90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days featured Lisa and Usman meeting in Nigeria but Usman claiming he wasn't attracted, Ed and Rose meeting in the Philippines, Yolanda unable to reach Williams a few days before her trip to England and discovering something shocking, Darcey Silva revealing she found photos of Tom Brooks with another woman, and the introduction of Stephanie Matto during Sunday night's Season 4 episode on TLC.

Like 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days' first three seasons, the fourth season follows Americans who started online romantic relationships with overseas partners as they travel overseas hoping to get engaged to someone they've never met in person and then begin the K-1 Visa immigration process.


Along the way, they'll encounter challenges that include large age gaps, language barriers, cultural issues, and questionable pasts.

The couples who appeared on Episode 3 of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days' fourth season were Darcey, a 45-year-old from Middletown, CT, and Tom, a 39-year-old from Nottingham, United Kingdom; Ed, a 54-year-old San Diego, CA, and Rosemarie, a 23-year-old from the Philippines; Avery, a 32-year-old from Seattle, WA, and Ash, a 38-year-old from Australia; Lisa, a 52-year-old from York, PA, and Usman "SojaBoy," a 30-year-old from Nigeria; Yolanda, a 51-year-old from Las Vegas, NV, and Williams, a 40-year-old from England; Stephanie, a 29-year-old from Yonkers, NY, and Erika, a 24 year-old from Australia; and Geoffrey Paschel, a 41-year-old from Knoxville, TN, and Varya, a 30-year-old from Russia.

David, a 60-year-old from Las Vegas, NV, and Lana, a 27-year-old from Ukraine, however, were not featured in the episode.

Darcey previously appeared on Seasons 1 and 2 of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days with her now-ex Jesse Meester. She and Tom left off trying to make their complicated relationship work after filming the Tell-All special for 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days' third season, which aired on TLC in October 2019.

Below is what was shown on the third episode of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days' fourth season:


Geoffrey said his first meeting with Varya in Russia wasn't going as he had expected because she was a bit "distant" and "standoffish." Varya, however, thought Geoffrey was acting very serious and awkward by asking her about woods and nature, and she said he was very "boring."

Varya anticipated an open and self-confident American man, so she wasn't even sure if Geoffrey liked her.

Varya then told Geoffrey she wanted to stay at her friend's house during his visit. Geoffrey said he understood, but deep down inside, he was hurt since he had flown all the way to Russia to see her. The pair also didn't see eye-to-eye on where they enjoyed living, as Varya admitted to being a big-city girl.


Geoffrey asked Varya to reconsider staying over with him that night so they could stay up late talking. After all, Geoffrey said the whole purpose for his trip was to get to know Varya better, and so her decision didn't make any sense to him.

Geoffrey wondered if Varya had lied to him or he smelled. Geoffrey didn't understand why she didn't want to stay with him, but he hoped to get their relationship back on track with a nice dinner out that night.

Geoffrey admitted to Varya things were a little awkward and weird between them, and he owned up to being "intimidated" by her because she's so attractive and he was nervous. Varya told Geoffrey he was acting like "a robot" with no emotions, but Geoffrey disagreed.

"If you want to know the truth, I thought you were standoffish. That's what I felt from you," Geoffrey told his girlfriend.

Geoffrey wondered whether Varya wasn't attracted to him since she didn't want to spend the night with him, but Varya explained she just didn't want to take things too fast and had promised her friends she would be cautious.

Varya asked Geoffrey not to hold her like a father, and they both agreed to start over.

"The man I know during our online conversations and the man I met at the airport are kind of different people," Varya said in a confessional, adding that she needed more conversation from Geoffrey.

Geoffrey said if he and Varya didn't open up to each other and talk, their romance was going to go "nowhere."


Geoffrey didn't like the Russian dish Varya had him try at the restaurant. He called it "bad" but told Varya it was "interesting."

Geoffrey revealed his ex cooked a lot, and then Varya asked him why they broke up. Geoffrey said he didn't want to talk about that because people tend to dwell on past relationships and he didn't want his past to inhibit their future together.

Varya, however, wanted to get to know Geoffrey better by learning about experiences from his life. Varya then asked Geoffrey why he didn't inform her earlier he had children.

"I found that out by myself. I saw on social media he has three sons. I was surprised because he didn't tell me about that. That's rather important to tell," Varya said in a confessional.

Geoffrey explained he didn't want to involve a child until he knew there could be a future for them. Varya called that "a good answer," but there was still a lot she didn't know about Geoffrey's past, and that made her nervous.


Lisa was flying over to Nigeria to meet her 30-year-old fiance. Even though Lisa had never met Usman face to face, she said they were in love and Usman was the man whom she was destined to spend the rest of her life with.

However, Lisa set out to determine whether Usman had been truthful and faithful to her, and she noted she would be "devastated" if she discovered otherwise.

Usman lived with his two friends in one room but said he was very successful in entertainment. "SojaBoy" said he loves his fans and performing is his ultimate passion.


Before Lisa's arrival, Usman went to hang out with a couple of friends, and his dream was to become the king of hip-hop and R&B in America. Usman had hopes to take over the world with his music.

Usman's friends were surprised to see a photo of Lisa because of her age, but Usman said age didn't matter and there's more to beauty than what's on the outside. Usman told his friends Lisa is 49 years old, and they were absolutely shocked.

Usman's pal Joseph wanted Usman to focus on music, especially in light of the fact Usman admitted Lisa was a very jealous woman. Usman said Lisa made his career more difficult because Lisa spoke to his fans whenever he posted something on social media.

"I just have to try to tolerate her," Usman said in a confessional, before telling his pals he had already decided to be with Lisa forever and always.

Lisa was later shown arriving in Nigeria after a very long travel day. They had been dating for two years, and she prayed their love was real and they could get married during the trip.

Usman bought Lisa a stuffed bear and had a red rose ready for her. He said he was very excited and nervous, noting it was rare to have a white woman travel to Nigeria for a man.

Usman brought his two roommates along for the trip and hoped that wouldn't be a problem for Lisa. He also said if he didn't find himself attracted to Lisa, there was going to be a big issue.

When the pair reunited in the airport, they hugged and kissed. Usman told the cameras he was "in heaven" and in "paradise," holding his love, and Lisa expressed how Usman was even more handsome in person. She called him "so damn hot."

Usman admitted Lisa had "a bit more belly" than he was thinking. He would've liked her to have a bigger chest with a little waist and big hips, but he said Lisa had a big heart and that's what mattered most.

Usman introduced his roommates to Lisa, and she appeared happy to meet them. The guys were surprised to see she had "a tummy" as well, but Usman insisted he was happy and everything was fine.

However, Lisa said Usman wasn't paying much attention to her once they got in a car, and she hoped he wasn't going to break any more promises he had made her. After traveling 20-plus hours, she wanted a romantic night with Usman, and his friends were hindering that for her.

Usman knew Lisa wanted to be alone for three weeks, but he wanted to involve her in his life since he believed she would become his wife. The pair madeout in the back of the car, and Usman's friends couldn't help but poke fun at them.

Once Lisa and Usman arrived at the hotel, Lisa kicked his friends out -- and Usman had no problem with that. The couple got settled into a nice room, and the romance began once she saw Usman had roses for her.

"Are you looking forward to sex with Lisa?" a producer asked Usman.

"Umm, despite the fact she's not the kind of woman I am attracted to, she still has the lady's part and I still have the guy's part, so it's going to be cook -- groovy, cruising. Oh my God!" Usman replied.

Lisa was more than ready to introduce "the sexual part" into their relationship since she claimed they had established every other aspect of a relationship already.



Stephanie said she loves dabbling in fashion videos and makes a living by posting content to her YouTube page. She said she's originally from Czech Republic and moved to America when she was seven years old with her mother.

Stephanie said she had a hard time fitting in when she was younger because she didn't speak much English; however, she said people related to her stories once she started sharing her life on social media. The feeling of isolation therefore dissipated and she became less lonely.

Stephanie revealed she had been hurt many times in the past but then she met a woman online, Erika, whom she fell in love with. Stephanie called Erika quirky, fun, and gorgeous.

Stephanie said she and Erika are both bisexual and began talking about a year before the 90 Day Fiance season began filming. Stephanie couldn't wait to meet Erika in person, touch her and spend time with her.

Stephanie admitted she wasn't ready for Erika to meet her mother yet because she had kept her bisexuality a secret from most of her family and friends. Stephanie explained to two of her friends that's why she was going to travel to Australia and spend a few weeks with Erika.

"Erika doesn't deserve to be a secret," Stephanie admitted.

"But I just know for a fact my mom is not going to be thrilled I'm flying to Australia to meet a woman... I don't want anything to come between me and my mom. I just want her to accept my life the way that it is."

Stephanie told the cameras it was about finding the right time to tell her mother -- both about Erika and her upcoming trip to Australia.

A few days before Stephanie's trip, she welcomed her family over for dinner. They apparently knew about her trip but had no idea she's in a relationship with a woman.

Stephanie figured this could be a great opportunity to tell her family about her relationship with Erika, but she said she needed to gather up the courage to do this.

Stephanie's family apparently thought she was filming a TV show about her illness. Stephanie explained that two years ago, she had been diagnosed with a severe disorder called aplastic anemia, which is a complete failure of the bone marrow.

Stephanie needed blood transfusions every other day for months in order to stay alive, and she said she'd never be 100 percent healthy. Certain bacteria could be very dangerous for Stephanie, and she said the common cold -- which isn't a big deal for most people -- could kill her and she's always at risk of infection.

Stephanie therefore noted traveling long distance was very risky and serious for her, but she was ready to risk it all for love. Still, her mother was very worried and didn't like the idea of her going to Australia.

Stephanie was then shown sharing with her family how she was traveling to Australia to meet "a friend," a "nice" woman and photographer whom she had met on Instagram. Madga thought the trip was very dangerous, but Stephanie said she and Erika had a lot in common and had become really good friends.

"We're just going to hang out," Stephanie told her family. "This is the right time to go and I really want to meet Erika... If she checks out, then maybe afterwards she can come here."

Stephanie was afraid to hurt her mother or have Madga deny her feelings. She also acknowledged Erika might be hurt over the fact their relationship was a secret, but Stephanie simply didn't feel ready to tell her family the truth over dinner.


Darcey had been dating her British boyfriend Tom for about a year, but she was feeling a little unsettled because they hadn't been communicating much recently.

Tom had asked Darcey to meet him soon in New York so they could discuss their feelings for each other, but a part of her feared he was trying to break up with her in person because of how he had been behaving.

Darcey wasn't sure what to think -- and then her twin sister Stacey Silva sent her a text message of photos of Tom with another blonde woman. Stacey's fiance Florian apparently found the pictures because he was still friends with Tom at this time.

Darcey said she was unable to see the photos herself on his social media because she and Tom had blocked each other a few weeks prior after a big fight.

Tom said the woman was sitting in his crotch in one of the photos and he had his hands all over her. Darcey insisted she wasn't going to let a man play with her heart and so she needed to find out what was going on.

Darcey felt Tom was stringing her along and told Stacey, "That's not love." Darcey wondered if Tom had been full of empty words and never really loved her to begin with.

"It just hurts. I feel deceived and disrespected," Darcey cried to the cameras.

Darcey wondered what else Tom had been hiding from her and what she didn't know about him. Darcey felt like Tom had "put on a whole facade" and she ignored all of the red flags.

Stacey said Darcey deserved better and should just walk away from Tom and be done, but Darcey was contemplating meeting  Tom in New York just to hear him out.


Ed was getting ready to land after over 17 hours of travel and three different planes to the Philippines. He was about to meet the woman of his dreams and the woman he was in love with, Rose. Ed insisted he was ready to propose and very excited. But at the same time, Ed was nervous, especially since he had lied to Rose about his height.

"I think I have an amazing personality, but I know I'm not attractive. Rose is most definitely out of my league," Ed told the cameras.

Once Ed arrived at the airport to meet his 23-year-old girlfriend, Rose was 20 minutes late picking him up. Ed didn't know what to think and was sweating.

Meanwhile, Rose told the cameras she's a single mom for her four-year-old son Prince and he was a blessing in her life. However, they lived a simple and small life, and Rose was shown washing her face in a bucket and bathing her son the same way.

"We have no kitchen, no toilet, and we sleep on the floor. It's a hard life but I always [stay] a positive person," Rose told the cameras.

Rose stayed with her sister in one house with two rooms. Rose apparently lived in the back of her sister's store and tried to help her out after their mother had passed away one year prior.

Rose called Ed her "king" and said he always made her laugh. Rose thought Ed's long hair was "sexy" and she didn't seem to mind he's 54 years old. Rose was just looking forward to Ed becoming a father figure for her son.

"I want Ed to take care of my son," Rose said in a confessional.

Rose hoped to get pregnant two more times and have a boy and a girl with Ed, and that's what she told her sister she wanted out of her new life. Rose's dream was apparently to have two more children, and her sister Maria Hoped for a brighter future for Rose.

But Ed had previously revealed to the cameras he was done having kids.

Maria said Ed looked a little "bigger" and was much older than Rose but, "It's okay with me because he is rich." Rose said age didn't matter to her, but her father was concerned about the large age gap. Rose's father just wanted Ed to respect his daughter and be a gentleman.

Rose hoped Ed would make a good first impression to her family because her father tends to be overprotective.

"I hope our relationship will work out. I want a big, happy family," Rose said in a confessional.

After 40 minutes of waiting and not hearing from Rose, Ed started to panic a little at the airport. He admitted he'd feel like "a complete fool" if his love didn't show up.

But finally, Rose arrived and the pair reunited and hugged. Ed gushed about how Rose was "so real" and "so beautiful," and he said he was "beyond elated and so happy."

Rose said she was so excited as well and was late because of traffic.

"It was just, like, an out-of-body experience for me... Now, I'm standing in front of her, and I want to kiss Rose. I really do. But first, I want to make sure she likes me," Ed told the cameras.

Ed asked Rose if she liked what she saw and if he was what she expected, and Rose confessed she had expected him to be taller, at least her height. Rose laughed about how Ed was shorter than her and "really big," but she told Ed she still found him attractive and it was okay.

Ed told the cameras he had faith in love again, and he told Rose he loved her before kissing her on the cheek. The couple also held hands in a taxi, and Rose said it was the first time she had ever been to Manila.

That night, Ed and Rose stayed in a hotel together. Rose revealed she had once stayed in a hotel room with five guys but they were just friends who got drunk together and partied one night.

Ed was upset Rose wouldn't talk to him about her past. While his plan was to leave the Philippines engaged, Ed said he had a lot to find out about Rose before he could pop the question.


Avery was leaving for Australia to meet her boyfriend, whom she had met online nine months prior. She said their connection was effortless but she needed to see whether that was the same in person.

Avery said Ash could be her "forever" person but she wanted to see him in his element and get to know the real Ash -- the Ash that would be around his friends and family.

Avery knew bringing a man into her daughter's life would be a very serious thing because she craved stability. Avery's daughter would be staying with her father during Avery's trip.

Avery said she had been through a lot in her past relationships and had never traveled so far for love, or spent so much money. She noted that if things didn't work out with Ash, it would be a huge disappointed.

"This truly is what I have been waiting for, for a long time. From the moment I first saw him, I knew I wanted to meet him... and now I am on my way," Avery told the cameras.

Avery had a very long flight ahead of her given she was flying from Seattle, but she was so excited and experiencing "a whirlwind of emotions." Avery hoped Ash was the man he claimed to be, and she couldn't wait to find out for herself.

Ash is from a small island called Mauritius next to Madagascar, but he moved to Australia for "university." Since he fell in love with Melbourne, Ash had no desire to return to his home island.

Ash said he lived a very spiritual life and didn't drink or party. He said he enjoys meditation and helps people find meaningful connections and relationships. Ash worked with a majority of single women but claimed it wasn't intentional.

Ash, however, experienced heartbreak himself. Ash was married before to a woman named Sian and they were together for eight years and had a son, Taj, together. Ash said having a child was the most fulfilling thing ever but separation from his son was "hard" because of the divorce.

Ash hadn't been in a serious relationship for a long time and said his soul bonded with Avery's soul. He loved her spirituality and called her an amazing, lovely woman as well as a gorgeous and wonderful mom.

Ash noted he was extremely excited to meet Avery in person, and he bought her a bouquet of flowers for their reunion. He said the flowers symbolized life and love, and he wanted to make her happy.

But Ash admitted he was anxious because he and Avery had already broken up a few times and he just wanted to settle down.

"Proposing to her is definitely in the cards, but she's a very cautious person. So it depends on if she will allow me to give love and feel comfortable receiving it. So yeah, it will be up to her," Ash told the cameras.


Yolanda was supposed to be flying to England in a few days with her daughter Kara to meet the love of her life, Williams, in person for the first time. Yolanda said she had never traveled much before because she was an overweight introvert, and so this trip was huge for her.

But Williams was setting off red flags. First, he gave her the wrong airport abbreviation for where she was supposed to travel, and when she contacted him, he never answered and got back to her.

Yolanda was then shown calling and texting Williams again at a smoothie bar, and it was the fifth time she had sent him a text in one day. A lot of things were going through Yolanda's mind, and she wondered whether Williams was coming down with a case of cold feet ahead of her visit.

"This is very strange behavior. Hopefully he can explain everything to me," Yolanda told the cameras.

Later that day, Yolanda noticed Williams had deleted his whole Instagram account, or his account had suddenly disappeared.

"It turned into a whole new name! And I've never heard of this name, and there are no new pictures under the account. I don't understand what's going on; I am so confused, so confused," Yolanda shared.

"The whole name has changed, but he kept the same bio of him -- and the followers are gone! [Pictures] are gone."

Yolanda said she was trying to build a life with this man and it was crazy and didn't make sense.

"We need to get to the bottom of this, and we need to get to the bottom of this fast. He has some explaining to do, and I need some answers!" Yolanda said, only to have a couple more phone calls ignored.

At one point, Yolanda said Williams seemed to pick up the phone and then hang up. She had no idea what was going on and called the situation "crazy."


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