90 Day Fiance: The Other Way's third season premiered with Corey Rathgeber keeping a big secret from Evelin Villegas as they were planning their wedding, Biniyam Shibre dreading a visit from Ariela Weinberg's ex-husband Leandro, Jenny Slatten flipping out on Sumit because he won't marry her, and an introduction to two new couples -- Ellie and Victor as well as Steven and Alina -- during Sunday night's premiere episode on TLC.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way follows American citizens moving to foreign countries for the sake of love and their future spouses, and they must marry within 90 days in order to stay.


The third-season premiere of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way featured Victor, a 28-year-old from Providencia, Colombia, and Ellie, a 45-year-old from Seattle, WA; Biniyam, a 31-year-old from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and Ariela, a 29-year-old from Princeton, NJ; Corey, a 34-year-old from Mill A., WA, and Evelin, a 28-year-old from Engabao, Ecuador; Jenny, a 63-year-old from Palm Springs, CA, and Sumit, a 33-year-old from New Delhi, India; and Steven, a 25-year-old from Salt Lake City, UT, and Alina, a 20-year-old from Russia.

The show will also star Armando Rubio, a 32-year-old from Mexico, and Kenny Niedermeier, a 58-year-old from St. Petersburg, FL.

Below is what was shown on the first episode of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way's third season.


Victor was about to face a hurricane, and so Ellie begged him to stay safe and said she missed him.

At this point, Hurricane Iota had increased in strength to a Category 5, and the storm caused mass destruction. Ellie apparently didn't hear from Victor after the storm hit.

Ellie was afraid Victor may not have even survived the hurricane, and she cried to producers about her lack of knowledge and being totally in the dark about his whereabouts.

One week earlier, Ellie explained how she's known as "the pizza lady" in her neighborhood. She owns and operates a pizza restaurant in Seattle and put her blood, sweat and tears into her successful business for about five years.

Ellie apparently grew up on a farm in a small town in Nevada but always dreamed of living in a bigger city. Ellie was voted "Most Likely to Never Come Back" in her high school yearbook, and she said she moved to Seattle in 1995.

Ellie got married at age 28 and she called her husband "a happy and fun-loving guy." She said her husband loved her so much but died 11 months after they got married during a trip to Atlanta.

"It changed my life, forever," Ellie cried. "It's something you don't ever get over. It was awful."


A few weeks later, Ellie learned her husband had accidentally overdosed on a prescription pain killer.

Ellie struggled to open her heart again following the tragedy in fear she'd lose someone else she loves, but she traveled to Colombia with a friend and met a handsome man, Victor, at a beach bar.

"There was definitely some immediate chemistry and tension, like, 'Oh my God, this guy is such a dreamboat.' He was so cute!" Ellie gushed.

Victor apparently made Ellie a delicious pina colada that changed her life and then they began dating. He's from a super small island in the Caribbean, Providencia, which only has 6,000 people. Victor refers to it as a "mini Jamaica."

On the last day of her trip, Victor asked Ellie to stay and so she expanded her trip by another two weeks. Once she returned to Seattle, the pair kept talking and realized they wanted to continue their relationship.

Ellie gushed about Victor being charming and sweet, and she said she traveled back to his little island twice. The couple then decided to get married and have Victor move to the United States.

Victor had a K-1 visa interview scheduled on March 17, 2020, but then coronavirus started and his interview was canceled. Ellie and Victor therefore determined they didn't want to wait any longer to be together, and so Ellie decided she'd move to Providencia once the borders opened.

"So I'm packing up my belongings and moving to Providencia in one week!" Ellie revealed.

Before moving, Ellie had to sell her car and her furniture.

"But the biggest thing I'm giving up is my restaurant... It's a big part of my identity and been my home base for the last seven years. So giving it up is huge," Ellie admitted.

Ellie made an offer to her co-worker Dylan to take over the restaurant, but she acknowledged it was going to be "really hard" for her to let it go. Ellie also felt a little guilty about leaving the restaurant not long after COVID-19 struck.

Ellie cried about having to trust her business to someone else, and Dylan said he was well aware of how much Ellie was sacrificing and giving up to move for a man with whom she had essentially spent only 100 days.

Dylan wondered if Victor had an ulterior motives, and Ellie admitted that was a bit of a concern. Ellie feared Victor may be using her for financial reasons, especially since he has a lot more to gain from their relationship than she could gain.

Ellie had also discovered that Victor was cheating on her seven months prior. The girl that Victor was seeing had messaged Ellie, saying that she and Victor were together and he was her boyfriend living in her house in Providencia.


The girl asked Ellie to leave them alone and claimed, according to a screenshot Ellie had taken of the message, "We are in love and I don't want any one... an ex-girlfriend to disturb us."

Victor had an entire relationship with this woman and didn't just sleep with her. Ellie also said Victor denied the whole thing once she first confronted him, but then the woman kept sending Ellie pictures and more evidence.

After some time, Victor allegedly stopped denying the affair and put the blame on this woman, accusing her of tricking and trapping him. Victor claimed to Ellie that he was lost in life and this woman had taken advantage of that.

Ellie said she had broken up with Victor at the time but he kept trying and wouldn't let her go. Ellie therefore gave Victor another chance even though she'd never really be able to forget about the affair.

Ellie's close friend couldn't believe Ellie was about to give up her whole life for a liar and a cheater, but Ellie said she was truly crazy about Victor and was prepared to take a risk on love.



Corey met Evelin over six years ago and Evelin called their relationship "a roller coaster."

Corey said he and Evelin felt an instant connection when they met and he initially hoped she'd move to the United States with him; however, she didn't like Washington and really missed home.

Evelin told Corey that he needed to move to Ecuador in order to make their relationship work, and so he did just that, although a bit reluctantly since he had to quit his job and say goodbye to his family.

"I had a hard time adjusting to life in Engabao... I didn't speak Spanish and I wanted to get married, but Evelin wasn't as ready," Corey recalled.

Evelin admitted it was never her dream to get married, and so they had to work through some issues, including the sudden passing of Corey's father back at home.

Following his father's death, Corey proposed marriage to Evelin and she accepted a ring. Corey said things were going "pretty smooth" with Evelin but she was dragging her feet to set a wedding date.

Corey had also promised Evelin that he'd learn Spanish and engage more with her family.


"Nothing of that was happening, so I wasn't ready to marry him yet," Evelin shared. "I didn't [think] you were ready either, [Corey]."

Corey said Evelin decided to go on a break and he interpreted her decision as a breakup. Evelin called it just "a break," but Corey viewed it as being dumped.

Evelin explained that she wanted Corey to put more effort into their relationship and show he could follow through with all of the things he had promised her. Corey, however, acknowledged he was "devastated and heartbroken" and things weren't right in his head.

Corey therefore recalled taking a trip to Peru and seeing another woman, before eventually returning to Ecuador.

Corey and Evelin then got stuck quarantining together amid the coronavirus pandemic, and Evelin was angry about his time with Jenny, saying they'd never be together if they weren't forced to be in lockdown together.

Corey insisted he only hung out with Jenny for four days, but Evelin said there was more to the story that Corey came out with once she began pressuring him for more information.

"I asked, 'Are you having sex with this woman?' And then he's like, 'Oh, no, like, I tried it once, but I couldn't get it up.' Whether his d-ck worked or not, he still put himself in a position where that was an option," Evelin explained.

"But I appreciated Corey telling me the whole truth so that we can start new and without secrets."

Corey and Evelin were shown re-opening their bar in Engabao after six months of it being shutdown due to COVID-19. Evelin said re-opening the bar was awesome and it's a good business for them to live by.

Corey insisted the pandemic had made his relationship with Evelin stronger, but Evelin still seemed angry over his "girl-hunting mission" in Peru.

"You gave me puppy eyes every day," Evelin told her husband.

Evelin then confirmed she and Corey had a date set for their wedding and the ceremony was scheduled to take place in five months. The couple was planning their wedding, but Evelin said it was hard to trust Corey completely, even though she definitely still loved him.

Corey was excited about their upcoming nuptials but confessed to the cameras he hadn't been entirely honest with Evelin about what actually happened with Jenny in Peru.

"When Evelin discovers new information that I withheld from her, yeah, it's gonna be bad. It's gonna be really bad," Corey admitted.

Evelin had yet to share with her family how she and Corey were planning a wedding, and so she decided it was time to be open and honest.

Evelin said she never wanted to get married and so she felt like she was failing herself and everything she had been preaching; however, she was willing to do it for love and the sake of Corey's happiness and well-being.


Evelin was nervous to share her big news, saying that once she dropped the bomb, there was no going back on her decision to marry.

Evelin's relatives seemed surprised to hear Evelin's decision to have a wedding, and they even expressed how they didn't really trust Corey. Evelin's sister Lesly also called Corey "fake" and said she didn't think he's the right man for her.

Lesly also had yet to find out about Corey's fling with Jenny, so Evelin anticipated her sister would disapprove of Corey even more -- which made Evelin second-guess marrying him.


Ariela had started a family with her fiance, Biniyam, in Ethiopia with their son Avi or Aviel.

The pair had met in the streets of Ethiopia and Biniyam joked about how Ariela looked like a crazy white woman. At the time, Ariela had divorced her husband and she thought Biniyam was a really good looking guy with a nice smile.

Ariela said she was not looking for love at the time, but after three months of dating, she ended up getting pregnant. Ariela left Ethiopia to go back to the United States but then realized it was going to be difficult for Biniyam to obtain a Tourist Visa.

Ariela therefore decided to give birth in Ethiopia and build a family there, even though her parents thought she was crazy to live in a foreign country with no support other than from her fiance.

Biniyam said the past year with Ariela had been "terrible" but "nice" at the same time, recalling how it had been difficult to please Ariela and satisfy her demanding mother, who had trouble accepting Ariela living and raising a baby on her own in a place with no bathroom or kitchen.

Ariela hired a nanny, Mimi, and she and Biniyam had moved into a three-bedroom house together. Ariela gushed about child-help being only $200 a month, but she admitted it was really hard for Biniyam because there wasn't much more amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Biniyam is a dancer, rapper and martial artist, and since people weren't going to clubs and bars amid COVID-19, Ariela's parents were apparently helping them out financially.

Mimi taught Ariela how to cook Ethiopian dishes, and Ariela gushed about the nanny being a part of her family and close friend who had been helping her so much.

Biniyam occasionally spent time with his friends and was out all night, and Ariela was missing out on "deep relationships" in Ethiopia -- although she was happy for "the most part."

Ariela admitted her ex-husband is her best friend and she was missing him and everyone else at home.

Ariela therefore asked her ex-husband Leandro to visit her in Ethiopia.


"Leandro and I are still best friends. Even though we got a divorce, we talk all the time and he is really involved in my life," Ariela shared, adding, "Because Leandro is a part of my life, I think it's really important for Bini and Leandro to meet each other and accept each other."

Mimi thought it was strange Ariela was about to spend time with her ex-husband given that's a foreign concept in Ethiopia and divorced spouses are no longer in contact with each other, and Ariela could tell Biniyam felt "a little macho and territorial" about her.

"So I'm not sure they're going to get along," Ariela noted. "I'm not sure how he's going to react [to Leandro] face to face."

Ariela was struggling be so far away from her family and her culture, and so she was shown FaceTiming with Leandro. Due to Ethiopia's quarantine laws, Leandro had to quarantine at a nearby hotel because he could reunite with Ariela.

Ariela had met Leandro when she studied in Argentina at age 19. They got married after six months together and then she brought him to the United States on a spousal visa.

Ariela said she and Leandro were married for 10 years but she wanted to travel more and Leandro wanted to focus on earning his doctorate. The former spouses therefore broke up but decided to stay best friends.

Leandro told Ariela that he was excited to see her and meet Biniyam. He anticipated a fun trip, but Ariela anticipated Biniyam was going to be jealous of her strong unbreakable connection with her ex-husband.

Biniyam admitted Leandro visiting was "uncomfortable" for him, and he told the cameras he wasn't happy at all. Biniyam worried about Ariela and Leandro's tight bond and the fact Leandro could possibly convince her to return to the United States.

Biniyam confessed to Ariela that he was "jealous," especially because Ariela would say she "loves" Leandro, but only as a best friend.

"We are not together for a reason," Ariela insisted to her fiance.

"I don't want to lose you again, just like my last relationship," Biniyam explained. "I want to protect my family."

Biniyam said he didn't want to lose another child and another marriage, as he had previously been married to an American who left him and moved back to the United States.

Biniyam's sisters appeared shocked to hear about Leandro's upcoming visit, and Biniyam explained how he didn't have much of a choice in the matter.

Ariela also apparently didn't tell Biniyam that Leandro had stayed at her house alone when she was four or five months pregnant for two weeks, which apparently upset Biniyam. Ariela had told Biniyam's sister that in confidence and so she wasn't happy.

Biniyam worried Ariela was hiding something or had maybe slept with Leandro during his stay, but Ariela insisted that wasn't the case and they had stayed in two separate rooms.


Ariela compared her relationship with Leandro to a brother and sister, but Biniyam was admittedly very suspicious of the pair's connection and what it meant to his fiancee.


Sumit was shown surprising Jenny with flowers on the morning of her birthday. Jenny said she was living her best life with Sumit, "the love of [her] life."

Jenny said she and Sumit had faced many obstacles and challenges in their relationship after meeting 10 years prior online, when Sumit had catfished her and tricked her into thinking he was a handsome model named Michael Jones.

Jenny admitted she was upset at first but then she still thought Sumit was "so cute" when she saw a real picture of him. Jenny went as far as to say that Sumit was cuter than the man he was pretending to be.

After about a year-and-a-half, Sumit flew Jenny to India and told her that he wanted to get married in 2013. Sumit's parents were against the relationship from the start due to their 30-year age difference, but Sumit said he and Jenny never gave up on their love.

Four years later, Jenny gave up everything to move to India because Sumit promised, this time, they would wed and be together forever. Things didn't go as planned, however, because Sumit had been keeping a secret from her -- that he was actually married to an Indian woman.

Sumit was in an arranged marriage and had been lying to Jenny, so she returned to the United States.

"But he assured me that he was going to get his divorce and we'd be back together again," Jenny recalled. "So last year, I moved back to India after Sumit filed for his divorce. I thought we were going to get married for sure this time. I didn't think anything was going to stop us."

However, Sumit's father Anil and mother Sahna told Sumit that they would not allow him to marry Jenny, and Sahna even threatened to commit suicide if Sumit went through with the wedding against her solid objection.

Jenny said something stopped them from getting married every single time and the pair had seemingly run out of options. However, Jenny said she wasn't ready to leave Sumit or his home country.

For Jenny's birthday, Sumit took her to an astrologer so he could find out what they could do in order to get married. Jenny said she doesn't believe in astrology but she'd do whatever it takes to be Sumit's bride and get on with their live together.

The pair then met with an astrologer named Khalid, who had apparently warned Sumit's father that Sumit would be interested in an older woman following his divorce.

Sumit asked if there was anything he could do to convince his parents that marrying Jenny is okay, and Khalid explained that they could not change fate but they could maintain the love between them.

Jenny shared how she has a 10-year Tourist Visa to live in India but she must leave the country every six months. Due to the lockdown, Jenny was able to extend her visa for several months, but she was afraid that was going to stop soon.


Khalid told the couple to keep peace and calmness between them, also advising Jenny not to break down soon.

"I don't care -- Sumit needs to marry me. It's sad, I wish the man I love could just make a decision and stop listening to everybody else... If this is what you say you want, then let's do it. Keep me here; let's stay together and be happy. This is what we both want," Jenny complained in a confessional.

Suddenly, Jenny learned her visa extension had been "closed" rather than extended and approved for more time. Jenny said she was going to have to leave India again, and she appeared very upset and nervous.

Sumit replied, "We need to figure it out," adding they could maybe stay in Nepal for a couple of months until the borders would open again, and Jenny intended to talk to a travel agent for guidance and advice.

Sumit's in-laws had also taken his passport away, and so Nepal seemed to be the couple's "only option," according to the travel agent.

"Well, it looks like I'm going back to America," Jenny determined, asking Sumit to go against his parents so they could get married and she could stay in the country.

Jenny said she was about to go back to "nothing" again and she was "ruining [her] life" for him. Jenny argued that she couldn't keep doing this situation with Sumit, who had promised her marriage this time around.

"I wouldn't have come back and now I have to leave the country," Jenny complained. "You can change the situation if we get married. I came to America so I wouldn't have to leave India again... What do I have to go back to? I have no home to go back to. I have nothing."

Jenny admitted she was tired of Sumit's empty promises and his parents' interference.

"I'm not gonna come back," Jenny threatened her fiance. "Why would I come back for the fourth time? For what? For what?! I can't stay in the country!"

Jenny screamed at Sumit and said she wasn't going to live in India for six months at a time for the rest of her life under the false assumption Sumit was going to marry her when he really wasn't going to.

"That's it!" Jenny yelled, throwing something on the floor on her way out of the house. "I am done with all of this crap! F-ck you, Sumit! I'll never listen to you again! I'm booking my flight and I'm leaving!"


Steven admitted he's different from other people and often fails to pick up on social cues. He said he's worked a lot of odds jobs, going door to door for pest control as of recently.

Steven said he actually doesn't like killing bugs, however, because they have spirits too.

Steven, a proud and devout Mormon, was living with his mother, stepfather and younger brother in a basement. He said his faith is "superbly important" to him.

"When I was 19 years old, I got called to go on a mission and so, for the next two years, I lived in Eastern Europe and I learned to speak Russian. I'm super grateful that I did learn it because now I have Alina," Steven said.

Steven apparently met Alina on a language-exchange website and recalled, "I started helping her English a little bit and she's helping me with Russian."

"From the very get-go, we are kind of interested in each other," he explained.

"So I said something kind of flirty like, 'Can I have your number?' That kind of a thing. We started calling each other every day. And since then, we haven't stopped."

Steven, however, said Alina was "super nervous" upon learning he is a Mormon because Russians allegedly view people of his religion as "a cult."

"She didn't even want to meet up with me because she was afraid that I was going to sell her organs," Steven admitted with a laugh.

"I decided to invite her mom, invite my mom. Maybe I [could] convince her like, 'Hey, like, I'm not gonna harvest your organs, I'm not gonna kidnap you. Your mom will be there,' which is kind of silly -- I feel like it'd be just as easy to kidnap two people, but it made her comfortable and then she agreed."

Steven added how he and Alina felt an immediate attraction to each other when they finally met in person.

"She comes out of the elevator, we make eye contact and I run up and I hug her. And it seems like something off a movie where like, we instantly connected," Steven gushed.

"Everything was so new and excited. I loved walking the streets with her and holding her hand, and it was just a magical first two weeks."

The couple proceeded to date over a year, and Steven said he wanted to start the rest of his life with Alina. Steven planned to move to Russia so Alina could finish college but the coronavirus pandemic drastically changed and affected their plans.

"The borders closed into Russia and so we had to look for another country where we could be together. We happened to find Turkey, which allows both Russians and Americans, so we're moving to Turkey!" Steven revealed.

Steven planned to fly to Turkey in just one week, and so he intended to spend some quality time with his friends and family, including his brother Jordan, who had left the Mormon religion but still maintained a close relationship with his loved ones.

Steven's mother described Steven as a "carefree" man who does silly and random things, such as announcing he's going to fart during an outdoor gathering.

Steven said he and Alina must marry right away so he could apply for a spousal visa and they'd only have 90 days to do so in Turkey since both partners were traveling on a Tourist Visa. Steven imagined there wouldn't be any problems, but his family wasn't as certain.

Steven was afraid to tell Alina that he hadn't lived up to the standards of the church and she may doubt everything he had ever told her.


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