't want to be in the public. He doesn't want people to know his personal life.' I was shocked."

"He made it look very friendly, which I understand because that was always like the rule with him -- like nothing could be too exposed, right?" she continued.

"So I messaged him and I was like, 'That's so sweet of you, wow,' and his response to that was, 'It's about time.' As in it's about time that he post me on his Story."

"[But] I found out later that he had actually blocked Amy from viewing his Story so she found out through his friends and when she asked him about it he said that it means nothing and he feels bad for me, that's why he posted it. And he apparently got upset at Amy for even asking the question."

Beth speculated Aaron soured on their relationship after their April conversation in which she had told him she would not be willing to put it on pause and resume it afterwards if Bachelor in Paradise producers decided to have him appear on Season 8 -- a decision he allegedly told her he would only learn for sure in late May.

Amy, on the other hand, apparently reunited with Aaron in July after he returned from filming the Bachelor in Paradise season and the couple is still seeing each other now.

Beth said Amy blocked her although they had bonded over each being played by Aaron in June.

Aaron claimed his current relationship is "really complicated," and he wouldn't confirm on "Almost Famous" whether Amy is his girlfriend.

Beth also challenged Aaron's "Almost Famous" claims that she was never his girlfriend during her own Friday podcast interview.

"[Aaron] uses the word 'friend' for every type of relationship he ever has with someone," she told Carbone.

"I mean clearly if it is platonic or not platonic, you're just his 'friend' and unless he goes 'Will you be my girlfriend?"  Like, come on, I know Aaron said that I'm [only] 23, and I might be young, but no offense -- having the 'boyfriend, girlfriend' and 'let's make it official' talk is B-S." 

"If you're with someone, if you know you're committed  exclusively to someone, that's basically the same thing -- it's just a label," she continued. 

"So he uses the word 'friend' way too often to describe relationships... he said the same thing to Genevieve [when he ended things with her on Paradise] ... he doesn't understand the terminology."

On December 1, Genevieve shared her perspective on Aaron's scandal during an appearance on "The Ben and Ashley I: Almost Famous Podcast."


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