90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? featured Natalie Mordovtseva and Mike Youngquist's relationship self-destructing, Jovi Dufren questioning if his marriage to Yara Zaya was going to work, Michael Ilesanmi deciding to visit a fertility clinic, Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina moving into their new apartment, and Andrei Castravet continuing to make waves in Elizabeth Potthast's family during Sunday night's Season 6 episode on TLC.

The new Happily Ever After? season stars 90 Day Fiance Season 8 couples Mike, a 35-year-old from Sequim, WA, and Natalie, a 36-year-old from Kyiv, Ukraine; Julia, a 27-year-old go-go club dancer from Krasnodar City, Russia, and Brandon, a 28-year-old pest-control technician who helps to run his parents' farm in Dinwiddie, VA; and Jovi, a 29-year-old from New Orleans, LA, and Yara, a 25-year-old from Ukraine.

The show also stars three returning Happily Ever After? Season 5 couples: Angela Deem, a 54-year-old Hazlehurst, GA, and Michael, a 32-year-old from Lagos, Nigeria; Kalani Faagata, a 32-year-old from Washington, UT, and Asuelu Pulaa, a 25-year-old from Utulaelae, Samoa; and Elizabeth, a 30-year-old from Tampa, FL, and Andrei, a 34-year-old from Chisinau, Moldova.


In addition, 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 1 couple Tiffany Franco, a 29-year-old from Frederick, MD, and Ronald Smith, a 31-year-old from South Africa, are Season 6 Happily Ever After? cast members.

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After? documents married 90 Day Fiance couples navigating life, hardships, family, children and unexpected obstacles.

The new season has already featured cultural differences, family arguments, scandals, confrontations and tears.

Below is the latest on several 90 Day Fiance couples, according to the twelfth episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?'s sixth season.


Michael broke the news to his friends that he and Angela had reconciled and their relationship was back on. Angela didn't like Michael's friends, but Michael said it was his right to still see them on occasion.

Michael gushed about having a naked videochat with Angela when she was in the bathtub, but none of Michael's friends were jealous. The guys went as far as to say they wouldn't even want to see that.

Michael's friends also gave Michael a hard time about Angela's smaller chest, which Michael admitted would take him some time to adjust to. Michael always loved big boobs and was attracted to Angela for her big chest to begin with.

Michael still hoped to welcome a child with Angela once he arrives to the United States by implanting one of Skyla's eggs into Angela. But Michael didn't like the idea of ejaculating into a container since he claims to have never masturbated before.

Michael said masturbating is against his religion and he simply doesn't do it, but his friends offered to find him a Nigerian woman to help him masturbate.

Michael insisted he'd rather have Angela on the phone with him during an event like that, explaining, "I don't want to cheat on my wife -- not anymore."


A producer then asked Michael, "Wait, when did you cheat on your wife?"

"Remember? The first? I did the BJ," Michael said.

Michael expected a fertility clinic's assistance to be very expensive, but Michael's friends assured him that Angela would be able to afford it considering she's had so much plastic surgery.

Michael said he wanted to see a sperm doctor so his sperm could be tested and then sent to the U.S. He noted that several things were working against him to have a baby with Angela: distance, the visa, and Angela getting older.

Michael admitted he couldn't be 100 percent happy in life without having a child of his own.

Michael later FaceTimed with Angela, who gushed about having more energy and breathing better. Angela also said her breasts looked better now that she was healing nicely and she'd look into competing in a wet T-shirt competition.

Michael said he wanted to talk about having a baby together, and Angela snapped, "Are you out of your mind?!"

Michael said it was important to have a baby sooner rather than later since they were both getting older, but Angela said Michael needed to get to America first.

Michael suggested he could test his sperm, send it to the U.S. and get it fertilized with Skyla's egg, but Angela reminded her husband how Skyla was not going to help them out with having a baby.

"I didn't do all of this to have a baby. I am going to enjoy this body I'm getting!" Angela complained.

Michael said he just wanted to start the process of having a child and explore their options, but Angela warned Michael that he'd have to masturbate in order to check his sperm.

Angela was okay with the idea of Michael going to a fertility clinic as long as Michael would masturbate with her on the phone instead of looking at porn or dirty magazine.

Angela said it was "damn aggravating" Michael was so dead set on having a baby right away but she loved him and wanted to satisfy and support him. Angela wasn't ready to get pregnant and watch her body change, but she didn't object to Michael seeing a fertility specialist.


Elizabeth and Andrei checked out the new house Andrei and Chuck would be flipping together, and Andrei said he would be doing most of the work while Elizabeth would lend her help as the interior decorator "because she's a woman and knows how to pick a color, I guess."

Andrei called the house "a money-maker," and Chuck told the cameras his relationship with Andrei was the best it had ever been.


Chuck explained Andrei had made a sincere effort in getting to know him and his other kids -- Charlie, Jenn and Becky -- would just have to deal with his new business arrangement with Andrei.

Chuck planned to stick to his word by mentoring Andrei and splitting the profits with him 50-50 with him on the flip. Chuck said he had helped all of his children in similar ways.

Chuck had purchased the home for $160,000 and said he could probably flip it and sell it for $270,000 or $280,000. Chuck said his kids wouldn't be able to "argue with success" if Andrei worked hard and managed to do a great job in flipping the house.

Elizabeth anticipated Becky would "flip her sh-t" upon learning Andrei was going to be the listing agent on the property they were about to begin working on. Elizabeth said if this deal went sour, things between family members would probably never be the same again.

While shopping for a moon bounce for Eleanor's birthday party, Elizabeth revealed to Becky and Jenn that she and Andrei had begun working on a property with Chuck and Andrei would be listing it.

Jenn confessed that the situation seemed "shady" and she thought it was "f-cked up," and Becky said it seemed like Chuck was just handing things to Andrei. Jenn said she had to work her way to the top and it appeared Andrei didn't even need to lift a finger.

"This is our jobs and our livelihood, and I feel like [Andrei's presence] is jeopardizing that, and that's not okay," Jenn lamented in a confessional.

Becky said it was clear Andrei didn't care about cutting out Jenn and herself from the plans and that didn't feel good at all. Becky also reminded Elizabeth how she had supported Andrei when he was studying for the real estate exam -- only for him to "step on [her] toes."

Elizabeth thought her sisters were just threatened by Andrei's hard work and newfound relationship with Chuck, and she wished they could just be happy for her and her family.

It then became time to celebrate Elizabeth and Andrei's daughter Eleanor's second birthday.

Becky and Jenn attempted to put drama aside for Eleanor's sake, but Andrei felt Elizabeth's sisters were trying to take cheap shots at him.

Andrei wanted to cut Eleanor's cake before singing "Happy Birthday," and that event alone sparked an argument with Becky and Jenn yelling at Andrei and accusing Chuck of being "buddy buddy" with Elizabeth's husband.

"There's definitely a rift in the family now," Jenn said in a confessional. "I just see him taking money out of my pocket... and I'm not going to stop until I get what I want."


Chuck believed his daughters were overreacting because Andrei was just working on one property. Chuck said he was helping Andrei just like how he had helped Becky and Jenn, but the girls disagreed and said the two situations were totally different.

As things escalated, Jenn threw cake in Andrei's face, and Andrei said that was "the last straw." Andrei yelled at the women to "get the f-ck out" of his house, and they happily did just that.


Jovi and Yara were shown packing for a trip to Miami, and Yara wanted to be bougie and look good in the Florida city which she had never traveled to before.

Jovi was happy to leave New Orleans, party and have a little fun, and Yara promised that she wasn't going to be "boring Yara" -- although she wouldn't let her daughter Mylah cry.

Although Mylah accompanied the couple on their romantic getaway, Jovi's mother Gwen also joined them so she could take care of Mylah and allow Jovi and Yara to have some time alone.

Yara loved the look of Miami, saying it appeared clean and different from New Orleans' city streets that were filled with "trash" and "homeless people," according to Yara.

Gwen hoped Jovi and Yara could "reconnect" in Miami because she sensed some distance or tension between the spouses.

"When Yara and I got married, I felt good, like, 'This is the woman I'm going to be with for the rest of my life.' But things changed a lot after we got married. I didn't expect there to be all these arguments and all of this stress," Jovi explained.

"Yara and I were in love before and were having fun. I was thinking after we got married, that was going to continue. So I hope this trip brings things back to the way they were in the past, because if not, the more we're going to keep fighting."

Jovi added, "The more fighting we do, the less sex we have and the worse our relationship gets altogether."

When the pair went out in Miami together, Jovi said his wife looked "hot" and he hoped they could start having sex again. But Yara seemed tired and quiet, which made Jovi note how things had "drastically changed" between them.

The couple enjoyed a nice lunch out with champagne, but Yara admitted she was worried about her baby at the hotel and whether Mylah was hungry. Jovi asked Yara to relax and have fun, and he accused Yara of using Mylah as an excuse to not work on their relationship.

Jovi said Mylah was basically "a barrier" between them and Yara should want him to be happy and feel fulfilled, desire, and satisfied.


Jovi insisted he was thrilled to have a baby but the pregnancy was "unexpected" and he wasn't ready for their lives to totally change. He flat out told Yara that if they continued to have problems once they returned to New Orleans, their relationship was never going to work.

"Jovi, I'm so over. I'm done," Yara lamented, adding, "We're not girlfriend and boyfriend anymore. We are husband and wife and father and mother... Everything is different now."

Yara told Jovi that he was "selfish" and needed to be more responsible.


Brandon and Julia were shown packing up their things during Brandon's last night in his parents' home. The spouses were about to move into a new apartment together in Richmond, VA.

While Julia was excited, Brandon didn't seem very happy. Brandon told the cameras that he loved the farm and wanted his children to grow up there, but Julia said she wanted to sell the farm and buy a big house with a pool.

Brandon offered to help his parents on the farm some weekends, but Julia snapped that Brandon would be helping out Ron and Betty alone -- and she'd stay behind by herself at the apartment.

Betty cried about how much she was going to miss her son and how she'd always consider him to be her baby boy, but Brandon suggested maybe they could visit his parents on Sundays for dinner since they were going to be "broke."

Both Betty and Ron smiled big at that idea, but Julia appeared disappointed and pissed off.

"I'm leaving my home and everything I love for the person I love," Brandon said.

"But it hurts that Julia constantly wants to put separation between me and my parents. I think that leaving the farm is going to solve most problems between Julia and I, but I think it might cause some new ones to start."

Betty and Ron then helped Brandon and Julia move into their new apartment, and Betty was a bit teary-eyed throughout the whole process.

Brandon's parents said Brandon had definitely chose Julia over them, as Julia repeatedly told Brandon to listen to her and do what she wants.


Julia realized she had a lot of work ahead of her in terms of unpacking, but she seemed thrilled to kick Brandon's parents out and lock the apartment door.


Because Natalie said she and Mike were fighting a lot and not seeing eye to eye, she decided to go out to lunch with her friend Juliana, who was apparently giving Natalie the emotional connection she desired from someone.

Natalie explained she had decided to not include Mike in her surgery plans so that she could remain calm going under the knife. She worried a fight with Mike would negatively impact her nose procedure.

Natalie told her friend that Mike had already won the fight and just continued to gaslight her. She said Mike tried to find ways to manipulate her and talk down to her, maybe because she's a foreigner and not an American.


Natalie also told Juliana how Mike's mom Trish had allegedly called her "a hooker," which really upset her, especially when Mike allegedly took his mother's side in the dispute.

Natalie said Mike was "weak" in the presence of his mother and cared too much about Trish's opinion. Natalie felt her voice wasn't heard in her marriage and that her thoughts and opinions didn't matter.

"If Michael cannot be on my side, it could be the end of our relationship," Natalie confessed.

Juliana assured Natalie that she's a strong woman and should be able to handle herself well in the situation.

Later on, Natalie told Mike how it was "terrible" how they kept fighting and Mike kept shutting her down whenever she tried to talk or express her feelings. Natalie said Trish didn't want to get to know her, but Mike was tired of talking about the same old things.

Mike simply didn't believe that Trish had called Natalie "a hooker" and so the pair bickered on-camera. Natalie insisted she wasn't crazy or making up the situation, but Mike didn't understand why Trish would call her such a thing.

Natalie then called Trish on the phone, and Trish said that Natalie did not treat Mike kindly when her son had provided her with everything. Trish also insisted that the had never called Natalie a "hooker" or anything close to the word.

"I be mad at you because you don't be nice to my son. Because it's all about what you want to do and when you want to do it, and if it doesn't go your way, you be mean all the time and manipulate all the time," Trish yelled at Natalie over the phone.

"You can't tell me that you love him. I don't believe for a second that you love him -- because of the way you behave and the way you act. Who picks a fight with her husband on Christmas Eve and goes to Seattle?!"

Mike accused Natalie of throwing tantrums and acting like a seven year old. He recalled buying Natalie a bunch of presents on Christmas and then Natalie giving those presents away to Juliana and her family.

Natalie didn't deny that happened, and Mike was yelling with frustration about how Natalie essentially pretended to be innocent all the time when she had hurt and offended him.

"Get with the f-cking program or get out!" Mike yelled at Natalie.

"What did I marry? I'm being loving and supportive towards you, and you are disrespectful and don't f-cking care and would rather hang out with your friends all night."

Mike alleged Natalie had only spent the night with him once since Christmas and was constantly at Julia's.

"Why, Natalie? Why?" Mike asked.

"Because we fight a lot," Natalie replied.

"No, we don't. We don't fight all the time, Natalie," Mike argued, adding that they had not fought in three nights and made love one of the nights.

Mike claimed, "We made love and then 10 minutes later, you were out the door to [go to] Julia's house."

Natalie said she had a room at Julia's house, and Mike pointed out how everyone seemed more important to Natalie that her own husband. But Natalie yelled about how Mike didn't let her speak and his mother had called her bad names.

Mike said Natalie never gave him a word of reassurance or explained why she loved him and appreciated him. Mike also said he came home to Natalie every night after working hard and she wasn't home.

"How are we supposed to spend time together when you don't f-cking come home?! I took a vow; I meant it. I have been 100 percent [there for] you -- in your court, loving you," Mike shouted.

Mike asked Natalie to reveal her "endgame" because he didn't feel loved at all, and so he concluded, "I am done. I am out. I am fully out. I am so over this. Thank you and have a great night, everyone. It's useless. There's no point in even talking to you."

Natalie said she loved Mike a lot but didn't like how he treated her. Natalie said she was always the guilty one, apologizing constantly, and that it was difficult to love her husband after that.


Asuelu picked up his mother Lesina, sister Tammy, and Tammy's kids to join Kalani's family for the Christmas holiday season. Asuelu said his relationship with Tammy wasn't good but he wanted to maintain a good relationship with his mother.

Tammy immediately questioned Asuelu about his job as a RideShare driver. Asuelu said the money was good, and so Tammy jumped on him about giving Lesina money as she's getting older and needs more help.

Tammy said she helped to take care of her mother and parents back home and Asuelu also needed to chip in to make things fair.

Asuelu told his mother that he had stepped up a lot at home to take care of his wife and kids and so his relationship with Kalani was smooth and going well.

Tammy threatened to make a scene if Kalani or one of her relatives got on her nerves, but Lesina wanted her daughter to listen and be respectful, which were the same things she was expecting from Asuelu.

Asuelu asked Tammy to be on "good behavior," and Asuelu hoped his sister would humble herself and feel the happy spirit of the holidays. Asuelu told Tammy and Lesina that Kalani's family was going to make a beautiful meal for them and so he wanted everyone to behave well.


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