90 Day Fiance: The Other Way featured Mary and Brandan finally meeting in the Philippines and breaking the rules, Kimberly hating her new apartment in India and lashing out at TJ, Julio breaking shocking news to his mother, Kenny and Armando having a power struggle, and Holly pushing Wayne to move to a safer house during the Season 5 episode that aired Monday night on TLC.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way's new season stars Daniele, 42, and Yohan, 33, as well as Kenny, 60, and Armando, 34.


Daniele and Yohan originally appeared on 90 Day Fiance's Love in Paradise: The Caribbean before appearing on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way's fourth season. They were last shown breaking up on the show's Tell-All.

Kenny and Armando previously starred on Season 2 and Season 3 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way.

Season 5 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way also stars Brandan, a 23-year-old from Oregon, and Mary, a 23-year-old from the Philippines; Holly, a 44-year-old from Utah, and Wayne, a 40-year-old from South Africa; Tejaswi or "TJ," a 33-year-old from India, and Kimberly, a 30-year-old from Alabama; Kirsten, a 24-year-old from the Netherlands, and Julio, a 27-year-old from New York; and Sarper, a 43-year-old from Turkey, and Shekinah, a 41-year-old from Los Angeles.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way follows American citizens moving to or living in foreign countries for the sake of love and their future spouses and experiencing culture shock.

Below is what happened on Episode 3 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way's fifth season.


Kirsten had arrived in America the night prior, and Julio said they "did the nasty and went to bed" that night.

The next day, the pair explored New York City, and Julio informed Kirsten that although they had been dating for one year, he just told his mother about their relationship three weeks ago.

Kirsten asked Julio what he told his mom when they had spent two months together in the Netherlands, and Julio said he had lied about needing to work.

"You had all this time to properly deliver a message," Kirsten said.

Julio felt "sh-tty" for hurting Kirsten, and he acknowledged that he had "f-cked up." But Julio explained to Kirsten how he needed to be totally sure about her -- and what it would be like to live with her -- before telling his family about their romance.

Kirsten thought Julio was The One for her from the start, and so the fact he had kept her a secret was painful for her. Kirsten also wondered whether his mother was going to be okay with their relationship upon meeting her.

"He already pushed his move back a couple of times because he said he wasn't ready yet. I'm worried that might mean he's not serious about the move," Kirsten told the cameras.

But Julio told his girlfriend that he was 100 percent confident in her and his choice to move for her.

"I didn't want to tell my mom too soon, and she doesn't know I already applied for my temporary residency and that I plan on moving there permanently," Julio shared in a confessional.

"It's a hard thing for me to let my mom know that I can't promise me being there physically for her forever. I don't want her to feel like she's alone. I don't want her to be like, 'My son just picked up and left me.'"


Julio said he didn't know how he was going to break this news to his mom because it was really going to hurt her. He joked with Kirsten about how his mom might even burn his temporary residency card.

It then became time for Kirsten to meet Julio's family. He feared his loved ones wouldn't like her and then he'd be forced to pick between them.

"[Your mom] is going to look at me, like, 'This is all your fault!'" Kirsten said. "If this step goes wrong, our future will be [messed] up... I'm even more stressed [now]."

Julio was still living with his mother at 27-years-old, and Kirsten knew his mother's reaction was going to determine their future together.

Kirsten then met his mother and brothers Kedwin and Jonathan for the first time. Julio's mother thought Kirsten was very pretty, but she didn't know anything about her.

Julio's mother called Julio out for being dishonest about his relationship, since he hadn't mentioned it from the start, and then Julio dropped the bombshell that he was waiting for an answer on whether he could move to the Netherlands to live with Kirsten.

Julio told his mother that he'd probably move in three months, and she was totally "speechless" and unprepared for this news.

"The truth is that I cannot believe Julio already applied for a residency. I feel like he has rushed it. I feel sad. I didn't think it was going to be so fast," Julio's mom told the cameras.

Julio confirmed he had made up his mind about the move, and then his mother started to cry at the dinner table.

Kirsten felt bad Julio had surprised his mother with this information because it was a lot to take in.


Mary was waiting for Brandan's arrival in the Philippines, but she was still angry he had been seated next to a woman on the plane. Brandan promised Mary that he didn't talk to other girls and had no reason to do that.

Mary explained to the cameras how she had trust issues because her ex-boyfriend had cheated on her 10 times and she had forgiven him all 10 times. Mary didn't want that to happen again, but Brandan said he'd never leave Mary for a random stranger on a plane.

The next day, Mary was shown helping her grandfather on his farm, where he planted rice and corn and raised some animals. Mary couldn't wait to meet Brandan in person and finally be with him.


Mary was apparently raised by her grandparents, who wanted her to be safe with a partner since they were getting too old to take good care of her. They advised Mary not to sleep with Brandan right away, and they said Brandan needed their permission to kiss Mary or hold her hand.

Mary planned to wait until marriage to have sex and respect her grandparents, but she didn't know how Brandan was going to react to the news that they couldn't be intimate in any way, shape or form without her grandparents' approval.

Mary then drove three hours from her grandparents' house to the airport to pick up Brandan. She couldn't wait to hug Brandan, but her brother said hugging was not allowed.

Mary felt bad about breaking the rules, but she wanted this big moment to be for her and not for her grandfather. Mary's brother was therefore understanding of Mary's wishes, and he gave her permission to hug Brandan if she wanted to.

Mary's brother had kids before marriage, and so he apparently brought shame upon the family. Because of that, Mary's brother and her grandfather didn't speak for about a year.

Mary predicted that Brandan was going to try to kiss her, but she had never kissed a man before -- and Brandan was unaware of her family's strict rules. She didn't know what was going to happen if Brandan tried to make a move on her.

Brandan's flight then landed, and Mary hoped their love was going to be "even more real" in person. She couldn't picture her future without Brandan, and so she remained optimistic about the connection they'd share.

At the airport, Brandan and Mary finally reunited, and Mary broke down crying in his arms. She also gave him a peck on the lips.

"You're so much prettier in person, you know that?" Brandan asked, adding how he felt "fireworks" seeing the love of his life. "It feels right."

Mary said she was overwhelmed with emotions upon seeing Brandan and so she had to kiss him. It was her first kiss, and Mary laughed about how she didn't know how to do it.


Mary's brother worried those kisses were going to cause problems for Brandan with his grandparents, so the situation admittedly put him in an awkward position.

On the way to Brandan's new hometown, the couple cuddled in the backseat of the car and kissed over and over again. Mary said it felt so nice, but her brother appeared bothered and disturbed.

Mary's brother then warned Brandan that kissing wasn't okay in the Philippines and he'd have to ask for a blessing to kiss his girlfriend. Brandan thought this rule was "absurd," but he recognized their cultures were different.

"I just wish Mary would've told me beforehand so that I'd be more prepared to act right," Brandan vented in a confessional.

Brandan addressed Mary's elders in the correct way and with respect, asking for their blessings. Mary's grandparents welcomed him to the Philippines, and Brandan said it was nice to be there but the air was warm and wet.

Mary's grandfather asked Brandan what he and Mary did when they first met, and the question made Mary very nervous. Mary didn't want Brandan to talk about the kissing because it would make her grandparents lose trust in him.


Kimberly was shown packing her bags on the day she'd be moving to India, but there were still some things she felt unsure about.

TJ was planning the couple's wedding with his family based on their traditions and liking, and she wasn't entirely sure what their living situation was going to be like with TJ's parents so close by. TJ had picked out an apartment for them to live in, but Kimberly didn't have much say in that either.

"I don't expect it to be smooth sailing," Kimberly acknowledged.

"I'm not looking forward to moving in with three people. If TJ and I start arguing, is his entire family going to get involved?... I really don't know [if I can handle that]. I don't have a lot of patience for things."

Kimberly said she wanted to be taken care of, both financially and emotionally, and her father was trusting TJ to get the job done. He and Kimberly's stepmom planned to attend the wedding and be there for their daughter.

Kimberly acknowledged how she was excited to get married but not excited to see the apartment.

After two days of exhausting traveling, Kimberly finally arrived in Jaipur, India.

TJ couldn't wait to reunite with Kimberly after five months of being apart; he just hoped his parents would like her and approve of her. After all, TJ's parents wanted a traditional Indian wife -- who would stay home and cook and clean -- for their son.


TJ hugged Kimberly at the airport, which she said was a huge deal since he's not supposed to show public affection to a woman like that.

Kimberly gushed about how being with TJ felt like a fairy tale coming true. She knew, however, there's a lot to get used to in India, and she wasn't sure what to expect from her new apartment. In the past, she had bathed in a bucket in India.

TJ slept with four people in a small house and shared a room with his sibling. His father had actually been sleeping on the floor in the living room for 20 years.

Kimberly didn't like the idea of living with so many people in one household, but she said she was ready to give it a shot. She also had a very warm welcome from TJ's family.

Kimberly brought gifts for everyone, and then TJ showed her their new apartment, which he had been building for two months. Kimberly had high expectations for this apartment and that it was going to make her feel safe, loved and at home.

TJ still had some work left to do with the apartment, and Kimberly could immediately tell. They didn't have a window made of glass yet, and Kimberly didn't like how the bathroom's door opened straight into the shower.

"If I needed to go to the bathroom, there is literally a direct shot from the toilet to the window, right across from each other. And the sink is outside the bathroom!" Kimberly complained. "I don't know who designed this layout!"

Kimberly was clearly upset, disappointed and frustrated, and she also lashed out about the countertops in the kitchen.

TJ accused Kimberly of nitpicking everything when he had taken out a seven-year loan to pay for the apartment. TJ said every country has a different construction plan and it was challenging to do things the way Kimberly liked them.

"She expects something else, and that's not realistic in India," TJ explained, before telling his fiancee that if she wanted to change things, the work would be under her supervision.

Kimberly said the work had been done very poorly and TJ's construction team "half-assed" everything. Kimberly felt TJ had been ripped off and that her requests were not met at all. She even vented about how the door heights were different.

The pair started to argue and bicker because TJ didn't understand why Kimberly couldn't say one positive thing about the apartment. He accused her of harping on the bad, but Kimberly reminded him that she had given up her family and American lifestyle to be with him.

"I'm not your servant," TJ told Kimberly.

"No, you're supposed to be my partner and you're failing at it!" Kimberly yelled.

Kimberly accused TJ of "acting like a d-ck," and she said this man was not the person she wanted to marry and be with forever.


Holly and her mother Judy had just arrived in South Africa, and Holly hoped her mother would help her get settled in a new country. Holly worried that her mother was going to hate Wayne's place, especially after they drove by a very poor neighborhood.

Given Wayne was raised as a Jehovah Witness, he and Holly were going to sleep apart until they got married.

Holly and Judy appeared to like Wayne's apartment and approve of his living conditions, but he had been robbed three times in six months.

Wayne was therefore building a "pepper spray system" in his garage for extra security. He had tried to make things safer for Holly.


The third time someone broke into Wayne's house, they killed one of his dogs. Holly had fallen in love with Wayne's dog, Stormy, and so not seeing him there was traumatizing for her. Holly cried about how she never had the chance to say goodbye to Stormy.

Judy suddenly realized the crime in South Africa was worse than she thought, and she wasn't sure she was going to feel safe in Wayne's house. Judy also feared for her daughter's life and safety going forward.

The next morning, Wayne assured Judy that he was going to take care of Holly and keep her as safe as possible. Holly suggested looking at a gated community, but Wayne had put a lot of money into his home's security.

"There's absolutely no way I'm going to be able to afford [a new home]. She's going to regret coming to South Africa," Wayne lamented in a confessional.

"Being in a strange country and not knowing how to defend myself, that scares me," Holly noted.

Wayne therefore replied, "We'll see," but he clearly had no intention of moving out of his house.


About a week into the family's trip to Mexico City, Armando was still not sold on the idea of moving there. Armando said he liked the locals, the city vibe and the culture, but he wasn't sure if he wanted to move so far away from family. Armando also had safety concerns for his daughter Hannah.

Kenny and Armando then brought Hannah to a private school for a tour. The school had many extra curricular activities, programs and sports, so this would be a plus to moving to Mexico City for Armando.

"I do think Hannah is a little bit of a secret weapon for me, because I think I can get her onboard. And if I get her onboard, I think I can convince Armando then to maybe make the move," Kenny told the cameras.

The school definitely met Armando's expectations, but he still wasn't sure if he was ready for the "hustle and bustle" of a big city.

Hannah told her dads that she liked the new school better than her old one, but Armando still had concerns about the dangers of moving to Mexico City. Kenny said he was just trying to be positive and optimistic, but Armando asked him to be realistic as well.

"Nothing bothers you or concerns you. I want you to hear me and understand me," Armando told Kenny.

"We're having a little bit of a power struggle. I think you've come into your own and you're pushing back on a lot more things as we move [forward] in our relationship," Kenny said.

Kenny, who apparently can be controlling, had asked Armando to take charge and be more assertive, and so Armando joked about how his husband had created a monster.

Kenny was used to demanding his way, but the dynamics in his relationship were changing.

"Releasing that control is a scary thing for me, and I still want to move here," Kenny noted.


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