Bachelor in Paradise bachelor Aaron Clancy allegedly had not just one but two girls back home while he was filming the show's eighth season earlier this year.

On Bachelor in Paradise's eighth season, Aaron has been shown dating The Bachelor 26 alum Genevieve Parisi. The couple has even been saying, "I love you," to each other as the show is heading into its two-night finale on Monday and Tuesday at 8PM ET/PT on ABC next week.


[Bachelor in Paradise Spoiler Warning: This report spoils what happened between Aaron and Genevieve in Paradise and where their relationship stands now.]

However earlier this month, Reality Steve spoiler blogger Steve Carbone reported it appeared Aaron had a "new girlfriend," a San Diego-based woman whom he began spending time with at least nine months ago.

Carbone had published photos from the mystery woman's Instagram account in an attempt to prove Aaron had been dating the woman well before Paradise was filmed in June 2022 and show the pair had also reunited in July shortly after filming ended.

But now Carbone reported on Wednesday, November 16 that Aaron was also dating a second woman while he was dating the first woman and had repeatedly lied and told each woman he was not romantically involved with the other.

The new woman in question reportedly reached out to Carbone on November 14 and provided him with screenshots of text messages that show the two women communicated in June and only finally discovered Aaron had been two-timing them while he was off in Mexico striking up a third relationship with Genevieve on Bachelor in Paradise.

The two women claimed to have compared notes and discovered that Aaron had allegedly been playing them both for months. Aaron had allegedly repeatedly told each woman that he was "just friends" with the other, which is how he got away with dating them simultaneously.

The first woman Carbone wrote about last week is reportedly still dating Aaron now, while the woman who just came forward claims she's done with him.

"Aaron was caught and I think this is pretty sh-tty he did this to both of these women. This isn't just, 'Oh, he was dating someone pre-show.' No, he was lying and manipulating two women pre-BIP filming -- and then went down to the beach and did the same to Genevieve," Carbone wrote in his Wednesday blog posting.


In order to avoid confusion, Carbone provided the ladies fake names in his blog.

Carbone dubbed the woman from his report last week Amy, who is apparently still dating Aaron now. And the spoiler blogger named the woman who just reached out to him several days ago Beth.

Beth told Carbone she had started seeing Aaron in September 2021, when Bachelor in Paradise's seventh season was airing on ABC.

Beth and Aaron allegedly dated from September through November 2021, when they broke it off.

In January of this year, Beth and Aaron allegedly rekindled their relationship and started dating again. According to Beth, their romance was more serious this year and Aaron even helped her raise a puppy.

Beth told Carbone that she and Aaron were together all the time from January through May 2022, only a couple of weeks before Aaron left San Diego to film Bachelor in Paradise's eighth season.

During that time, Aaron was allegedly also still seeing Amy.

"Once Aaron went off to film BIP in June, Beth had known Amy was in the picture, but was always assured by Aaron that Amy was just a friend and nothing was going on. Yet, he was telling Amy the same thing about Beth," Carbone explained.

Carbone proceeded to upload the screenshots of Beth and Amy's alleged text-message exchange about Aaron from June 23.

"I wasn't aware if he was ever talking to us intimately at the same time... I know you two have talked and spent time together, but I was told that it has been completely platonic since him and I started seeing each other last year," Amy texted Beth.

Beth wrote back that she wanted to be honest and her relationship with Aaron was "way more than platonic."

"He told me the same thing... that you were just friends and there wasn't anything there," Beth wrote. "There was overlap [between us]... If he told you we have always had a platonic relationship since last year, he is completely lying to you."

Amy said she had a gut feeling there was more to Beth and Aaron's relationship than Aaron was letting on but he had always been insistent and "intense" when using the "just friends" excuse about Beth.

"Just looking back it is insane how much he blatantly lied to both of us about this," Amy wrote.


Beth agreed that they were on the same page, and she went on to explain how Aaron had helped her raise a puppy from January through the middle of May this year.

"We were talking everyday and seeing each other almost everyday... so messed up that he put us in the situation," Beth shared. "And then he told me he wanted to go on Paradise but stay with me, and I was like absolutely not. Just so f-cked up!!"

Amy then confirmed she was with Aaron in January and stayed with him "a few nights" in February and March. She claimed they started hanging out "more heavily" in April.

"By then through when he left for Paradise [in June], I was with him every day," Amy wrote.

Amy, however, told Beth that she wasn't looking to be in a serious relationship at the time and so she essentially gave Aaron permission to appear on Bachelor in Paradise.

"I didn't want to be in a serious relationship with him. When we talked about Paradise, I was fine with him going and was prepared for that," Amy explained.

The women then kindly apologized to each other, and Beth called Aaron "so manipulative." Amy couldn't believe Aaron had gotten away with the "friends" claim with the both of them.

"I'm pretty sure there is a rumor of him doing this to his ex too," Beth wrote. "Looking back I really should have just stuck with my gut."

Amy said this news didn't really shock her because of who Aaron is, but she went on to write, "It's insane because he said the only time you guys hung out was once when you came over to apologize for some drunk guy calling him a d-ucheb-g at the bar, but nothing happened and then after that he only ever saw you out but it wasn't planned."

Amy called Aaron "psycho" after reading that story, and Beth laughed about how Aaron had told her "suucccchhhhh a lie."

"It sounds like he has been saying the same exact things to both of us on and off since last year," Amy wrote.

Beth added how Aaron always made her seem crazy and accused her of "overthinking" things when questioning him about the other woman, aka Amy.

"When he was lying the whole time!!!" Beth complained. "Like when I wasn't there he used you to fill that void and when you weren't there he used me to fill that void."

Beth said she'd probably never speak to Aaron again, but Amy wrote how she planned to talk to Aaron once he returned home from Paradise -- "only to tell him what we both know and that it's done moving forward." (But, as previously mentioned, Amy and Aaron are apparently still spending time together).

The girls lamented about how Aaron isn't a good guy and their family and friends supposedly thought that for a while. The women agreed how they both deserve better.

Beth said even her mother believes Aaron is "made for TV" and his responses on the show always seem like "bullsh-t" and what women just want to hear.

"He was saying I love you and all of that starting last year," Amy alleged.

And then Beth revealed, "He was always saying he has a lot of love for me too and how special I am to him and when he was drunk he would tell me how in love with me he was. What a piece of sh-ttttt. Wow!"

The conversation ended with Amy calling Aaron "an assh-le."

Carbone then reiterated in his blog how Amy, although clearly upset and bothered by Aaron's behavior, never chose to break it off with Aaron once he returned home from filming Paradise.

Amy apparently chose to get back with Aaron even though he had been having a sexual relationship with Beth behind her back.

"This is some serious controlling, toxic behavior in my opinion... He doesn't seem to realize how he comes across and how he treats women," Carbone concluded.


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