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The Amazing Race 10 - Episode 1 Summary

'So You Think You Can Make Me Happy Dance?' By Snidget
Original Airdate: September 17, 2006

Previously on TAR... the hippies won.  So, once again TAR has fielded a set of teams to see if one of them can make me happy dance. Every season I have watched has been successful at this endeavor. Some seasons it is because T-TAO I just want them to win, and some seasons it is because I am so happy that these truly despicable wastes of carbon are finally off my TV set.

To start, lets meet the teams in their pre-show interviews and start assessing their potential, when reviewing the See-BS site my first thought was that there seem to be more ethnicities this year, I wonder if anyone will turn up to be someone cut from Survivor in order to make them just by mere co-inky-dink end up with even numbers of peeps from each race for each tribe. Although it could be a mandate from on high that See-BS is not meeting it's affirmative action quotas and decided to count Reality TV stars in the quota count so all the shows had to get on board with the hire the minorities project.

First up is Bilal a 37 year old Medical Supply Technician and Sa'eed a 39 year old Power Lineman. They are best friends and Cleveland Brown's fans so adversity shouldn't bother them. Oh and yes they are Islamic and here to put a friendly face on Islam which has never been done on Reality TV before. *cough*Kaysar*cough* Both have been in the Military and have traveled in Asia and they took a trip together to Morocco. Of the two Bilal is the scaredy cat and will have to be thrown off heights .


David, a 32 year old Coal Miner and Mary a 31 year old homemaker are married parents from Stone Kentucky. He got out of the army, she finished college and the met while both were working at McDonalds. They are big fans of Reality TV and David originally auditioned for Survivor (I knew it). The kids think they will be on Survivor together and gave advice about voting each other out. Can you feel the love? To prepare for the show she lost a lot of weight and got into shape and studied up on phases they might need in 6 languages (Oh.My.Heck, someone actually did what any sane person going on the show might do, actually prepare for international travel and physical challenges, will that help them or doom them).

Duke a 52 year old Tour Company Owner and Lauren, a 26 year old lesbian Speech and Language Pathologist are Father and Daughter from Rhode Island. Their relationship was really bad for awhile when Lauren came out to her Dad. They are here to heal and bond, uh-oh. Most of their travel has been domestic even though he is in the industry. They want to treat each leg as if it was the last and only accept being first.

Dustin and Kandice. Oh. My. Heck. Twins, they are doing twins, I mean I get when TAR takes things from other big name shows but America's Next Top Model? How many shows can have twins this season.

Excuse me Production Staff won't leave me alone and let me write.

Wa wah wa wah wah wa.

Whaddya mean they aren't twins. Look at them.


Dude it is so not cool to hear the full stop between every word when you are speaking. Fine, if they aren't twins why the heck do they look alike.

Wa wah wa wah wah wa wa

Pageant girls. You got Pageant girls. *buries face in hands* That is even lower than stealing ideas from America's Next Top Model. At least that show has survived through many seasons. No you had to go and steal this idea from Treasure Hunters, I swear I remember NBC canceling that half way through the finale show and showing a test pattern for the last half hour.. Now if you were to steal a few of their clue writers...


Fine, fine, I'll get back to work.

Dusdice is a 26 year old Marketing Director from Riverside California and the reigning Miss California. Kantin is a 24 year old Rockette and Miss New York. They were put together as roommates during Miss America and became close friends even though Dusdice is religious and conservative and Kantin is probably on some Girls Gone Wild tape somewhere. They think they will like this competition as they feel TAR will be more objective than pageants. They are athletic but don't have a lot of travel experience. Dusdice would like to visit the UK during the race but Kantin says she is "easy" (I am not making this up). They are open to having a Showmance, but that isn't their main goal.

Erwin is a 32 year old Insurance Company Manager. Godwin, his brother, is a 29 year old Financial Analyst. They are from San Francisco. They have a close but competitive relationship with each other. They have had one trip together as adults. There was a car accident and Erwin dropped Godwin off at a bus station in the Outback of Australia. Erwin knows some Spanish. Godwin speaks a lot of dead languages but also Japanese, Spanish and Korean. They do wear their terror on their sleeves and have a lot of phobias so they may be fun to watch. Can they compete together rather than with each other will be the question.

Kellie is a 22 year old Broadcast Journalism Student and her best friend Jamie is a 22 year old college graduate from Columbia South Carolina. They were co-captains of the Univ. of South Carolina Cheerleading squad. Their page on See-BS says "just might have what it takes to be the first female Team to win THE AMAZING RACE." Are we looking at our winners, or are they doomed? They are big fans of the show especially the Hippies and Romber. They are athletic and love to travel, but have only traveled in the US. They took Spanish in High School Jamie remembers more than Kellie. They hope people will like their personalities and will help them out.

Lyn is a 32 year old 4th grade school teacher. Her best friend Karalyn is a 32 year old Program Analyst and they are from Alabama and met in the 9th grade. They have never traveled abroad and like the idea of having an adventure on someone else's dime. Lyn worked out and studied some key phrases in other languages, Karalyn worked on her Spanish. Their kids think they are making a movie. Lyn doesn't want to bungee jump and Karalyn is a poor swimmer (I am not making this up). Lyn says she is not so good at tedious things, uh-oh, and Karalyn can be hot tempered. That is always a winning combination. They think they will always be friends.

Peter is a 35 year old Clinical Prothetist and his friend Sarah is a 31 year old Motivational Speaker. They are from California. She is motivational because she lost her leg a 7 years old from a birth defect and has run 7 marathons and has competed in the Iron man Triathlon in Hawaii. They used to work together and have traveled together a lot for work and for triathlons. They know how to travel with the added issues from the prosthetics and when carrying a lot of equipment. He speaks German and she speaks Spanish.

Rob and Kimberly are dating and from Los Angeles. He is a 31 year old Bartender and Real Estate Student and she is a 28 year old in Public Relations. They met working at a bar together. They have recently moved in together and are doing the race to test their relationship. They are very different personality-wise but complement each other well. They believe that they have worked out all their relationship stuff while preparing for the race, lets hope so. He would like to go to New Zealand and she would like to go to Brazil. They know that couples that fight a lot do not win the race.

Tom is a 39 year old College Admissions Director and Terry is a 45 year old Special Events Director. They live in New York City and have been dating since they met at a Date Bait Dance, aka "losers dance". They have been preparing by walking a lot and wearing heavy backpacks. Tom has done some international travel and can speak some Spanish; Terry is more fluent in Spanish. They think they appear non-threatening funny and safe. They hope this will let them play other people like a chess game. They say living in NYC is preparation for the race because they are very skilled at dealing with taxis.

Tyler (29) and James (27) are both Models in LA and best friends. They originally met through drug addiction but really became friends after they got clean and sober. For work they have done a lot of traveling in foreign countries trying to find a dot on a map together. Tyler is more aggressive and James is more patient so they feel they complement each other. They are physically fit and Tyler gave up smoking in preparation for the race. Tyler is single so may work the ladies during the race, but the priority is to win, but they would like to have some fun along the way.

Vipul is a 29 year old Salesman and Arti is a 27 year old Nutritional Educator. They met as friends through Tae Bo and it developed into dating and then marriage. They are big fans of the race. He was born in India and moved to the US when he was three. She was born in South Africa and moved to the US at 17. They feel that being culturally diverse will help them be respectful of other cultures. They have traveled a little bit together internationally and speak several languages. She is the calm one and he is more high strung and they think they will complement each other in stressful situations. They have been brushing up on languages, working out and Arti has been forcing Vipul to eat healthy in preparation for the race.

So far no clear front runners in the Happy Dance Sweepstakes so we will have to see what the show will bring.


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