90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days featured Darcey Silva and Tom Brooks' disastrous first night together, Timothy Malcolm meeting Jeniffer in Colombia, Benjamin arriving in Kenya to hopefully start a life with Akinyi, and Zied Hakimi acting controlling during Sunday night's Season 3 broadcast on TLC.

Like 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days' first two seasons, the third season follows Americans who started online romantic relationships with overseas partners as they travel overseas hoping to get engaged to someone they have never met in person and then begin the K-1 Visa immigration process.


Along the way, they'll encounter challenges that include large age gaps, language barriers, cultural issues, and questionable pasts.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days' Season 3 cast is comprised of Timothy, 38, from Charlotte, NC, and Jeniffer, 25, from Colombia; Benjamin, 33, from Phoenix, AZ, and Akinyi, 25, from Kenya; Darcey, 44, from Middletown, CT, and Tom, 39, from United Kingdom; Avery Mills, 19, from Columbus, OH, and Omar Albakkour, 24, from Syria;  Angela Deem, 53, from Hazlehurst, GA, and Michael Ilesanmi, 29, from Nigeria; Caesar Mack, 46, from Jacksonville, NC, and Maria, 28, from Ukraine; and Rebecca Parrot, 47, from Canton, GA, and Zied, 26, from Tunisia.

Below is an update on each 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days couple based on the latest episode of Season 3.


Rebecca had been in Tunisia for a few days, and she said being with Zied in person was "amazing."

Rebecca still had so much to learn about Zied, but she was hoping she could gain some insight from his friends while attending a local soccer game. Rebecca wanted to leave Zied's country engaged, but she worried his friends might not accept or approve of her.

Zied apparently had the same concerns, especially since only one of Zied's friends spoke a little bit of English. Zied's friends thought Rebecca looked younger than 47 in her photos, so they were surprised.


Rebecca wasn't prepared for the guys to ask her age. In addition, tattoos are not common in Tunisia, so Zied's friends wanted to see what they looked like and how much they cost.

Zied's friends figured Rebecca would take care of Zied, and so they seemed to all want to meet an American women as well. Rebecca felt much older being around Zied's friends, but the meeting went well for the most part.

After a few stressful days following Rebecca's move, Rebecca and Zied planned to go out at night and enjoy some drinks together. Zied, however, didn't like Rebecca dressing so sexy, saying women in Tunisia dressed more conservatively.

Rebecca didn't like to see this controlling side of Zied, but he explained she had to dress different in his country. Rebecca, however, told the cameras she was not going to allow a man to tell her what she can or cannot wear ever again.

But Zied didn't like the idea of Rebecca attracting attention from other guys.

"I see myself as a jealous and controlling guy, and I am not like the men who see my girlfriend like this," Zied said in a confessional.

Rebecca told Zied everything was going to be okay and she didn't want to fight. Rebecca said she gave up her identity and opinion for her soon-to-be ex-husband from Morocco and so she'd never do that again for a man. Her ex-husband apparently didn't even like her to wear makeup or show her hair.

When the couple went out, Zied wasn't happy and they apparently argued on the way to a hookah lounge. Rebecca just wanted to have fun and be herself, so she asked Zied to love her the way she is.


"I don't like men looking at her," Zied told the cameras, before telling Rebecca she wasn't giving off the impression to others she's a good woman.

Rebecca saw this as a big red flag, because Zied's behavior mirrored how her ex used to treat her. Rebecca wasn't sure whether Zied would also try to tell her what to wear in America, but Zied insisted he was acting this way just because she was in Tunisia.

Rebecca said her relationship wasn't going to work if Zied continued to be jealous and controlling because she was sick and tired of being told what to do.

"Okay, this is my character," he said.

Rebecca took off her jacket and asked Zied if that suddenly made her a bad person. Zied could tell Rebecca was attracting a lot of attention, and it made him angry.

Zied then yelled at a man for looking at Rebecca's tattoos and a verbal disagreement broke out. Rebecca feared Zied might even hit this man at the lounge.


Timothy was boarding his final flight to Colombia to meet his girlfriend after getting to know her over the phone and video chat for eight long months.

Timothy hoped Jeniffer would accept Veronica and Veronica's daughter Chloe being in his life.

Jeniffer is a model who works out every day and enjoys boxing. She liked Timothy because he appeared to have great style and is a hard worker. She appreciated his big house and Ferrari parked outside.

Jeniffer also liked the fact Timothy claimed to be a big family man since she has a young daughter named Inti Violeta.

She said her ex-husband was a terrible partner and so she hoped Timothy would be a better father for her daughter.


Jeniffer was then shown telling her friends that Veronica stressed her out because she didn't understand her intentions. J

eniffer vented about how Veronica dressed very sexy and promiscuous at Timothy's going-away party, and she just wanted to make sure Timothy would respect her and put her first.

Jeniffer wondered if Timothy liked to make her feel jealous, but she planned to tell him "what's what" upon his arrival.

Timothy thought Jeniffer was a little out of his league and worried she was still mad about the picture he had taken with Veronica, but he hoped the meeting would go well.

"This is like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I'm not just looking for a booty call. I am excited to get to know Jeniffer and I'm excited to get to know Violet," Timothy told the cameras.

Timothy hoped he could make Jeniffer's daughter smile and giggle. And when they met, Timothy said Jeniffer was everything he had hoped for and more. He thought Jeniffer was absolutely gorgeous and that her daughter was beautiful as well.

Jeniffer thought it was so sweet Timothy brought a giant bear all the way from North Carolina. She said he melted her heart with that gift, but she needed to understand more about Timothy's relationship with Veronica.

Since Jeniffer lived with her grandparents, Timothy brought Jeniffer and her daughter to an apartment he had rented.

On the way to the apartment, Jeniffer was upset Timothy was acting shy because he was very different from Brazilian men.

She also got angry when Timothy said he wanted to check-in with Veronica to let her know he had arrived in Colombia safely.


Jeniffer didn't understand why Timothy was so close to his ex, and she certainly wasn't okay with it. Jeniffer also accused Veronica of "dressing like a whore" at Timothy's going-away party.

"If Jeniffer can't learn to not be jealous and trust what I tell her, what does that mean for our future? I don't even know," Timothy said in a confessional.

Timothy said he had to share a secret about his past with Jeniffer but was afraid how she was going to take it. He worried this secret would eventually break them up based on Jeniffer's behavior already.


Benjamin decided not to tell his son Grayson about Akinyi in case his relationship didn't work out, although he did plan to propose marriage to her if everything went well.

Benjamin told his son that he would be traveling to Kenya, but his son didn't understand why.

Benjamin hoped Akinyi would be willing to become a stepmother to Grayson, otherwise it would be a dealbreaker.

Akinyi was supposed to pick Benjamin up at the airport, and after a few days of spending time together alone, he'd meet her family.

If Benjamin proposed marriage, however, he would be expected to pay "a bride price" in order to marry Akinyi. If Benjamin couldn't gather enough money for that fee, it would apparently be a dealbreaker as well.


Akinyi lived with her mom and dad, two sisters and one brother in Nairobi. Akinyi admitted Benjamin was not her type -- as she typically goes for tall, dark and handsome -- but she liked how he was white, American and respectful. She also assumed Benjamin had money.

However, Akinyi said her family never expected her to bring home a divorced man with a child. Akinyi admitted her father was hard to please and intimidating and it was also important for her brother to approve of Benjamin.

Akinyi said Benjamin needed to win over her brother's approval first and then her brother would speak nicely of Benjamin to their father. If Benjamin couldn't become friends with Akinyi's brother, the relationship was not going to work out.

Akinyi was then shown saying it would be easier and better for her to become a friend to Benjamin's child rather than a mom.

"I don't want to be pressured into being a mom. That wouldn't go over well with me," Akinyi told the cameras.

"I was hoping [to] get engaged in Kenya, but I don't know if I want to be a stepmon. And I think if he had to choose between me and his son, he would choose his son."

After nearly 30 hours of travel, Benjamin arrived in Kenya. He was feeling nervous and anxious and hoped Akinyi would be attracted to him since he's not the typical guy she dated. Benjamin wasn't sure whether this romance would turn out to be the real deal.

Akinyi hoped she'd have chemistry with Benjamin. She hoped she would like him, but she didn't even know if he was taller than her.

"If we don't have chemistry, then I'll just be his tour guide and he'll go back to his home country. You can't have a relationship without chemistry," Akinyi said in a confessional.

When the pair finally met, they embraced and kissed. He thought she was gorgeous and that they had chemistry. Akinyi said meeting Benjamin felt like a dream, and she was so happy to see him.

Akinyi said Benjamin was "very handsome" and she did, in fact, feel chemistry in their kiss. Akinyi, however, worried about Benjamin being accepted in her family since their cultures were so different.

Akinyi told the cameras there was something she hadn't told Benjamin yet and she was afraid he was going to be mad.


Darcey was so excited to have finally met the man she had dreamed about for four years. After dinner, Tom took Darcey to her Air BnB, and she insisted their chemistry was there.

When the pair arrived at the Air BnB, Darcey couldn't believe how nice the space was. Tom told Darcey she was beautiful, funny, attractive and had been choosing the wrong men. With that being said, she broke down into tears.

Darcey said she felt stronger than ever but never wanted a man to "chip away" at her again. Darcey said it was so nice to have Tom dote on her and pull out her chair.

"I hope you don't feel like this every time I do something nice," Tom told Darcey.

He then told the cameras Darcey is "a very emotional person."

"It's something I'm not used to. It's something I don't particularly find attractive. It's supposed to be a first-date scenario; it's supposed to be fun," Tom told the cameras.

Tom said Darcey wore her heart on her sleeve, which was different for him. But Darcey felt close to him and believed she could open up to him about anything.

Darcey told Tom that she didn't feel comfortable sleeping alone, and then she started to cry again. She didn't like the idea of them being in separate rooms, so Tom agreed he'd cuddle with Darcey and stay with her overnight He felt like he was "babysitting," however.

"If it continues like this, it may not be the romantic getaway I thought it would be," Tom told the cameras.

When he brought in a couple of drinks to share with Darcey, she was already falling asleep in his bed.

When Darcey and Tom woke up together, she said they had cuddled and fell asleep. Darcey thought Tom had treated her like a gentleman and with respect, but Tom had a different account of how the night went.

Tom said Darcey had too many drinks and was snoring in her sleep. In addition, he accused her of accidentally hitting him in the face during the night, causing his nose to bleed. Tom found Darcey "difficult to deal with" the previous night.

Darcey was a little embarrassed but glad Tom had put her to bed safe and sound.

Tom then planned a nice day for Darcey and himself. They took a boat ride together, and Tom hoped the day would go better than the last. Darcey felt like she was in a fairy tale, and she loved seeing his side of the world.

Darcey could see herself moving to England and had happy tears, but Tom playfully begged her not to cry again.

Over a glass of champagne, Darcey then asked Tom where they stood. She felt they had been dating for four years, but Tom said this was only their second date. He would not tell Darcey they were exclusive.

"I've been seeing other women. But I told them I wouldn't be seeing them anymore. I want to see where this goes with Darcey. I want to see if this love affair and romance, which it could be, could become something more of a long-term thing," Tom said in a confessional.

Darcey admitted it was "hurtful to hear" Tom had been seeing other women up to a week before her arrival. Tom suggested they were on a trial basis, and then Darcey acknowledged she had assumed "too much, too soon."


Avery woke up in Lebanon for the first time and looked forward to getting married in two days. She said the quicker they wed, the faster she could apply for a spousal visa in order to bring Omar into the United States.

Avery, her mother Teri and Omar then went shopping for a "Halal" wedding dress. Avery wanted her dress to be sparkly, but Omar didn't want to see his future wife in anything too tight that would show the outline of her body.

Teri was hoping for a special day with her daughter and thought it was strange Omar was coming along, especially because he vocalized how he didn't like tight dresses on her.

Picking out the perfect dress was a daunting task, but Avery ended up finding the right one everyone agreed upon.

Teri was sad Avery was no longer ambitious and independent. She couldn't believe Avery was okay with a man telling her what to do, but Teri predicted Avery would grow tired of being submissive and then her relationship would fall apart.

That night, Avery, Teri and Omar went out to dinner together. Teri told Avery to order a glass of wine because they were celebrating, but Omar told Teri alcohol was "harmful." Avery said her mother didn't embrace or understand how much she had changed her life when she had converted to Islam.

Teri was just afraid of how much control Omar was going to have over Avery's life. Teri read a Muslim handbook, for example, and learned a man can hit his wife and the wife is a "prisoner" in her own home, which really disturbed her.

Omar joked he wouldn't lay a hand on Avery as long as she was "nice," but Teri said Avery was going to be mean more than she'd be nice.

But Avery didn't think Omar was going to follow through with certain things the law allowed. Avery said hitting a woman would be disrespectful and Omar wasn't that type of guy.

Meanwhile, Omar vented about how Teri didn't seem to respect his culture at all, and it made him nervous.


Caesar was packing for his flight to Cancun, Mexico, which was the very next day.

Caesar couldn't wait to meet Maria; however, he was very low on money and hadn't paid his rent or any of his bills. Caesar said Maria was everything he wanted in a woman and so he'd do anything -- including eating noodles every day -- to be with her.

Caesar hoped he could control himself and his emotions upon meeting Maria for the first time, but when he texted her one day before his flight, she didn't respond.

Caesar apparently hadn't spoken to Maria in two days. He was trying to stay positive, but Maria was getting "more and more distant." Caesar didn't understand what was going on and felt nervous.

Caesar removed hopeful he'd be meeting Maria soon, and he watched back videos of her expressing love in order to feel better.

The next day, it became time for Caesar's flight, but he had yet to hear from Maria. Caesar blamed Maria's lack of response on different time zones, so he still intended to fly and make the trip.

It had taken Caesar five years to get to this point, but he felt ready and excited. He believed in his heart Maria loved him and she would be in Cancun waiting for him. Caesar said the possibility of Maria not showing up was too painful for him to even think about.

When Caesar arrived in Cancun, his luggage was missing. That bag had Maria's engagement ring inside and all of Caesar's clothes, so he hoped things would work out.

Once Caesar was in Cancun and texting Maria, she still wasn't responding. Caesar didn't know why Maria wouldn't write him back just to be courteous, but he was still very optimistic.

Caesar thought Maria would appreciate their romantic hotel room and everything he had done for her.

"Over the past five years, three times I tried to give her a plane ticket and then nothing," Caesar told the cameras.

"And this time, it has to be. It has to come true this time. I spent over $3,000 to make this relationship work. I have to stay hopeful. I believe in love and I believe in Maria."


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