90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days' Part 2 of the Tell-All reunion featured the Season 5 couples reuniting and providing updates on their relationships -- including Ella and Johnny revealing they're still together and going strong, Ben Rathbun and Mahogany sharing how they're back together, Ximena Morales confirming she had given Mike Berk another chance, and Kim Menzies breaking down over Usman "SojaBoy" Umar's chat with Zara during Sunday night's episode on TLC.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days' Season 5 cast Tell-All filmed in-studio with Shaun Robinson serving as host in January 2022.

Part 2 featured six couples, some of whom participated remotely from all over the world.


The couples who made an appearance on the Tell-All were Usman, a 32-year-old from Sokoto, Nigeria, and Kim, a 50-year-old from San Diego, CA; Gino Palazzolo, a 51-year-old from Canton, MI, and Jasmine Pineda, a 34-year-old from Panama City, Panama; and Memphis Smith, a 34-year-old from Muskegon, MI, and Hamza Moknii, a 28-year-old from Kairouan, Tunisia.

Mike, a 34-year-old from Thiells, NY, and Ximena, a 24-year-old from Pereira, Colombia, also gathered together, as well as Ella, a 29-year-old from Idaho Falls, ID, and Johnny, a 34-year-old from Jinan, China; and Ben, a 52-year-old from Fraser, MI, and Mahogany, a 24-year-old from San Bartolo, Peru.

Usman, Jasmine, Ximena, Johnny, and Mahogany all participated via Zoom, while Hamza surprised the whole cast with an in-studio appearance.

Caleb Greenwood, a 28-year-old from Chandler, AZ, and Alina Kozhevnikova, a 27-year-old from Saint Petersburg, Russia, are no longer featured on the series after Alina's racist social-media posts resurfaced.

Below is what was shown on Part 2 of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days' Tell-All special for Season 5.


Kim was crying after watching footage of Usman videochatting with his ex-girlfriend Zara shortly after Kim had left him in Tanzania following two weeks together.

Kim called Usman's call "a slap in the face," and she said her head was spinning as her son Jamal hugged her and comforted her outside of the building.

Once Kim walked back onstage and rejoined the Tell-All, Jamal announced how Usman contacting his ex was extremely disrespectful and it seemed like Usman had been struggling with which woman to choose and what he wanted to do, which showed he still had a connection with Zara.

Usman insisted he and Zara no longer spoke and their romance was totally over.

"I don't have any feelings for her. If you don't believe me, then fine," Usman shouted.

Shaun pointed out how Usman had been flirting with Zara during that call, but Usman said he wasn't sleeping with or interested in anybody else. Usman said if he wanted to sleep with another woman he could, but he wasn't doing that and "would never, ever cheat."

Usman swore on his life that he "totally forgot" about this chat with Zara and that's why he never told Kim about it, but Kim apparently wasn't buying what Usman was selling.

Jamal said if Usman truly wasn't in the wrong, he wouldn't be defending himself so vehemently.

And Hamza also announced how it looked like "real emotions" were in play between Usman and Zara during that videochat and so he should have taken Kim into consideration because she's "an amazing woman."


Mike agreed the context of that call was "too flirty" for it to be okay, especially since Zara had been the one to break up with Usman.

Usman said although other people saw a connection, he was only concerned about how Kim felt.

"I did [see a connection]. I did. I saw something. But Usman and I will talk about that later," Kim noted.


When asked where their relationship stood today, Ella confirmed, "We are very, very strong. After that one [cheating] incident, nothing has happened with anybody else. I need it to be known that my love language is touch, and two years is a really long time to have to wait."

Memphis said Ella shouldn't be in a long-distance relationship if that's how she feels because temptation is really hard to face.

"I f-cked up. I f-cked up. I owned it," Ella admitted. "Did I not f-cking own it? I owned it."

Kim told Ella that if someone enters an international relationship, he or she cannot cheat because trust is absolutely needed and is necessary.

"I have zero respect for you for that," Kim told Ella. "And you can sit up here and say you have excuses all day, but you hurt that man. And when I saw that on-camera, it broke my heart."

Ella said she had threatened Johnny several times that she was going to see other people if he couldn't meet her in-person, and Johnny admitted hearing about his love being unfaithful was difficult and hurtful.

Jasmine announced how Johnny was clearly hurt and upset and Ella could have found other ways to please herself, such as touching herself, buying toys or "having sexy time" with Johnny. Jasmine said cheating is not acceptable.

Had Johnny slept with someone else because of the long distance, Ella insisted, "I would not be very hurt by it because people make mistakes, and distance is a big problem. I totally understand that I did wrong... but I would've been understanding from the start and I wouldn't have freaked out."

None of Ella's cast members believed her, but Ella attempted to explain how she just had a moment of weakness while upset, vulnerable and alone.

Shaun then asked Ella to reveal whom she hung out with on her birthday, and Ella responded by saying it was a "friend" -- a man who had flown in to see her -- but they had a great time and absolutely nothing happened between them.

Ella said she had met this man on a former "white women and Asian men" dating website but he spent the night at her house in the spare bedroom. Ella insisted she and this man were just friends and they had not been intimate at all.


Johnny claimed he never knew about this and didn't understand why Ella would allow a man to stay at her house, but Ella explained how she was just being nice to this man so he wouldn't have to spend a lot of money on a hotel.

Kim called Ella "full of sh-t," saying if a woman was sleeping at Usman's house, she'd be on the next flight out to Nigeria.

Ella told the group how all of her other friends had bailed on her and so she needed someone with whom to celebrate, and Memphis accused Ella of needing to be coddled.

"No kiss on the lips? Nothing?" Shaun asked Ella.

"Not this one, no," Ella replied.

Johnny said he still wanted to trust Ella but wasn't sure if he could believe her at this point. Johnny didn't like the idea of a man staying at her place for an entire night, but Ella called the entire situation "a misunderstanding," claiming she had asked Johnny for permission and thought they had been on the same page about this.

Johnny told Shaun how he had booked a ticket to see Ella in February, which was one month from when the Tell-All had filmed.

Ella said she'd "just keep waiting" for Johnny and hoped he was being honest this time about actually coming to see her.

Once the cast got to take a break, Ella broke down into tears and said she never meant for any of this to happen. Ella felt bad and guilty as other cast members, including Ben, gossiped about Ella's strange and suspicious night with another man.

Ella was then shown FaceTiming with Johnny backstage, and she said she felt like "sh-t" and was really sorry about her birthday. Johnny said it was okay and he didn't blame her and it wasn't her fault.

"It's okay. I still want to meet you, baby. We're going to meet in person and make it come true," Johnny insisted.

"I love you so very much," Ella said.

"I love you so much, baby. You be strong. You be strong," Johnny responded.

Ella felt blessed to have Johnny in her life, and she could tell that Johnny really loved her and so she'd wait for him and eventually marry him. She even pictured them welcoming a child within three years.


Gino said that he took full responsibility for what happened with Jasmine's pictures and his ex, but he clarified how he had sent his ex only one nude photo of Jasmine, not multiple.

Gino explained how this incident happened a few months into his romance with Jasmine because he was very excited about meeting her.

Gino said his ex had rubbed him the wrong way upon their breakup and she was saying a lot of stuff to him about her new boyfriend.


"So this was my immaturity in trying to get back at her with revenge," Gino explained.

"Now what happened was I selected a group of pictures on my phone and one of the pictures I accidentally sent was the topless photo... This was meant to be a one-time-thing only, but I didn't send a nude photo on purpose to her. And it was one that accidentally sent."

Jasmine claimed Gino had sent three different topless photos with text in between each picture.

"So you're saying you made the same mistake three different times by testing three different texts?" Jasmine asked.

"No," Gino replied.

Shaun accused Gino of changing his story, but Gino stuck to his story that he had only sent his ex "one partial nude pic."

Jasmine said she never saw Gino's texts from his cell phone because his ex had sent her the exchange she had. Ella therefore suggested Gino should show Jasmine the texts from his side, but Jasmine announced how Gino had deleted the texts because he was scared.

"If you have nothing to hide, then why did you delete it?" Mike asked.

Gino just repeated how he had accidentally sent one partially-nude photo and learned his lesson never to do something like that again, but Jasmine made it clear how Gino's mistake was very painful and they still had things to work on as a couple.

During a break, Ben, a former pastor who had counseled many couples, suggested to Gino that he should hire a therapist. Ben also told Kim that Usman "has a type" and she should let go of the past.

Kim felt judged by Ben and said Ben should've been judging himself and his own relationship.


Looking back on how things ended with Mahogany, Ben said it was "tough to see" and watch.

"I felt like I had lost a part of me, and I thought it was gone forever," Ben said.

The cast jointly asked Mahogany why she left Ben stranded at the airport when he had flown to meet her in-person, Mahogany claimed she had texted and called Ben before telling him not to come -- but he chose to fly to Peru regardless.

Ben recalled it taking about two days to even hear from Mahogany once he was in her native country, and he said he wasn't sure if he was ever going to hear from them or they'd ever meet.

Mahogany then confessed she had originally told Ben that she was one year older than she actually was. Ben clarified how Mahogany had lied about her age by two years.


When asked if Ben would've continued a conversation with Mahogany knowing her real age, he replied, "I don't know... It's two years."

Ben's friend Jessica then joined the conversation via Skype or Zoom, and Jessica said Ben and Mahogany's situation was "painful to listen to."

Jessica asked Mahogany if she ever loved Ben, and Mahogany replied by saying that Ben is a 53-year-old man who was coming to see her and she wanted to feel certainty that there was something between them before expressing feelings of love.

"Why on earth would you ask him for a thousand dollars then if you didn't have that level of love or relationship established?" Jessica asked.

Ben said the money was worth the hours and hours he had spent texting and getting to know Mahogany for two or three months. Ben said he had felt "something that felt like love" for the first time in his entire life -- even though they only had one or two conversations on the phone.

"I had a heart for whoever was texting me, and the time we spent was worth [the money]. As dumb as this might sound, I was all in," Ben explained, adding how Mahogany said she was "shy" and didn't want to videochat.

Mahogany clarified how she had asked to "borrow" money from Ben and she planned to give it back. However, Ben allegedly told Mahogany that she didn't need to return the money.

"I don't understand your friend," Mahogany told Ben.

Jessica said Mahogany could have asked her parents for a loan rather than a man she had met online, adding, "I found your Instagram and Facebook page and it was nothing but provocative photos -- you in a bikini. So how is it that you were too shy to FaceTime the man that you love... but you're not too shy to portray yourself promiscuously for the rest of the Internet to see?"

Mahogany said she respected that Jessica didn't believe her, and Jasmine stood up for Mahogany and called her young, beautiful and smart. Jasmine told Mahogany not to worry about anything.

Mahogany told Jessica that she was 20 years old and immature when she had posted those sexy filtered photos online. She called it "embarrassing" on Jessica's part and explained how she didn't want to have a videochat "date" with an "old" man she barely know after texting back and forth for a bit.

Mahogany also pointed out how her English isn't great, and Ben said he was going to respect Mahogany's boundaries and be cool with them no matter what.

Shaun revealed that Ben returned to Peru after his breakup with Mahogany and filmed his experience. That exclusive footage aired for the first time and featured Ben seeking answers to some of his questions.

Ben wanted to start over and treat this like his first meeting with Mahogany, but Mahogany never showed up at the airport after Ben waited for her for about an hour.


Ben therefore walked over to the beach and "miraculously found" Mahogany sitting there. He said it was an awkward and cold exchange in which she had seemed very mistrusting. Ben guessed that Mahogany was afraid to fall in love and she might've loved him but wasn't "in love" with him.

The next day, Ben said Mahogany's room was totally empty and he wished he didn't care about her so much. He spent the day reaching out to Mahogany and apparently didn't receive a response.

Ben apparently found Mahogany on the beach again and he spoke from the heart, which resulted in Mahogany showing him some vulnerability and saying that she loved him no matter what.

"I'm still not sure if we're going to make it, but we decided to give it another shot," Ben revealed. "So I'll let you know how it goes from here."

Photos of the couple proceeded to flash on the screen, including one of them kissing and a video of Ben telling Mahogany that he loved her.

Ben predicted the pair would be husband and wife in one year from that point, and Mahogany gushed, "Oh baby, I love you!"

The cast couldn't believe what they had seen, and Ben yelled, "Everybody loves to see love!"

But Kim called "bullsh-t on this," saying Mahogany was "running game on [Ben] so bad." Kim said Ben had criticized everyone's relationship on the show but his romance was Mahogany was "the worst one here."

Jasmine said Ben chased Mahogany after she said she wasn't interested and he was giving her "a pervert vibe."

Mahogany recalled Ben wanting to prove his love to her in Peru without cameras around, but then she announced, "I see now he is a liar. This is so sad. He never told me that he was [going to] film. Never."

Jessica asked Mahogany to tell the truth, and Mahogany claimed Ben had said that Jessica thrives off drama. But Jessica argued there's no drama in her life given she's a married woman who works 70 hours a week.

Mahogany told Jessica to respect her husband and her family, and then Jasmine declared to Jessica, "You are more fake than Mahogany's filters. Give me a break. You don't come to me with that you b-tch."

Jessica told Jasmine to have some class and not speak to other women that way. Jessica called Jasmine "crazy" and said the way she had demeaned Gino was "embarrassing."

Jessica insisted Gino had started the conversation via DM with her, and so Jessica offered to pull up the exchange. Jessica said Gino had reached out to her asking if she's Sicilian. Jasmine said Gino was not flirting with Jessica and she's not even his type.

"I won't be jealous of you. What I'm mad about is you're a liar," Jasmine shouted. "You are so fake... [Your] heart is fake]."

Mahogany agreed that Jessica's heart was fake and she just wanted attention, and Jasmine said Jessica was dealing with "the wrong b-tch."

Ella accused Ben of pitting Mahogany and Jessica against each other by confiding in Jessica yet trash-talking her to Mahogany, and Ben insisted he just tells the truth, which isn't always flattering.


Jessica called Ben "the fakest person" ever, saying Ben used to call her "the voice of reason" -- not because she's dramatic. Ben said Jessica had given him good advice along the way but she is, in fact, dramatic.

"And you are a narcissist, and you are delusional," Jessica complained.

Ben finally reiterated how he and Mahogany were back together, but Mahogany wouldn't call them official boyfriend and girlfriend.

"Benjamin needs to prove more, if he has good intention," Mahogany shared.

Kim told Mahogany to grow up because Ben had traveled to Peru twice just to see her, but Ben explained how there's no replacement for trust and time and his relationship was going to take some time to blossom.

Jessica then told Mahogany that she was the real victim based on the picture Ben -- a "two-faced person -- had painted, and she only wished the best for her. Jessica called Ben "thirsty" and "selfish" as well as a liar and "sh-tty friend."

Jessica determined that she had no sympathy for Ben and he should consider all loyalty from her to be "done."

Memphis then stepped away from the conversation because she wasn't feeling well. She left the Tell-All early because she had been vomiting and the drama was just "too much" for her.

Ben worried the Tell All had ruined his relationship with Mahogany.


Kim called Ximena's behavior and how she had treated Mike "disgusting," and she wasn't looking forward to seeing Ximena at all.

Mike admitted backstage he was dreading a Ximena and Nelcy confrontation, and Ben and Ella told Mike that Ximena was just looking for excuses for why she should end their relationship.

Kim told Mike to make sure that he's being treated right because he had been supporting Ximena for an entire year only to be called disgusting and gross.

Shaun then asked Ximena to confirm that she and Mike were officially back together.

"Are you officially a couple?" Shaun asked.

"Is Mike my boyfriend? Yes. Well, I mean, we started to talk again and, well, we are boyfriend and girlfriend again. Well, we're planning to go to Cartagena and I'm going to see how Mike has changed," Ximena explained. "We will stay together until we get married."

Ximena said she hoped that Mike had changed his bad habits.

Jasmine announced how Ximena had been "b-tchy" to Mike and she wasn't with him for love, which prompted Ximena to clarify that she was not in love with Mike -- and he knows that.

Ximena claimed she was in love with Mike at the beginning of their relationship but then her feelings totally changed.

Jasmine asked Ximena how time would help the situation, and Ximena said Mike may have changed some things she didn't like and she was willing to move forward and try again.

Jasmine told Mike that Ximena was not in love with him, and he said, "I don't have any words right now," before appearing hurt and in distress.

Kim told Ximena that Mike had proven to her how he's a great man, but Ximena said Mike had been rude to him during their breakup.

The cast advised Mike to get out of the relationship because Ximena seemed to be in it for the wrong reasons, and then Nelcy -- whom Ximena said she "hated" -- joined the conversation.

Nelcy said Ximena was in it for the money, and his friends said if Mike stopped paying Ximena, he would never hear from her again.

Mike had given Ximena rent and food, and Gino said Mike deserved a lot more than that. Ximena, however, said she wasn't with Mike for the money even though she appreciated everything he had done for her.

Ximena said she and Mike had been trying for a couple of weeks, and Nelcy said only after she had been bleeding Mike dry for a year, which Ximena admitted with no regret, guilt or shame.

"Leave her and move on!" Usman yelled out.

Nelcy yelled at Ximena for her actions, which prompted Ximena to leave the set. Mike said he was upset because Ximena had agreed to give him a second chance, but the cast shouted how Mike should've been the one to give Ximena a second chance.

Mike then shouted at Nelcy to "shut up" because she was upsetting Ximena, which resulted in Nelcy storming off the set, clearly feeling betrayed by her friend when she had done nothing but support him and take his side.

Mike had hope Ximena would change for him, and he asked her to learn English for him. Ximena repeated how she was going to give Mike another chance and join him in Cartagena.

"Wake up... Let's find you a Dominican girl," Nelcy said once she came back onstage. "He has so much to offer, and she is just not it for him."

Mike then FaceTimed with Ximena after filming the special, and Ximena actually said, "I love you so much," before telling Mike that she truly wanted to make things work with him and would try very hard. Mike thought Ximena's profession of love validated everything he had been thinking about their relationship in his mind, despite the suspicions and criticism from others.


Hamza said he wanted to be in America for the birth of his baby but due to COVID-19, his spousal visa papers were delayed.

Hamza said he saw his baby for the first time one month and one week into the newborn's life.

Hamza shared how he's very happy to be a father and husband, and the cast congratulated him and welcomed him to the United States.

Hamza said he'd eventually like to bring his mother to the United States.


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