90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days featured three couples meeting for the first time, and Jesse Meester being introduced to Darcey Silva's children during Sunday night's episode on TLC.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days features six Americans and their partners overseas trying to make a romance work. In order to pursue a fairy-tale ending, these couples must overcome immense odds and obstacles, including flying halfway across the world just to meet or spend time together.


Each couple hopes a marriage proposal will take place within 90 days, or else one's Tourist Visa will expire.

The two returning pairs on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days are Darcey Silva, a 42-year-old who works in the fashion industry from Middletown, CT, and her boyfriend Jesse Meester, a 24-year-old from Amsterdam, Netherlands, as well as Paul Staehle, a 34-year-old who works in IT from Louisville, KY, and his girlfriend Karine Martins, a 21-year-old from Brazil.

The four new couples starring on the series are Angela Deem, a 52-year-old nursing assistant for Hospice from Hazlehurst, GA, and her boyfriend Michael Ilesanmi, a 30-year-old from Nigeria; Rachel Bear, a 33-year-old from Albuquerque, New Mexico, and her boyfriend Jon Walters, a 34-year-old from England; Ricky Reyes, a 33-year-old photographer and videographer from Columbus, OH, and his love interest Melissa, a 28-year-old from Colombia; and Tarik Myers, a 43-year-old realtor and single father from Virginia Beach, VA, and his love interest Hazel Cagalitan from the Philippines.

Below is the latest on each American and international pairing, according to the latest episode:



Rachel just arrived in London, England after a 12-hour flight from New Mexico. She was so happy to be there and found his home city romantic. Rachel also noted Jon's accent was "killer."

Jon admitted Rachel looked "a little bit different" from girlfriends he's had in the past, but he really cared about her. Rachel felt insecure considering Jon was so rugged and handsome, but he told her that she's beautiful, and the couple definitely had chemistry.

Rachel wanted Jon to become a father to Lucy but he had no idea what he was doing, and Rachel acknowledged he "might be in for a rude awakening."

"I want him to be that father figure, but I hope I haven't built up an unrealistic expectation of Jon," Rachel told the cameras.

Jon then brought Rachel home to meet his mother since they lived together. Jacqui worried Rachel might be a bad person, as she never expected this romance to unfold the way it had. Jacqui found the relationship a bit "strange" and admitted her son had been "quite fickle" with women in the past.

Rachel soon discovered Jon had set up a nursery for Lucy in his home, and it blew her away, but he still had a lot to learn.

Jon fed Lucy her bottle for the first time, but he was a little overwhelmed and stressed out, especially by her constant crying. Regardless, Jon tried his best.

Jon was terrified and knew a lot was at stake with Rachel and the baby spending their first night in his place. He wasn't sure whether he was cut out to be a dad.

Rachel worried a crying baby might ruin her first night with Jon alone and their sexual chemistry.

Rachel was nervous because the last time she had sex, she got pregnant, and she was insecure about her body and hoped Jon hadn't developed unrealistic expectations. Given Jon's mother was right downstairs, Jon acknowledged the night was either going to be "amazing or a disaster."



Angela was preparing to meet Michael for the first time. Angela's loved ones feared he was scamming her, but she knew he was The One and said she had put so much time, money, effort and heart into this visit.

On his way to pick Angela up, Michael was nervous. He said he'd be "disappointed" if she looked older or was less attractive than he had thought.

When they first saw each other, Angela dropped her bags and ran to Michael. She was ecstatic and couldn't stop hugging him. She was also very pleased he wasn't short.

But Michael confessed, "Her stature is kind of bigger than I expected and she looks older than the pictures, but I'm happy. I'm overwhelmed."

Angela felt Michael appreciated her, but she was different from what he was expecting. He said she was "loud" and could be "too dramatic."

This trip marked Angela's first time out of the United States, so she didn't know the rules on whether she could be herself in public. She spent all the money she had to visit Michael. Since Michael lived with his mother, the pair stayed in a hotel.

Michael found Angela fun and loving, but it was a little overwhelming. Once inside the hotel, Angela gifted her boyfriend with President Donald Trump-related clothes -- including a hat, T-shirt and bobblehead.

Angela was very flirtatious with Michael and seemed ready to make love to him, but he was resistant and hesitant with cameras around.

The next morning, Angela gushed about how her first night with Michael was "awesome" and they did it two or three times. Michael said Angela had so much energy and was muscular and agile.

Michael and Angela then traveled to his mother so they could meet -- a gathering that made Angela feel nervous and anxious given their age and cultural differences. She was the first white woman to enter his neighborhood, nevermind meet his family.



Ricky was deeply in love with Melissa and wanted her to be his wife, but he waited at a restaurant for two hours for her to show up, and she was nowhere to be seen.

Melissa was supposed to meet Ricky at the restaurant at 7:30PM, and her tardiness showed a lack of respect in Ricky's eyes given he had traveled all the way from Ohio to Colombia just to see her.

Just as viewers were probably starting to believe Melissa was a catfish and was never going to come, she sent him a picture of the inside of her taxi, showing she on her way after all.

Following two and a half hours of Ricky sitting by himself and enduring an excruciating wait, Melissa arrived and proved she's a real person.

"Holy crap. Melissa looks just like the pictures... she is absolutely stunning. She's beautiful, she's real and she keeps smiling," Ricky said.

It surprised Ricky to discover Melissa had braces, which he didn't know before, but he thought she was perfect either way. Melissa was quiet and reserved on the date, admitting to Ricky and producers she was late because she was very "busy" and had "a lot of plans" that day.

Melissa felt satisfied in meeting Ricky, who gushed to the girl, "I love you," within minutes.

Melissa then suggested going dancing or horseback riding for their next date, but Ricky laughed about how he can't dance and was fat so he'd feel bad for the horse.

Melissa wasn't sure what she wanted with Ricky because things were complicated, but he was madly in love with her and was willing to prove he's a respectful gentleman.



Tarik was shown flying from Virginia to the Philippines to meet his "soul mate for the first time ever." He had five connecting flights, and it was going to take him two days to get there, but Tarik said Hazel was definitely "worth all the trouble."

Tarik had never felt this way about a woman before. The trip was costing him a pretty penny and it was the farthest he had ever traveled from home.

But before Tarik left the United States, he said Hazel was "acting a little weird" and rejecting his calls. Tarik's brother assumed Hazel was a con-artist, and he hoped he wasn't "one of many suckers" she had been talking to.

While Tarik was traveling, Hazel opened up to cameras about how she was looking for an American man because she's a poor girl who works 10 hours a day for very little pay. She wanted a better life for herself and thought Tarik was handsome. He also said he had a big house and a good job.

Hazel has a six-year-old son who lives with his father because she has no money. Hazel wanted her son back and hoped a romance with Tarik would work out.

When Hazel learned the airline had lost Tarik's ticket, she began to worry whether he was telling the truth. Hazel feared Tarik wanted to reconcile with his ex-girlfriend in Bangkok because it would ruin her chances of coming to the United States.

Once Tarik landed in Manila, he was thrilled to see Hazel, and they gave each other a brief hug. Tarik thought Hazel was even more stunning in person, the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, in fact. But Hazel confessed to cameras she thought Tarik looked different in person and as "chubby."

However, Hazel was glad to see her boyfriend, even though she didn't trust him yet.

Tarik promised Hazel there was nothing going on with his ex-girlfriend, but he had to prove to Hazel she was the only one for him.

Hazel lived in a small place in Manila, so Tarik rented them a condo that she called "paradise." However, there was only one bed.

Hazel felt uncomfortable and put a barrier up in the bed. She didn't want Tarik to touch her, and it was a test to see if she could trust him. Hazel did, however, give Tarik a little kiss goodnight. She admitted she just wanted to get married before having sex.



Karine was annoyed Paul asked her to take a pregnancy test, but he feared she may be pregnant with another man's baby given a similar situation had unfolded with his ex-girlfriend.

Karine couldn't believe Paul was suggesting she had sex with other men. She didn't appreciate how Paul didn't trust her, but Paul said this gesture would settle all of his doubts and concerns for the last time.

"When Paul acts this way, it shows he has a pathetic attitude. He is an insecure man," Karine vented to the cameras.

However, Karine decided to take the test to show Paul he's "a big idiot." When she confirmed she's not pregnant, Paul apologized for not trusting her. Paul admitted he had been scarred from previous relationships and women who had cheated on him.

Paul and Karine got over this hurdle, but there were still other obstacles to come on this trip given he had to win the approval of his girlfriend's protective father.

Paul and Karine later sat down with her parents as well as a translator, and Karine's father learned Paul had been accused of committing arson and insurance fraud. There were also charges involving a restraining order by one of his ex-girlfriends.

Paul was ready to answer any and all questions, especially from Karine's father, who is a police officer. Paul said the arson charge was in 2008 and it was over and done with. He admitted he had regret and got wrapped up with the wrong people.

Paul admitted he sent an ex text messages trying to make amends and got arrested for that but he had never hurt a woman, even in self defense. Paul also said his messages weren't even threatening.

It was tough for Paul to relive his past mistakes, but he promised Karine's parents he would keep her safe and treat her well.

Karine's father said no one is perfect and he just hopes the criminal activity remains in Paul's past. Karine and Paul were give permission to go ahead with their wedding in Brazil, and they were both thrilled.


Jesse and Darcey explored New York City, and they were 24 hours away from Jesse meeting her two daughters, which was going to be a huge moment in Darcey's life.

Despite all of their fighting, Darcey believed she had a connection with Jesse that was "unbreakable."

Jesse was nervous about meeting Darcey's kids because he doubted their relationship at time due to his girlfriend's insecurities. Since they didn't have a fully-functioning romance, Jesse was cautious about meeting her children.

Since he was only 24 years old, Jesse didn't want Darcey to have so many expectations. He didn't seem ready to become a father and noted he doesn't know what the future will hold.

The next day, Darcey and Jesse woke up together on her birthday, and he had written her a love letter, complimenting her natural beauty. Darcey was emotional about the fact Jesse was going to meet her 11 and 12-year-old daughters, because she envisioned him becoming a stepfather.

"I don't think it's the best timing now, so I need to approach it very delicately -- very step by step," Jesse said of meeting the girls.

Jesse was a little overwhelmed by entering this stage in his life with an older woman, and Darcey's girls hoped she'd take this relationship slowly.

Jesse thought Darcey's daughters were amazing, but he didn't want them to latch onto him because it was an "illusion" he'd become a father at this point in his relationship with Darcey.

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