90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days featured Rachel Bear and Jon Walters meeting for the first time, and viewers introduced to Tarik's relationship story and adventure abroad, during Sunday night's episode on TLC.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days features six Americans and their partners overseas trying to make a romance work. In order to pursue a fairy-tale ending, these couples must overcome immense odds and obstacles, including flying halfway across the world just to meet or spend time together.


Each couple hopes a marriage proposal will take place within 90 days, or else one's Tourist Visa will expire.

The two returning pairs on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days are Darcey Silva, a 42-year-old who works in the fashion industry from Middletown, CT, and her boyfriend Jesse Meester, a 24-year-old from Amsterdam, Netherlands, as well as Paul Staehle, a 34-year-old who works in IT from Louisville, KY, and his girlfriend Karine Martins, a 21-year-old from Brazil.

The four new couples starring on the series are Angela Deem, a 52-year-old nursing assistant for Hospice from Hazlehurst, GA, and, her boyfriend Michael Ilesanmi, a 30-year-old from Nigeria; Rachel Bear, a 33-year-old from Albuquerque, New Mexico, and her boyfriend Jon Walters, a 34-year-old from England; Ricky Reyes, a 33-year-old photographer and videographer from Columbus, OH, and his love interest Melissa, a 28-year-old from Colombia; and Tarik Myers, a 43-year-old realtor and single father from Virginia Beach, VA, and his love interest Hazel Cagalitan from the Philippines.

Below is the latest on each American and international pairing, according to the latest episode:



Rachel traveled to England with her eight-month-old daughter, Lucy, saying they are a package deal. She believed Jon would be a good dad and hoped for a marriage proposal.

Jon , however, didn't show up at the airport, and he made her take a train instead. Rachel was a little upset because she had a lot of luggage and traveling with an infant was a lot of work.

"That chance he's not who he says he is, that terrifies me," Rachel admitted in a confessional.

About 24 hours before Rachel's arrival, Jon revealed he lives with his mother and dog. He works in waste management, sorting through garbage and making sure materials get recycled properly.

Jon loved Rachel's big brown eyes and beautiful smile, and he also claimed to be in love with Lucy already. 

But Jon's sister said he's had a lot of girlfriends in the past and knows nothing about babies and fatherhood. Jon also confessed to being a bit of a playboy in the past, but Rachel was the woman he loved, and he was ready to change his ways for her. 

Jon said if things went well, he intended to propose marriage to Rachel. He already tried to get a visa to come to United States but his application had been denied because of his criminal record, so marriage was the only way they could be together in America.

"I'm worried after finding out the extent of my criminal record she may not want me in her life," Jon said.

Rachel admitted she was absolutely exhausted from traveling and meeting Jon at the train station instead of the airport was not the dream scenario she had envisioned in her mind. Meanwhile, Jon actually vomited his breakfast because he was so nervous meeting Rachel.

Once the couple met, they gushed about how much they loved each other, and they agreed they had shared their last first kiss. Rachel thought Jon was even more handsome in person, and he was so excited to meet Lucy.

Although they had gotten to know each other over the last year and a half, Rachel still had questions and concerns about her love interest, and she only had two weeks to dive into his life and find out exactly who he is. The situation made Rachel feel a little anxious.



Paul hadn't seen his girlfriend in four months, and he worried Karine's father wouldn't accept "a criminal" marrying his daughter.

There were more things for Paul to be worried about. For instance, he was suspicious of Karine's  relationship with a guy named Joe. Paul noticed Karine had liked his photos on social media and was flirting with Joe, so he worried she'd just replace him with another American guy if her family didn't approve of him.

Once Paul arrived in Brazil, all five of his suitcases were missing from the baggage claim -- including all the documents and court records he had brought with him to show Karine's father. 

"There are a lot of obstacles standing in our way, but I still love her with all of my heart," Paul told the cameras.

Paul and Karine stayed in a hotel for a few nights before they planned to move into an apartment together for the next few months. Karine got the room ready with a mosquito net because Paul was afraid of everything the last time he had visited Brazil.

When Paul and Karine began exploring the area together the following day, Karine was constantly using her phone, and this upset Paul because she was acting like she didn't miss at all. 

Paul needed reassurance from Karine that her intentions were pure because her behavior on social media was weighing heavily on his mind.

Karine insisted the man she communicated with on Instagram was just a friend who taught her some exercises, but she didn't seem to know what to say once Paul confronted her with a comment she had left on Joe's page of multiple emoticons with heart eyes.

Paul hoped Karine hadn't been cheating on him while he was home in the United States. He therefore asked Karine to take a pregnancy test, and she was annoyed how "dramatic" he was acting, especially since he had already tested her for sexually transmitted diseases.

Karine refused to oblige to Paul's requests and walked away from him crying, wondering whether he'd ever really trust her.



Angela's documents hadn't arrived at the post office when they were supposed to, so she couldn't travel as planned. Her flight was leaving that night at 6PM, but she was missing her passport.

Angela was so disappointed because she had waited one year to meet her "soul mate" and had spent a lot of money on this trip. She felt overwhelmed and upset.

Angela's passport, however, arrived the next day, and so she was able to book another flight although it cost her a lot of money.

Angela intended to propose marriage to Michael in Nigeria, and she couldn't wait to meet him. But Angela's daughter was older than Michael, so that was a cause of concern for the family.

"I'm worried about leaving my family, but I'm in love. I don't want to wait another 10 years to see if it’s real. I need to go for it," Angela told the cameras.

Angela said Michael made her happy and feel loved. Even though people looked at her like she was stupid for traveling to Nigeria, she didn't care. She had put so much effort, time and heart into this visit, so she commented, "It's now or never."

About 24 hours before Angela arrived in Nigeria, Michael revealed it was his dream to become a businessman in the United States. He couldn't wait to come to America and hopefully meet President Donald Trump, his mentor in business. Michael said he loved Donald Trump and America so much.

Michael viewed Angela and "loving and protective." He thought of Angela as his "elder" and said he "respected her so much."

But Michael's friends gave him a hard time about dating a woman who's 20 years older. They kept calling her "grandma" and said the huge age difference was simply "too much."

Michael argued Angela was going to be his future wife and he's okay with her being the boss. For example, Michael said Angela acted "so dramatic" if he missed one of her calls.



Viewers were introduced to Tarik for the first time. He is a single dad to a five-year-old daughter, Arie, who has high-functioning autism. Tarik said she's the most important person in his life.

Tarik never married Arie's mother because they had a tumultuous relationship, so he was lonely.

As a result, Tarik started traveling a couple of years ago in order to meet new people. He went to Asia and got a girlfriend in Bangkok. It didn't work out, however, so he began searching for The One on Asian dating websites.

Tarik said he "got lucky" and "hit the jackpot" with a woman named Hazel from the Philippines.

"She's drop dead gorgeous to the point where it makes me dumb," Tarik gushed.

When texting Tarik, Hazel would say she's very shy, so she refused to talk to him on the phone -- Hazel would only  text him. Tarik was starting to get the feeling she had cold feet and was playing games, especially when she asked to pick him up at the airport with friends and her niece by her side.

Tarik was hoping to prove his loved ones wrong, that Hazel wasn't just taking him for a ride.

But Tarik’s little brother, Dean, expressed some reservations about Hazel. Dean said his older brother can be "too nice" and his heart was "too open."

Tarik also revealed there were other men in Hazel’s life and she's still in touch with ex-boyfriends whom she calls her friends. Dean called Hazel "a con artist," and so he decided to join Tarik on the trip to "protect" his brother and be honest with him about the situation.

Tarik was then shown traveling over 9,000 miles and 36 hours to meet the woman of his dreams -- a woman whom he assumed would make a good stepmom for Arie.

But Hazel had been acting strange, and Tarik acknowledged everything that was playing out in his mind could fall to pieces or turn on a dime.

Tarik had purchased an engagement ring regardless. Although he knew it was crazy to potentially propose to someone he's never met, he was completely invested in his romance with Hazel and hoped she felt the same way. 



Ricky was traveling to Colombia to meet Melissa. They had only communicated through text, but he felt their romance was real and he fell in love quickly. However, she had been distant recently, answering him in short phrases or with one word.

Despite the red flags, he traveled to Colombia with a diamond ring in his pocket.

"Two things could happen by the next time I come to this airport. One, I have a fiancee, or two, I am heartbroken... I want to meet the love of my life," Ricky said in a confessional.

Ricky told Melissa to meet him at a restaurant at 7PM, but she never responded. He suspected she was just nervous and really hoped she would show up.

Melissa hadn't communicated with Ricky at all since his arrival, but she finally texted him while he was at the restaurant to warn him that she was running 30 minutes later.

Ricky was invested in the relationship emotionally and financially. He just thought Melissa was nervous and that's why she hadn't been very communicative over the last several days, but from a viewer's perspective, Melissa seemed to be a catfish or some type of scam.

After two hours of waiting, Ricky began to realize Melissa probably wasn't coming to the restaurant, and he grew very frustrated, concerned and confused. Ricky was "pissed off" and didn't know if she was playing him.

"She can't even send me a text message back and say, 'I'm sorry!' There's a certain time limit when I'm just going to go," Ricky vented to the cameras.


Darcey felt Jesse wanted to keep her below him, and so it often sparked arguments between them.

Darcey intended to have a heart to heart about their issues before he met her daughters for the first time.

Similarly, Jesse wanted to embrace Darcey's life in America, but he disapproved of her behavior on social media and called her insecure.

"I don't want to be associated with a partner who behaves like that," he said.

"Despite our differences, I still love him. I want to be his wife," Darcey noted.

Jesse said Darcey's outspoken nature on social media made him look like a cheater and hurt his business as a personal trainer.

One dinner out together quickly turned into a heated argument, and neither individual could believe they were already fighting like this. Jesse even threatened to return to Amsterdam right away, and Darcey cried about how Jesse was shutting her out.

"I'm done," Jesse said, as Darcey vented to the cameras how she felt "suffocated" in their relationship.

Jesse didn't understand why it was so hard to just have a good time with Darcey, but she ended up apologizing for how she had treated him. That's all Jesse wanted to hear, that she owned her mistakes.

Jesse then said, "I love you," and kissed her hand.


Jesse told the cameras that although a woman is 40, it doesn't necessarily mean she's more mature than the average woman. And Darcey just hoped to make the rest of the trip "drama free," mainly for her kids. 
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