90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days' Part 2 of the Season 6 Tell-All reunion featured Violet revealing she had a miscarriage, Amanda announcing she and Razvan split, David and Sheila waiting on a K-1 visa, Christian casually asking Cleo if she wanted to marry him, and Gino and Jasmine planning their wedding during the episode that aired Sunday night on TLC.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days' Season 6 cast Tell-All filmed in-studio with Shaun Robinson serving as host, and it featured the Season 6 couples reuniting and each providing an update on their relationship.

Part 1 featured six couples, some of whom participated remotely from all over the world.


The couples who made an appearance on the Tell-All included Gino Palazzolo, a 53-year-old from Michigan, and Jasmine Pineda, a 35-year-old from Panama; Amanda, a 31-year-old from Louisiana and Razvan, a 26-year-old from Romania; and Riley, a 48-year-old from Pennsylvania, and Violet, a 43-year-old from Vietnam.

The rest of the couples are Christian, a 30-year-old from Minnesota and Cleo, a 32-year-old from England; David, a 42-year-old from Nebraska and Sheila, a 31-year-old from the Philippines; Meisha, a 43-year-old from Minnesota, and Nicola, a 46-year-old from Israel; and Statler, a 33-year-old from Texas, and Dempsey, a 28-year-old from England.

Jasmine actually showed up to the reunion in-person given she had just moved to the United States a few days beforehand.

But Nicola, Dempsey, Razvan, Violet, Sheila, and Tyray, a 33-year-old from California, all participated via Zoom.

Before the Tell-All commenced, the cast agreed that Gino and Jasmine had the most toxic relationship, with Riley and Violet landing in a close second.

Below is what was shown on Part 2 of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days' Tell-All special for Season 6.


When Violet was asked if she's pregnant with Riley's child, she responded, "It is very sensitive for me. Because I am old and my health is not good, I could not keep the pregnancy."

Violet started crying, saying she loves her children and it was "a very painful experience" for her.

Violet insisted, however, that she had been pregnant with Riley's child.

Riley claimed Violet never told him that she had a miscarriage, but Violet clarified how she had lost the baby and didn't intentionally have an abortion.

Many of the cast members wiped tears from their eyes, and so Shaun asked Riley how he was feeling.

"I hate that I feel this way, but until I understand, I can't really emotionally attach to it," Riley explained.

Riley's friend Tiffanie voiced how, based on the timeline, the baby was probably Riley's, but Riley shrugged his shoulders and still wasn't convinced.

"I didn't get in touch with Riley, but part of me wanted to tell him," Violet explained.

"The other part of me did not because, in Vietnamese culture, we love our children and want them to have a mother and father. So I decided to tell him... I feel much lighter now that I have shared this."


Riley then revealed that Violet was planning to visit him in the United States. She got a Tourist Visa, which apparently had nothing to do with Riley, and she let him know that she'd be taking a trip to America.

Riley said he wanted to "hug it out" and have an amicable relationship with Violet going forward.

When asked if there was a chance of reconciliation, Riley took a moment of silence to think.

But Violet interjected and said she and Riley were just friends now. Riley also said he didn't necessarily want to get back together.

"But if it's God's will, then it will be," Riley shared, adding how he intended to leave the door open just "a little bit of a crack."

Riley assured Violet that he didn't hate her.

During a backstage break, Riley told his fellow cast members that he was prepared to give Violet an engagement ring. But Riley felt he had been beaten up with lies, and he wished he and Violet had better communication and more honesty from the get-go.


Christian confirmed he and Cleo had seen each other since filming ended, and Cleo chimed in, "Three days ago."

Christian and Cleo had spent about a month together in the United States, and Cleo said she had met both of the women in Christian's family -- "the whole matriarchal line."

Christian gushed about how the women in his life absolutely loved Cleo, who immediately felt welcomed and accepted.

When asked why Christian didn't introduce Cleo to his male relatives, Christian explained how they're masculine and conservative.

"A lot of hurtful things were said, like, 'I can't believe you would do this to me.' It was a rough thing, so I tried to shield Cleo from that and hopefully avoid any type of situation where they made her feel uncomfortable," Christian explained.

Cleo said she had a lot of compassion and grace for that because she didn't want to face hatred or rejection.

Cleo shared how she and Christian were beginning to understand each other better, and Christian announced how he had made changes to make Cleo happy.

Cleo's friend Jane, however, participated via Zoom and accused Christian of talking to other girls and inviting them into their relationship. Jane then clarified how Cleo was concerned that Christian had been chatting with other girls.

Cleo told Shaun there was one incident when Christian had crossed her boundaries but then they talked about it and hashed things out.

Cleo said Christian was a lot better overall and had assured her that he cared for her 100 percent. Cleo obviously deflected the question, and Christian announced how she simply didn't want to answer it.

"I will tell you what she's not saying," Christian declared. "While she was staying with me, I have this group... [where I] can put messages on a general chat board. And there was a gal who joined and was pretty active."

"She wasn't active; she was active with YOU," Cleo interjected.

"And yeah, it made Cleo extremely uncomfortable," Christian shared.


Cleo, once again, had to clarify how this woman had made it known that she was interested in Christian and found him extremely attractive. Christian said the woman had called him "cute" but he didn't think that was flirting.

"I like interacting with people and I like making friends. I cast a very wide net," Christian explained.

Amanda accused Christian of making excuses rather than justifying his behavior, but Christian insisted that he hadn't done anything wrong -- until Cleo made it known that his actions were affecting her.

90 Day Fiance then aired never-before-seen footage of Christian talking to a woman at a bar in London while he was visiting Cleo. He called himself "a wolf on the prowl" and then opened up to this stranger about how Cleo was upset he had mentioned they had sex on-camera.

Christian explained how he's not introverted and he craves socializing with others, and so Cleo said it made her feel like she's not good enough for him.

"It's not true," Christian argued.

Dempsey called Christian's "wolf-on-the-prowl" comment "disgusting" and "so disrespectful," but Christian still didn't see anything wrong with what he had done. Christian recognized he'd have to change the behavior in order to be a good boyfriend, but he stood by the fact he wasn't flirting.

Shaun welcomed that woman, Deborah, on the stage in order to ask her what she thought about her interaction with Christian. Deborah said Christian was very open and chatty with her.

"You can just say I'm a pig," Christian said.

"If I had not known he had a girlfriend, I would've thought it was just 100 percent flirtation, seeing where the conversation would go," Deborah announced.

Dempsey told Christian there's a big difference between being an extrovert and somebody who flirts with every woman in his path. Tyray, however, said Christian just seems like a friendly guy.

When Jasmine criticized Christian, Christian called it "hypocritical" since she had essentially gone on a Valentine's Day date with her ex-boyfriend Dane. Christian called Jasmine's actions "worse," but the cast attacked Christian for being a "narcissist" and attention seeker.

"Your ego is through the roof!" Amanda told Christian.

And Statler added, "Your best friend is probably the mirror!"

Deborah agreed that Christian should have shown Cleo more respect and his flirtation was "inappropriate," but Christian said it's hard to change your entire personality after one conversation with Cleo.

Christian felt "attacked" just for being who he is, and Christian insisted he never even had the thought of cheating on Cleo. Dempsey said everyone was just giving Christian constructive criticism, and Jasmine asked Cleo to stand up for herself and demand what she wants.

Meisha asked Cleo if she could be happy in her relationship if Christian stayed exactly the same, and she asked for time to process that question.

"I would say the answer is, 'No!'" Christian chimed in.


Cleo said she wasn't going to stand for that, as she had in the past, and that Christian was well aware of that.

When asked to reveal their plans for the future, Christian shared how Cleo wanted him to travel to London to visit her soon. Christian, however, said he would rather Cleo visit him in the United States.

"And I don't mean to just visit. At this point, we've already gone through all these struggles. But there is a question I haven't really asked Cleo. Would you be willing to marry me?" Christian asked Cleo.

Riley asked, "Is this a proposal!?"

And Cleo appeared stunned.

"Oh my god. Oh my god," Cleo said.

Christian said this was not an official proposal, as he'd like to ask her in-person.

Cleo called this moment "surreal," and Christian proceeded to ask Cleo if she would consider getting engaged to him.

Riley dubbed Christian "awkward," and then Cleo told Christian, "Babe, you are literally everything I'm not. You are the sun to my moon, and I love you to bits. I accept all of your messy quirks, and I love you, like, you know I do... I think there should be a better place for that though."

"Yes, I know," Christian agreed.

Christian teased that Cleo could anticipate a real -- and much better marriage proposal -- during one of their upcoming trips.

Jane then voiced how she felt "shattered" over the news.


Sheila revealed she and David had opened up a little snack store, which they named after themselves.

In a never-before-seen clip, David asked questions about the immigration process so that Sheila and her son Jhonreil could move to America to be with him. But first, he hoped they could marry in November in the Philippines so that Sheila could have her entire family present at the wedding.

A lawyer advised David that if he and Sheila got married in the Philippines instead of in America, on a K-1 visa, the process would take longer, possibly up to three to four years. If the pair married on a K-1 visa, they'd likely only need to wait two years.

David was shocked and upset by the news. Even two years sounded like a lifetime to David, who left the meeting with the lawyer in tears.

David felt stressed out and sad, especially because he'd have to break this news to Sheila.

Footage then showed David calling Sheila and giving her the bad news. Sheila suggested they could get married in America first as a result.

Back in the studio, Sheila was clearly crying via Zoom, and the entire cast appeared to be in tears.

"I can wait. I'm not rushing for it, as long as our relationship stays strong," Sheila announced.


David, who had begun the K-1 visa process and already submitted the paperwork, said he was looking forward to Sheila joining him in America as soon as possible.

David also revealed that he was able to build Sheila's family a brand new home in the Philippines. Sheila gushed about how she felt so happy and thankful, and she called David "a very supportive fiance."

David said he was working 85 hours a week in his two jobs, but he managed to text Sheila and videochat all the time.

Sheila laughed about how David tried to hide his texting at work.

Shaun then asked David if he had been in contact with Amy -- the couple's ASL interpreter -- in the Philippines since leaving. David replied, "Absolutely not," and so Sheila had no reason to be upset or jealous. David assured Sheila that he only had eyes for her.

David then rated Sheila's ASL abilities a two or three out of 10. Sheila apparently had the alphabet and basic signs down, and no barriers were getting in the way of their love.


On the topic of a prenuptial agreement, Jasmine said she just wanted to feel secure and protected in the marriage. However, she had agreed not to sign one so that Gino knew she was in the relationship for love.

But Jasmine then learned Gino had never asked his ex-wife to sign a prenup.

Gino explained how his ex-wife was working at the time and had her own retirement account with good investments.

"There is a small chance something could happen. I have to protect myself," Gino announced.

Jasmine apparently doubted that Gino's family would take care of her if Gino died, and so that's why Jasmine had asked Gino to put her in his will.

"If something happens, are you leaving everything to Jasmine?" Shaun asked.

Gino admitted doing a will scared him, adding, "Am I going to be murdered?! We haven't even gotten married yet, so that scares me."

Meisha said she was totally on Jasmine's side, but Dempsey and Statler disagreed with Meisha.

Shaun then broached the subject of Jasmine's sexual appetite. Gino said he didn't recall Jasmine giving him "a golden shower," but Jasmine revealed how they had sex in a hot tub in Panama City.

Jasmine shared how she had followed through with a vaginal rejuvenation surgery.

On that note, Gino confessed their first sexual encounter after the surgery didn't go as planned. He confessed that she was "too tight" and the banana didn't fit in the donut.

Nicola told Jasmine and Gino that they could ask God for help, and Jasmine said she appreciated the advice and was going to pray for more sex.

As for what's next for them as a couple, Gino said he and Jasmine were in the midst of planning their wedding, and Jasmine said she was trying to adapt to her new life in the United States.

"It's harder than I thought to be away from my family. I really miss them so much. This is one of the hardest things I've ever done. This is the first time I moved out of my country," Jasmine explained in tears.

"I never thought I was going to do it... [but] I love Gino and he's the only person I would do this for. He's the love of my life and I really want to be a better partner for him. I take accountability for my mistakes and the hurtful things I have done to him."


Amanda shared how she and Razvan had broken up and were no longer together.

"But we're friends," Amanda said.

Amanda said they split soon after she returned to America -- about two or three weeks following her trip to visit him in Romania.


Amanda explained how Razvan was very busy in his career and had asked her to "take it or leave it." Amanda said that wasn't going to work for her and so Razvan decided to be single in order to focus on himself and his career.

Riley thought it was "convenient" Razvan determined what he wanted after flying an American to see him and being intimate with her. Christian, however, thought Razvan was a sweetheart and probably struggled to voice his needs and desires.

Jasmine also asked Amanda if the breakup happened because she had been mean to him, but Amanda didn't think so. Amanda said when she dates a man, he needs to have thick skin because she can be a b-tch sometimes and be very sarcastic.

"I do believe Amanda was constantly being mean to Razvan. I could see he was profoundly hurt by her, her attitude and her words," Jasmine declared.

Amanda insisted that she was just trying to process her emotions and Jasmine didn't know her. Amanda therefore told Jasmine to "shut the f-ck up."

Amanda said she wasn't a crybaby the whole time and she and Razvan definitely had their fair share of fun. Amanda said, however, this was a serious trip for her, especially since she was deciding if he should join her life -- and her children's lives -- in America.

Amanda's sister Amber wished Razvan had been open and honest with Amanda prior to her trip, but Razvan said he really needed to see Amanda in-person to figure out what he wanted.

Razvan concluded, after spending time with Amanda, that he wasn't ready to commit 100 percent.

Riley pointed out how Razvan had conveniently come to this conclusion after sleeping with Amanda, but Razvan reminded viewers how they had a lot of problems during Amanda's visit.

Amanda also shared how Razvan tended to be a jealous and controlling man. With that being said, Amber revealed there's a man in Amanda's life whom Razvan didn't want her to talk to, which caused fights. The relationship was apparently romantic "for a second" and "then wasn't."

Amanda clarified how she and this man were just friends, although they had a flirtatious chemistry. Razvan, despite his suspicions, said he never knew about this.

Razvan said he planned to visit the United States in two months and he hoped to eventually move there and see Amanda.

"I want to give us another chance when I'm there," Razvan revealed. "It doesn't [have a closed door]."

Amanda told Razvan that he couldn't stay with her during his trip to America, but Razvan said they could take things slowly and one step at a time.

"I'll always be here if she needs me," Razvan noted.


Tyray said it was very hard to learn that, although Carmella was real, he had been talking to a catfish -- a completely different person.

Tyray admitted he had ignored the red flags, such as Carmella's refusal to participate in a video call with him.

Tyray told the cast that he second-guessed his relationship daily and constantly had doubts about it. However, Tyray said he learned from the situation.

A persistent 90 Day Fiance producer, Amelia, is the one who had discovered that Tyray hadn't been chatting with the real Carmella. A man had stolen Carmella's photos and was catfishing Tyray the entire time.

Shaun played the recording of Amelia speaking to Tyray's catfish, a man named Christian, for the 90 Day Fiance audience.

Tyray and Christian spoke for four to five years, and this man apparently catfished other Americans as well, trying to receive money. Christian said his relationship with Tyray was only about money and that he had no feelings for Tyray.

"I needed clothes and also a cellular phone," Christian confessed, adding how Tyray is a "dumb" and "stupid American."

Tyray said he wished he could "f-ck up" this guy, and the cast blasted the catfish for being a scummy and scammy person.

Shaun then called the catfish so that Tyray could speak to him directly. Christian, however, didn't answer the phone, and so Riley yelled on the voicemail, "We're going to get you m-therf-cker!"

Tyray said his biggest regret was sending "Carmella" an intimate photo of himself with his face in it. Tyray feared this man was going to blackmail him by threatening to send it to his work or his family, but that hadn't happened yet.

Tyray then sent a message to Christian, if he was watching the show. Tyray decided to take the Meisha and Nicola route by just praying for this scammer, and the cast agreed that was very big of him.

Tyray wrapped up his segment by announcing how he's definitely single but needs to heal and improve himself before dating again. Riley then said his sister was interested in Tyray, and Tyray playfully asked for her phone number.


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