90 Day Fiance: The Other Way featured Holly feeling "betrayed" because Wayne compared her to a prostitute, Brandan taking issue with Mary's house rules, Kimberly breaking TJ's heart, Julio "blindsiding" Kirsten with sudden second thoughts about moving, and the return of Daniele and Yohan during the Season 5 episode that aired Monday night on TLC.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way's new season stars Daniele, 42, and Yohan, 33, as well as Kenny, 60, and Armando, 34.


Daniele and Yohan originally appeared on 90 Day Fiance's Love in Paradise: The Caribbean before appearing on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way's fourth season. They were last shown breaking up on the show's Tell-All.

Kenny and Armando previously starred on Season 2 and Season 3 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way.

Season 5 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way also stars Brandan, a 23-year-old from Oregon, and Mary, a 23-year-old from the Philippines; Holly, a 44-year-old from Utah, and Wayne, a 40-year-old from South Africa; Tejaswi or "TJ," a 33-year-old from India, and Kimberly, a 30-year-old from Alabama; Kirsten, a 24-year-old from the Netherlands, and Julio, a 27-year-old from New York; and Sarper, a 43-year-old from Turkey, and Shekinah, a 41-year-old from Los Angeles.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way follows American citizens moving to or living in foreign countries for the sake of love and their future spouses and experiencing culture shock.

Below is what happened on Episode 4 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way's fifth season.


Mary's grandfather was shown asking the couple what they did when they had reunited at the airport, and Brandan explained how they just talked and then drove to his house.

Brandan didn't give away that he and Mary had been kissing the whole way home just to "play it safe."

Brandan told Mary's grandparents that he loved Mary "very much," and he hoped the couple could be romantic during his stay.

Mary then gave Brandan a tour of the house, including a large bucket where they boiled water to get hot water. Brandan also quickly discovered many bugs, including ants, and leaking water throughout the house.

Since Brandan had lived in a trailer home -- and even in his car at one point -- he thought the house was very pretty and "much better" than he was used to. Brandan also enjoyed the "amazing" meal of fried chicken Mary's grandmother had cooked for him.

Brandan asked Mary's grandparents for their blessing to share a room, and they said it was okay as long as the pair didn't make love yet out of respect for them.

They didn't believe in sex before marriage, and Mary noted how it was the most important of her family's rules and traditions.

Brandan said he and Mary were never expecting her grandparents to live with them, and the only reason they were altogether was because a typhoon had destroyed their home.

"But me and Mary deserve the privacy we have been waiting a long time for. There has been a lot of sexual tension between me and Mary for the past two-and-a-half years, so I'm still hoping we're going to have some type of romantic, steamy intimacy or something going on tonight," Brandan told the cameras.


That night, Brandan and Mary prepared to sleep with each other in the same bed. Mary said she was feeling excited and nervous, and Brandan said it felt amazing to finally be alone with Mary.

Even though Mary's grandparents had asked them not to be intimate, Brandan didn't seem to care. He was hoping Mary would be okay with "some intimacy" during their first night together, especially since they had phone sex almost every single day while they were texting.

Brandan had been dreaming of a "freaky" and "steamy" first meeting, so he appeared a tad disappointed.

Brandan therefore asked Mary if she could see things happening that night, but she suggested they should both go to sleep because she felt nervous.

"I'm not ready yet... It's a big deal to me," Mary admitted.

"That's understandable, and I don't want to force you," Brandan conceded.

Mary, who just experienced her first kiss, thanked Brandan for being understanding and gracious. But she had yet to drop the bombshell on him that she wanted to wait until marriage to have sex for the first time.

Brandan decided to just be respectful, and Mary recommended how they shouldn't even cuddle in order to avoid temptation and sexual desires.

Brandan said he had pooped in front of Mary and had phone sex with her, so he couldn't believe that he wasn't even allowed to face her in bed.

Brandan wanted to hold her and cuddle with her, and so he acknowledged that Mary was giving him a very different vibe in-person.


Daniele, who previously lived in New York, was now living in the Dominican Republic with her husband Yohan. She said she loved the weather, the beach, and the slower pace of island life.

The pair had met over one year prior when Daniele was on vacation with her family in the Dominican Republic. They got married five months after they met, and then Daniele moved to the Dominican Republic three months before this spin off began filming.

Daniele and Yohan's relationship was still on rocky waters after Daniele had been trying to hang out and spend time with her ex-boyfriend Taylen against Yohan's wishes. During the Tell-All of their prior 90 Day Fiance season, Yohan even said he was "done" with Daniele.

"That was a really hard day. Yohan felt really humiliated when he saw Taylen walk across the stage. He felt like I had hurt him with my actions and so he wanted to hurt me with his," Daniele shared.

"That's why he said, 'Not only am I telling you that I want a divorce, but I'm telling you in front of the whole world so you're just as humiliated as I am.' After the Tell-All, I was sure our relationship was over, but Yohan agreed to do therapy with me, which has been really helpful."


Daniele admitted her independence was a suit of armor, and she said she was trying to learn how to be a part of a marriage and part of a team, which was "really hard" for her.

But Daniele said it was worth building a beautiful life with her husband in the Dominican Republic.

Daniele and Yohan got a dog named Gizmo so they could share responsibilities and prep for a baby.

Yohan told the cameras how and Daniele wanted to start a new business -- after his butcher shop was closed down -- and eventually have children. He was looking forward to the future and not focusing on their past problems.

Daniele then had two of her good friends, Sandra and Lizzette, visit her in the Dominican Republic. Daniele hoped Yohan was going to find work because they were apparently spending all of her money, which she was making by being a yoga instructor.

Sandra and Lizzette said Daniele tried to paint her life as perfect but that clearly wasn't the case.

That night, Daniele's friends had dinner with Yohan, and they gushed about Yohan's smile and how they made a beautiful couple. Yohan explained to the women how he and his wife tended to butt heads and argue over gender roles, but the ladies said it's all about compromise and making adjustments for one another.

"Daniele doesn't want a man she can walk all over, but if he's like, 'Nope, this is how it is,' what is she going to do?" Lizzette questioned.

Yohan shared how he'd like to do personal training and eventually own his own gym, where Daniele could also work teaching yoga. But Daniele said Yohan still had a lot to learn about how to run a business and she couldn't do it on her own.

"He needs to step up to the plate," Daniele noted.


Kirsten was nervous to meet Julio's extended family after the way his mother had reacted the previous night to Julio's news that he'd be moving to the Netherlands.  

Julio asked Kirsten to be more talkative and social, which made Kirsten wonder if her man really liked her for who she is.

Kirsten was also shocked to hear about the crime in Julio's family's neighborhood.

At the family gathering, Julio's relatives were playing games outside and asked the pair about their relationship.

Kirsten learned that no one had any idea they had been dating for about a year. According to one of Julio's loved ones, the family thought Julio and Kirsten had only been dating for a few weeks.

Julio's family was surprised to hear that Julio was moving to the Netherlands because they believe the woman should follow the man.

"We lived together for two months [in the Netherlands]," Julio shared, before one of his cousins snapped at him for not telling them anything about his romance.


A cousin suggested that maybe Kirsten should live in the United States for two months and give it a chance before the couple decided where they should move permanently. Julio thought that was a good idea, but Kirsten flat out announced that she didn't want to live in New York.

"He never brought this up before. I don't even know what he's talking about," Kirsten lamented to the cameras.

"I think Julio is afraid when it comes to his family. I am really angry that Julio doesn't defend me and that he didn't defend his choices. I don't think it's fair for me."

After a few days in New York, Kirsten and Julio dressed up for Halloween. Kirsten admitted her trip was "awful" so far but she was just hiding her emotions and trying to have fun.

Kirsten thought it was very strange that Julio hadn't told any of his family members about their relationship or his plans to move to the Netherlands. Julio also mentioned how Kirsten didn't cook or clean much for him while they partied with friends on Halloween.

Julio's good friend feared Julio was rushing into this move, especially since the couple seemed to bicker a lot, and so Julio asked Kirsten if she'd be okay with them living in separate places -- so they would have privacy -- once he moved to the Netherlands.

Hearing his friends and family's concerns made Julio think deeper and harder about his decision to head to a totally different country. He had more pause and food for thought than ever before, but these questions just annoyed Kirsten since they had already agreed on a plan.

Kirsten said Julio was blindsiding her with the option of living apart because they were in a serious relationship and so she wanted to be together all the time. Kirsten felt Julio was gaslighting her, and she questioned if something bigger was going on with him.

"Live alone if you want to," Kirsten clapped back, adding how Julio was making excuses and clearly taking a step back in their relationship.

Kirsten reminded Julio that every couple fights and it didn't make sense for them to live apart. She had seen a new side of Julio that she really didn't like.

"I feel like this is the man I did not fall in love with," Kirsten told the cameras.

Julio assured Kirsten that they could make it work because he didn't want to lose her. Julio therefore planned to uphold his promises, but he acknowledged how he still had a lot to think about and was "having second thoughts about moving" to the Netherlands.


After a big fight in their new apartment, TJ said Kimberly had shown her worth. He did not like being called "a d-ck," and he vented to his family about how his future wife had been so rude and hurtful with her abuses.

"Suddenly, it just shattered my whole image of Kimberly loving me, and she broke my heart," TJ told the cameras.

Kimberly said she had told TJ that she was appreciative of his work, but she was also very clear about how she wanted the apartment to turn out.


TJ, however, had a seven-year loan to pay off, and he said Kimberly wasn't listening to him, nor did she care. TJ said Kimberly was acting like he should be her servant, and he thought her actions were terrible.

Both Kimberly and TJ broke down into tears, and TJ's family naturally took his side. They thought Kimberly was being ungrateful for his efforts, and TJ's brother said Kimberly's mindset was "bullsh-t" and she was behaving like "a very bad girl."

Kimberly said her relationship seemed to be all about TJ and what he wanted. She didn't feel like they were a team, and she wondered if that was a cultural barrier or problem between them.

"I feel like it's going to be me against all of them," Kimberly cried.

"If he doesn't want to get married and if he's willing to throw this away, then I don't know why I'm here -- because I'm giving up everything to be with him, and it doesn't seem like he cares."

Kimberly said she thought was coming home, but she certainly didn't feel at home in India.

The next day, Kimberly and TJ had gone without much talking. TJ had offered for Kimberly to sleep in his bed with the rest of his family downstairs, but she refused.

Kimberly therefore spent a cold night in her new apartment, and she complained how she couldn't even flush the toilet. Kimberly had been hoping this would be her safe place, and she just wanted to feel like her opinion mattered.

Kimberly cried to the cameras about how she felt "all alone," even though she was going to get married in a week. And TJ felt Kimberly had disrespected him and been extremely reactive.

TJ decided that he wanted to settle the disagreement because he loved Kimberly a lot, and so he walked up to the apartment to talk to her. Kimberly told TJ that she was angry, but he assured her that the wedding was on.

Kimberly said they needed to resolve issues as a result, such as TJ listening to her. TJ explained how Kimberly had underestimated his efforts, but Kimberly said she wasn't going to sugarcoat anything for him.

TJ accused Kimberly of abusing him by calling him "a d-ck" and using such bad language, and then he called her a "bastard." Kimberly insisted "d-ck" wasn't a bad word to use, but TJ disagreed and said Kimberly only thought that because she's a woman.

Kimberly then accused TJ of using her gender against her and being a part of a sexist culture.

The pair had different upbringings and so TJ was trying to explain why that word hurt him.

"[You say], 'I'm a clairvoyant.' How the f-ck are you a clairvoyant?! You are not respecting someone's soul and someone's emotion," TJ lamented to the cameras.

Kimberly just wanted TJ to acknowledge that the apartment wasn't what she wanted, and she had a screaming and emotional breakdown. She wanted TJ to admit that he had hurt her, but her loud voice scared TJ away and prompted him to leave the room.


Kenny said he was starting to see the appeal of living in a big city with all of its interesting culture and people, but he was nervous about how his mother was going to react to the couple's potential move.

Armando's mother was about to visit, and Kenny worried that she was going to change Armando's mind. Armando figured his mother wouldn't like the city or the distance from her given Hannah would be leaving with her dads.


Kenny also feared Armando's mother was going to blame him for the plan and be upset with him.

Once Armando's mother arrived, the family went out to dinner. Armando's mother said a man had once put his hand inside of her purse in Mexico City and so she never wanted to return there.

Armando's mother started to cry about how Armando had already moved away from her once to make Kenny happy. She suggested that Armando was following Kenny around everywhere, and she hated the idea of her son and granddaughter moving even farther away from her.

Armando's mother said Armando was still her little boy, even though he was all grown up. Armando insisted that while he liked living in San Felipe, he didn't have another option but to move due to the lack of support for his gay relationship.

Armando's mother, however, was still in shock about the couple's potential move to Mexico City. She couldn't believe that Armando was even considering it given his personality and background.

Armando explained how he never felt supported or embraced by his family when he came out six years prior. Armando cut his loved ones some slack, but he said his mother victimizing herself was "very unfair."

Armando therefore stood up for himself and explained how he had a spouse to consider and prioritize. He also said that he didn't feel any affection from his family once he came out of the closet and so he felt the need to "survive" and run away.

When Kenny moved to Mexico, that's why he and Armando started fresh in a new place of Rosarito.

Kenny didn't like Armando's mother putting so much guilt on her son; he wished Armando could just put his happiness first for once.


Wayne thought the sexy way Holly dressed was going to get her into trouble in his "dangerous" country. Wayne said people targeted sexy women in South Africa and so Holly needed to change the way she dressed in order to protect herself and remain safe.

Wayne therefore took Holly shopping for longer dresses, but Holly said she was attached to the way she dressed and was very particular about fashion and the way she looked.

Holly didn't want to lose her identity in a foreign country, feeling she had already given enough -- or maybe even too much -- by leaving the United States for their relationship.

"I still want to be unique and I don't want to feel uncomfortable in my clothing," Holly told Wayne.

Wayne said he just wanted Holly to dress more modestly, not like a nun. He didn't want men to think Holly was single or a prostitute.

"I don't want people to look at you like you're a piece of meat. I just need you to be safe," Wayne told Holly.

Holly, however, was offended and insulted when Wayne had compared her to a prostitute. She was shocked and felt "betrayed" by her partner for saying that.


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